NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribereisefronline10461477370402 Aug '21 08:54Challenge Player
Standard memberObusonlinep12501055002 Aug '21 08:52Challenge Player
Standard memberheinihonline1639145456468420602 Aug '21 08:50Challenge Player
SubscriberPonderableonline13031802588798127101902 Aug '21 08:49Challenge Player
Standard memberRobsundrob12391205762102 Aug '21 08:31Challenge Player
Standard memberHoppelpoppel147518210278202 Aug '21 08:29Challenge Player
Standard memberDiveDeep632178253138674802 Aug '21 08:25Challenge Player
Standard memberkseeligep120615510002 Aug '21 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberDocMancini113310613706464502 Aug '21 08:10Challenge Player
Standard memberDonQuijote120621561475402 Aug '21 08:08Challenge Player
Subscriberlechler123060912904288230502 Aug '21 08:00Challenge Player
Standard membersesqp148312111002 Aug '21 07:57Challenge Player
Standard memberdaniel87121014206267484602 Aug '21 07:56Challenge Player
Standard memberIlhanistan118119062121702 Aug '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberGander17095452691869002 Aug '21 07:54Challenge Player
SubscriberRoger Kalenborn14636463302981802 Aug '21 07:46Challenge Player
Standard memberCh L135927911285135515102 Aug '21 07:39Challenge Player
Standard memberusafmwfe13744181922062002 Aug '21 07:35Challenge Player
Standard memberkleinscheisser15741771740302 Aug '21 07:35Challenge Player
SubscriberUllichamp160534171781134029602 Aug '21 07:35Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmail154434031725144323502 Aug '21 07:34Challenge Player
Standard memberH4rdy04133213277255594302 Aug '21 07:12Challenge Player
Standard memberCaptain Footos10847042833853602 Aug '21 06:55Challenge Player
Standard memberFalk Holzfeld134411265984913702 Aug '21 06:53Challenge Player
Standard memberAmelieMellip8591247102 Aug '21 06:41Challenge Player
Standard memberFBrosch165166634421910302 Aug '21 06:35Challenge Player
Standard memberKavauer12776903912792002 Aug '21 06:35Challenge Player
SubscriberEd Freyfogle129656852813277210002 Aug '21 06:30Challenge Player
SubscriberBlanca1662424052645213461249202 Aug '21 06:21Challenge Player
Standard memberAurelius79151115128336285102 Aug '21 06:18Challenge Player
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