NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberLazarus Longonline149910995315194919 Oct '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberheinihonline1686149858370121419 Oct '21 20:51Challenge Player
SubscriberPonderableonline13341814389388177102819 Oct '21 20:48Challenge Player
Standard memberH4rdy04online137914037675884819 Oct '21 20:48Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmailonline155735291780149625319 Oct '21 20:47Challenge Player
Standard memberdeka72176914008434629519 Oct '21 20:43Challenge Player
Standard memberCliffH9418563934422119 Oct '21 20:42Challenge Player
Standard memberBarcelonaJoerg11381728978519 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberSchachmatt4u1356283163117319 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberthoha1191231310019 Oct '21 20:34Challenge Player
Subscribermauser158813057065059419 Oct '21 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberHaidi1646118053247817019 Oct '21 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberzirrostratus182513598261119 Oct '21 20:25Challenge Player
Standard membereisenbahn1451197510698367019 Oct '21 20:21Challenge Player
Standard memberG-W B1249672837219 Oct '21 20:19Challenge Player
SubscriberBlanca1622430312677713717253719 Oct '21 20:12Challenge Player
SubscriberUllichamp161434271784134629719 Oct '21 20:07Challenge Player
Standard memberkseelige1174251213019 Oct '21 20:01Challenge Player
Standard memberkleinscheisser15641941892319 Oct '21 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberCaptain Footos10197302953983719 Oct '21 19:47Challenge Player
Standard memberGerman1070791562219 Oct '21 19:42Challenge Player
Standard memberBKE345116114817077314319 Oct '21 19:40Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrian Liebtrau153416810755619 Oct '21 19:36Challenge Player
Standard memberSenseandsensibility10745132332701019 Oct '21 19:34Challenge Player
Standard member11Sarah111723504398743219 Oct '21 19:34Challenge Player
Subscriberlechler125562052961293231219 Oct '21 19:33Challenge Player
Standard memberGraskeller1181723633319 Oct '21 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberGordian1231234694125319 Oct '21 19:19Challenge Player
SubscriberXPPawn01132712066904635319 Oct '21 19:18Challenge Player
Standard memberinterface11099814425003919 Oct '21 19:14Challenge Player
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