NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberBlancaonline1641509803136816671294125 Apr '24 10:40Challenge Player
Standard memberThomas Rosskopfonline11543111491491325 Apr '24 10:34Challenge Player
Standard memberOrikanonline13371157043225 Apr '24 10:33Challenge Player
Standard memberkleinscheisser17645665526825 Apr '24 10:29Challenge Player
Subscriberykata97322959162825 Apr '24 10:28Challenge Player
Standard memberGurkenrick109032934287825 Apr '24 10:26Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmail157948222455198338425 Apr '24 10:23Challenge Player
Standard memberrosist15621567969825 Apr '24 10:17Challenge Player
SubscriberPonderable13332004399368973113425 Apr '24 10:17Challenge Player
Standard memberGordian1231219285148128925 Apr '24 10:06Challenge Player
Standard memberBKE34511742134103910306525 Apr '24 10:05Challenge Player
Standard memberLord Pierre Vogel12431848495525 Apr '24 10:04Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrian Liebtrau14953111891101225 Apr '24 10:01Challenge Player
Subscribergina0104127870402975388518025 Apr '24 09:57Challenge Player
Standard memberSchachmatt4u14396343482563025 Apr '24 09:56Challenge Player
Standard memberdeka721738145788247510025 Apr '24 09:56Challenge Player
Standard memberFBrosch170978942025511425 Apr '24 09:45Challenge Player
Standard memberjoescusi2244528445493425 Apr '24 09:44Challenge Player
Standard memberBarcelonaJoerg12456583383002025 Apr '24 09:44Challenge Player
SubscriberChristoph721141148267767912625 Apr '24 09:36Challenge Player
SubscriberR91836170172579717925 Apr '24 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberDeep Blue Junior1258462620025 Apr '24 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberHoppelpoppel1474300171126325 Apr '24 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberheinih1526183872285825825 Apr '24 09:21Challenge Player
Subscribermauser1497160384963312125 Apr '24 09:08Challenge Player
Subscribercliffs11193242150416677125 Apr '24 08:52Challenge Player
Standard memberjoburg119915771761025 Apr '24 08:28Challenge Player
Subscriberlechler121773583503348836725 Apr '24 08:17Challenge Player
Standard memberRolf Zeiler11487002653993625 Apr '24 08:17Challenge Player
Standard memberRoyBlack116714828256253225 Apr '24 08:15Challenge Player
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