NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberDonAdamCarlosp1200000022 Jan '22 03:56Challenge Player
Standard member11Sarah111768509403743222 Jan '22 03:45Challenge Player
Standard memberkseelige1228352114022 Jan '22 02:45Challenge Player
Standard memberusafmwfe12654932252452322 Jan '22 02:32Challenge Player
Standard memberestingl9156422693581522 Jan '22 02:19Challenge Player
Subscribereisefr1157279135136822 Jan '22 02:16Challenge Player
Standard memberCheckov15753913292677920822 Jan '22 01:31Challenge Player
Standard memberschlumpfine122196737244914622 Jan '22 00:56Challenge Player
Standard memberFalko Gieseke1438362412022 Jan '22 00:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSchachmatt4u1437304178121522 Jan '22 00:37Challenge Player
Subscribercliffs11642926137614836722 Jan '22 00:28Challenge Player
Standard memberTurbobauer1866295180773822 Jan '22 00:03Challenge Player
Standard memberCliffH8848844054582121 Jan '22 23:57Challenge Player
Standard membereisenbahn1332203411028627021 Jan '22 23:20Challenge Player
Standard memberderboesewolf14707634143064321 Jan '22 23:15Challenge Player
Standard memberDocMancini116010883846584621 Jan '22 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberFinster1171672738221 Jan '22 23:07Challenge Player
Standard memberRobsundrob12991598276121 Jan '22 22:53Challenge Player
Standard memberinterface111010014505114021 Jan '22 22:53Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmail157136821859155327021 Jan '22 22:50Challenge Player
Standard memberLeviok Pendragaz15424311932221621 Jan '22 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberKavauer13747934513192321 Jan '22 22:47Challenge Player
Standard memberjoescusi2226466384483421 Jan '22 22:43Challenge Player
Standard memberDonQuijote121122101968621 Jan '22 22:34Challenge Player
Standard memberOutlawblueser16038244213643921 Jan '22 22:33Challenge Player
SubscriberUllichamp162834551795136030021 Jan '22 22:28Challenge Player
Standard memberHaidi1612119353748217421 Jan '22 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberH4rdy04137515148216415221 Jan '22 22:11Challenge Player
Standard memberheinih1536154859873022021 Jan '22 22:10Challenge Player
Subscribermauser164013337255139521 Jan '22 21:57Challenge Player
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