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Chess Player Directory for Scotland

Chess Player Directory for Scotland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber sardodosonline1524198809131977897118 Dec '17 07:05Challenge Player
Subscriber laffeg154023001158100713518 Dec '17 06:53Challenge Player
Subscriber labatt133638271833181018418 Dec '17 06:43Challenge Player
Standard member Winning Wes1143391169219318 Dec '17 06:41Challenge Player
Standard member SeigeMaster14816783113323518 Dec '17 06:36Challenge Player
Subscriber roma45145391374258430157818 Dec '17 06:32Challenge Player
Standard member martin w1048246921421218 Dec '17 06:05Challenge Player
Standard member leprechaun19561386533516218 Dec '17 05:53Challenge Player
Standard member Simpkinsov15194902981731918 Dec '17 04:34Challenge Player
Standard member Bellomax132811274236535118 Dec '17 04:15Challenge Player
Standard member dontdaremovethatking1220303262423555318 Dec '17 02:54Challenge Player
Standard member Sansi16807641231218 Dec '17 02:35Challenge Player
Subscriber jkmelancon12073877151323145018 Dec '17 02:10Challenge Player
Subscriber catnap6421089146947031693173218 Dec '17 01:59Challenge Player
Subscriber Nimzovitch175139111665169455218 Dec '17 01:48Challenge Player
Subscriber stevenmacgregor1241729252469818 Dec '17 01:30Challenge Player
Subscriber vandergoot1387194410148696118 Dec '17 01:22Challenge Player
Standard member The Snapper14394392251902418 Dec '17 01:20Challenge Player
Standard member KIO M14164923041672118 Dec '17 01:07Challenge Player
Standard member ewan28186491827442721718 Dec '17 00:14Challenge Player
Standard member Scotchmitch10569223135941518 Dec '17 00:07Challenge Player
Standard member Mctayto1146303911066614306541918 Dec '17 00:02Challenge Player
Subscriber Penguin30315432600141893724517 Dec '17 23:53Challenge Player
Subscriber Ian151755107858138511217 Dec '17 23:44Challenge Player
Standard member brichferil154919213153817 Dec '17 23:44Challenge Player
Standard member Katsurop 79613013017 Dec '17 23:43Challenge Player
Subscriber raiox177613007794507117 Dec '17 23:39Challenge Player
Subscriber bttnpshrx1431129005391672178817 Dec '17 23:25Challenge Player
Standard member snodgrass137817297479186417 Dec '17 23:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Stoic1176111787063819117 Dec '17 23:15Challenge Player

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