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Chess Player Directory for Germany

Chess Player Directory for Germany

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member MightyMiceonline1034438166267523 Feb '18 12:41Challenge Player
Standard member carstosonfrenzyonlinep 1200330023 Feb '18 12:39Challenge Player
Standard member H4rdy04online14344302351811423 Feb '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member Bubblehead1459574510223 Feb '18 12:25Challenge Player
Standard member schlabumski1601119669039710923 Feb '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member Pagibo990464270186823 Feb '18 12:22Challenge Player
Subscriber awiens17825022642182023 Feb '18 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Christoph7214405972892654323 Feb '18 12:08Challenge Player
Standard member Haidi16255092362136023 Feb '18 12:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Melina67147359032445293852023 Feb '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member Rolf Zeiler11185171932982623 Feb '18 12:00Challenge Player
Standard member kingboss03014547773264044723 Feb '18 11:55Challenge Player
Standard member Schalti13121145952323 Feb '18 11:55Challenge Player
Standard member Lord of Chess1117672442123 Feb '18 11:53Challenge Player
Standard member RoyBlack12797564223171723 Feb '18 11:46Challenge Player
Standard member Gander18264692411507823 Feb '18 11:44Challenge Player
Standard member mesohonee12314892502241523 Feb '18 11:26Challenge Player
Standard member BogeyOne1004698277413823 Feb '18 11:04Challenge Player
Subscriber yournightmare17003084196989921623 Feb '18 11:04Challenge Player
Standard member forneus1036472212258223 Feb '18 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member nefertum1053512241263823 Feb '18 10:54Challenge Player
Subscriber lechler139241191989192320723 Feb '18 10:46Challenge Player
Standard member Checkov16142455171257916423 Feb '18 10:40Challenge Player
Standard member carlosKarpov142014070541623 Feb '18 10:39Challenge Player
Standard member Basso1953p 146415123023 Feb '18 10:22Challenge Player
Standard member PBSAndreas143110896004256423 Feb '18 10:13Challenge Player
Standard member daniel87116910134435442623 Feb '18 10:01Challenge Player
Standard member smokingheadp 154917124123 Feb '18 09:58Challenge Player
Subscriber Rigelian17745212871765823 Feb '18 09:55Challenge Player
Standard member Valeri145410415104834823 Feb '18 09:31Challenge Player

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