NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberColin Wylieonline11545292532482827 Oct '21 06:37Challenge Player
SubscriberJedisharponline1179145446840733636827 Oct '21 06:37Challenge Player
Standard memberdaj36online1834467365901227 Oct '21 06:33Challenge Player
Subscriberhuckleberryhound123113016356095727 Oct '21 06:32Challenge Player
Standard memberIngenious164455459127 Oct '21 06:24Challenge Player
Subscriberchessnut621419105434979494362127 Oct '21 06:20Challenge Player
Standard memberKIO M15185883731922327 Oct '21 06:20Challenge Player
SubscriberDalradian13591878682919192130327 Oct '21 06:19Challenge Player
Standard memberchessicle182749722955143458327 Oct '21 06:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSeigeMaster144511755405607527 Oct '21 06:12Challenge Player
Standard memberChina42212721096044527 Oct '21 06:09Challenge Player
Standard memberRobbie Pringle6101599144627 Oct '21 06:09Challenge Player
Subscriberraiox17601926115764912027 Oct '21 06:05Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry19531610170112352327 Oct '21 06:04Challenge Player
Standard memberredandhot398315164829775727 Oct '21 06:03Challenge Player
Standard memberAuldgrumpy12727913524192027 Oct '21 05:53Challenge Player
Standard memberyellowplates109818779468696227 Oct '21 05:22Challenge Player
Standard memberstopme11959524524693127 Oct '21 04:42Challenge Player
Standard memberPaul Rp1023707027 Oct '21 04:36Challenge Player
Standard memberelvislives1034339138192927 Oct '21 04:35Challenge Player
Standard memberTony .Fleming1271405148249827 Oct '21 04:32Challenge Player
Standard memberstuartpaterson48011083831522191227 Oct '21 03:47Challenge Player
Standard memberBellomax139316676209777027 Oct '21 03:24Challenge Player
Standard membershiningslug14954122131881127 Oct '21 03:21Challenge Player
Standard memberMsBinoz11304901942861027 Oct '21 02:10Challenge Player
Standard memberfindlj15274222231613827 Oct '21 02:08Challenge Player
SubscriberGBMCM17002838154995033927 Oct '21 01:55Challenge Player
Standard memberHaggisMuncher119222813127 Oct '21 01:36Challenge Player
Subscriberjkmelancon10225137199930795927 Oct '21 01:19Challenge Player
Subscriberjockpie990554125420927 Oct '21 00:43Challenge Player
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