NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberdaj36online1704381296741127 Jul '21 08:19Challenge Player
Standard memberProfiteeronline11282667805172413827 Jul '21 08:17Challenge Player
Standard memberwalton22online943580250324627 Jul '21 08:16Challenge Player
SubscriberHonestmanGSonline1796296180991727 Jul '21 08:15Challenge Player
Standard membersandyno1online167012588783235727 Jul '21 08:15Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry1953online154214089312027 Jul '21 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberHeidNeip1206311311727 Jul '21 08:11Challenge Player
Standard memberTerry Grieve1148187180510333327 Jul '21 08:11Challenge Player
Standard memberdodgyfivers12845603441942227 Jul '21 08:10Challenge Player
Standard membermartin w9613921432292027 Jul '21 08:07Challenge Player
SubscriberStoic116192467132891222727 Jul '21 08:07Challenge Player
SubscriberNeil Pritchard1109507174325827 Jul '21 08:06Challenge Player
Standard memberfraser d13743562381061227 Jul '21 08:06Challenge Player
Standard memberZeus 166601332997727 Jul '21 08:01Challenge Player
Standard memberColin Wylie12284622162202627 Jul '21 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberRusty2699918378881727 Jul '21 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPaddyIglesias152830272127 Jul '21 07:56Challenge Player
Subscriberroma451443105104929490867327 Jul '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberD Marshall1272215101108627 Jul '21 07:55Challenge Player
Subscriberlaffeg139929601463132417327 Jul '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberPaul Noë82490188127 Jul '21 07:53Challenge Player
Standard memberDONALDJACK148515837977543227 Jul '21 07:52Challenge Player
Standard memberGhengis Khan1120203012187535927 Jul '21 07:50Challenge Player
Standard membershaggerjagger15853075208268730627 Jul '21 07:46Challenge Player
Standard memberToosh1271392414127 Jul '21 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberFindegil1363362313027 Jul '21 07:43Challenge Player
SubscriberNick2175158736981890166114727 Jul '21 07:40Challenge Player
Standard membermike235183126623724527 Jul '21 07:39Challenge Player
Standard membercairdie1259252124119927 Jul '21 07:26Challenge Player
Standard memberMacfadyenov13531878299627 Jul '21 07:13Challenge Player
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