NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSchachmatt4uonline13923972241601329 Sep '22 20:25Challenge Player
SubscriberPonderableonline12271889993368492107129 Sep '22 20:23Challenge Player
Standard memberCheckov14534128305186121629 Sep '22 20:09Challenge Player
Standard memberLeviok Pendragaz15104772132451929 Sep '22 20:08Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmail143640662051170930629 Sep '22 20:07Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas4u1359392710229 Sep '22 20:07Challenge Player
Standard memberHaidi1588125455850918729 Sep '22 20:04Challenge Player
SubscriberBlanca1587460882850614878270429 Sep '22 19:56Challenge Player
Standard memberBarcelonaJoerg11394492322051229 Sep '22 19:53Challenge Player
Standard memberBezecks13574802392311029 Sep '22 19:39Challenge Player
Subscriberjulien hartley17136413812273329 Sep '22 19:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFBrosch169074238924311029 Sep '22 19:34Challenge Player
SubscriberHerodot1243238476315814029 Sep '22 19:29Challenge Player
Standard memberSenseandsensibility10636192773301229 Sep '22 19:27Challenge Player
Standard memberCh L134528841334139215829 Sep '22 19:26Challenge Player
Subscribermaotello146616971871129 Sep '22 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberdierue122521874136829 Sep '22 19:08Challenge Player
SubscriberLemmer1658148277558412329 Sep '22 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberCaptain Footos10108533514604229 Sep '22 19:04Challenge Player
Standard memberGerman120616044112429 Sep '22 19:02Challenge Player
Subscribermauser1661141476654610229 Sep '22 19:00Challenge Player
Subscribermogana1813110163634112429 Sep '22 18:59Challenge Player
Standard member11Sarah111779519411763229 Sep '22 18:56Challenge Player
Standard memberDocMancini109111544186884829 Sep '22 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberDonAdamCarlos14911095942829 Sep '22 18:33Challenge Player
Standard memberAurelius79149715818676575729 Sep '22 18:19Challenge Player
SubscriberEd Freyfogle137660743003296410729 Sep '22 18:18Challenge Player
Standard membershu917551738029 Sep '22 18:12Challenge Player
Standard memberH4rdy04143117179177326829 Sep '22 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberUllichamp170135151823139030229 Sep '22 18:10Challenge Player
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