NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberredandhot3online964174353211446725 Mar '23 16:47Challenge Player
Standard memberKeppie452online11768713884473625 Mar '23 16:46Challenge Player
SubscriberHonestmanGSonline18116734052274125 Mar '23 16:44Challenge Player
Standard memberAcademusonline173843252076190934025 Mar '23 16:43Challenge Player
Subscribervandergoot135633741708154512125 Mar '23 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberziggy2912246693193331725 Mar '23 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberswmurphy117911674736722225 Mar '23 16:34Challenge Player
Standard memberPaul R75389781125 Mar '23 16:31Challenge Player
SubscriberMctayto1676389351393119304570025 Mar '23 16:30Challenge Player
Standard memberAdam Murray995331021225 Mar '23 16:24Challenge Player
Standard memberPaul Noë72834539302425 Mar '23 16:23Challenge Player
Subscriberasimov1576478921271658100425 Mar '23 16:20Challenge Player
Standard memberyellowplates11102359123610388525 Mar '23 16:19Challenge Player
Standard memberDONALDJACK134917098518253325 Mar '23 16:14Challenge Player
Standard memberBellomax1374192170711338125 Mar '23 16:14Challenge Player
SubscriberRikWb139925511316112710825 Mar '23 16:13Challenge Player
Standard memberoxmanc13082566127812464225 Mar '23 16:13Challenge Player
Standard memberRusty2610424212191792325 Mar '23 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberScotchmitch11032959120817114025 Mar '23 16:06Challenge Player
Standard memberportlees138013366625987625 Mar '23 16:06Challenge Player
Standard membermike235176539334839625 Mar '23 16:05Challenge Player
Standard memberAlastair Lang10143681951611225 Mar '23 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberAndyd671209190770811554425 Mar '23 16:01Challenge Player
Standard memberSilverFlashSpeedp1200000025 Mar '23 16:00Challenge Player
Subscribersardodos1427273561268313360131325 Mar '23 15:57Challenge Player
Subscriberjkmelancon10965374209132196425 Mar '23 15:55Challenge Player
Standard memberweeJT1161242104131725 Mar '23 15:51Challenge Player
Standard memberdaj3617009677481912825 Mar '23 15:51Challenge Player
SubscriberKinvig155416311836925 Mar '23 15:51Challenge Player
Subscriberlightbucket146513096626083925 Mar '23 15:50Challenge Player
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