NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberchris stephensonline111350862164258034204 Dec '22 01:30Challenge Player
Standard memberSilverknight751885575481365804 Dec '22 01:29Challenge Player
Standard memberSeigeMasteronline144812955946178404 Dec '22 01:28Challenge Player
Standard memberportlees143712556295616504 Dec '22 01:19Challenge Player
Standard memberWinning Wes1223684331347604 Dec '22 01:09Challenge Player
Standard memberTony .Fleming12125011843041304 Dec '22 01:09Challenge Player
Standard memberBellomax1411186768810998004 Dec '22 01:07Challenge Player
Standard membersandyno1162113749773346304 Dec '22 01:05Challenge Player
Standard memberColin Wylie13626703283063604 Dec '22 00:57Challenge Player
Standard memberRobbie Pringle775370543011504 Dec '22 00:49Challenge Player
Standard memberfindlj15564792541824304 Dec '22 00:39Challenge Player
Standard memberProfiteer11943137935202917304 Dec '22 00:32Challenge Player
Subscriberjkmelancon10135285205531706004 Dec '22 00:27Challenge Player
Subscriberlightbucket139512806425993904 Dec '22 00:20Challenge Player
Standard memberMsBinoz10665602143351104 Dec '22 00:13Challenge Player
Standard memberGibbo12341412523715004 Dec '22 00:12Challenge Player
Standard memberdaj3617878506621662204 Dec '22 00:06Challenge Player
Standard memberlyndmeg11961565295904 Dec '22 00:03Challenge Player
Standard memberph461328483264211804 Dec '22 00:01Challenge Player
Standard memberfraser d14865013561291603 Dec '22 23:58Challenge Player
Standard memberToosh1320956331103 Dec '22 23:52Challenge Player
Subscriberroma451398111925264518973903 Dec '22 23:24Challenge Player
Standard memberKeppie45212777823543973103 Dec '22 23:14Challenge Player
Standard memberKarl Markham10101064850803 Dec '22 23:14Challenge Player
Standard memberreadybreaks11328082835061903 Dec '22 23:11Challenge Player
Subscriberjohnj16959155183722503 Dec '22 23:09Challenge Player
Standard memberFindegil1244502723003 Dec '22 23:06Challenge Player
Subscribersardodos1480269821249713189129603 Dec '22 23:04Challenge Player
Standard membercairdie12425172572372303 Dec '22 23:00Challenge Player
Standard memberyellowplates1173224711699988003 Dec '22 22:53Challenge Player
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