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Chess Player Directory for Scotland

Chess Player Directory for Scotland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber suicidebishoponline136040651763208022220 Oct '17 04:59Challenge Player
Subscriber Great Scottonline18108214463502520 Oct '17 04:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Nimzovitch180538551655165254820 Oct '17 04:52Challenge Player
Subscriber ScottishGeekonline1778170496158815520 Oct '17 04:50Challenge Player
Standard member Sansi1544542819720 Oct '17 04:47Challenge Player
Standard member findlj1513231122872220 Oct '17 04:25Challenge Player
Standard member SeigeMaster14396663033283520 Oct '17 03:53Challenge Player
Subscriber jockpie94833060266420 Oct '17 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member ewan28183488926041621320 Oct '17 03:37Challenge Player
Subscriber mikeysjfc12552236842128710720 Oct '17 03:31Challenge Player
Subscriber jkmelancon11793824148322915020 Oct '17 02:32Challenge Player
Standard member Bellomax130011034126405120 Oct '17 02:29Challenge Player
Subscriber oldwoodpusher18043115188795926920 Oct '17 02:27Challenge Player
Standard member The Snapper15384112151732320 Oct '17 01:34Challenge Player
Subscriber GBMCM17601853109754820820 Oct '17 01:17Challenge Player
Subscriber catnap6421095145566953687972420 Oct '17 01:11Challenge Player
Subscriber chessnut62125499294683467457219 Oct '17 23:43Challenge Player
Standard member Mctayto828303101063114271540819 Oct '17 23:22Challenge Player
Standard member Academus170723471132100221319 Oct '17 23:10Challenge Player
Standard member ceremony1582594612119 Oct '17 23:05Challenge Player
Standard member Scotchmitch10508312805361519 Oct '17 23:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Stoic1184611376793689019 Oct '17 23:02Challenge Player
Standard member Flick114421157141319 Oct '17 23:00Challenge Player
Subscriber sardodos1452196379009967195719 Oct '17 22:59Challenge Player
Standard member Robin Johnson13883591881571419 Oct '17 22:59Challenge Player
Standard member Winning Wes1097384165216319 Oct '17 22:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Penguin30316802547139691223919 Oct '17 22:49Challenge Player
Standard member snodgrass136817107409106019 Oct '17 22:47Challenge Player
Subscriber lightbucket13276803453092619 Oct '17 22:41Challenge Player
Standard member Profiteer123915564989976119 Oct '17 22:39Challenge Player

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