NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberyasudog1105413914419173301 Dec '22 03:45Challenge Player
Standard membervkmaster1880453398272801 Dec '22 02:43Challenge Player
Standard memberApos949268901651301 Dec '22 02:27Challenge Player
Subscriberjon314119182329167145820001 Dec '22 02:20Challenge Player
Standard memberMocha1565947218401 Dec '22 01:15Challenge Player
Standard membernauarxos1024172758311202401 Dec '22 00:45Challenge Player
SubscriberChristos121637641452203627601 Dec '22 00:16Challenge Player
Standard memberDenachis14633211471462830 Nov '22 23:40Challenge Player
Standard memberCharlotte13k896392942881030 Nov '22 23:05Challenge Player
Standard memberproedros141117222117951030 Nov '22 22:43Challenge Player
Standard memberpithikomoutsounos12658683174985330 Nov '22 21:45Challenge Player
Standard memberΧρήστος Κούλης158723313788830 Nov '22 21:26Challenge Player
Standard membersatric7512198655582674030 Nov '22 21:25Challenge Player
SubscriberAspasia220614791121171136153830 Nov '22 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberScylla6218859530630 Nov '22 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberdimitrisdo13974312251961030 Nov '22 19:33Challenge Player
Standard memberGaTzoS933642242030 Nov '22 19:32Challenge Player
Standard membercapserg041233133116524132930 Nov '22 17:38Challenge Player
Standard memberangedo1367258138119130 Nov '22 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberviolingirl835409134268730 Nov '22 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberioad117412636545753430 Nov '22 12:23Challenge Player
Standard memberJuanCarlos147018310074930 Nov '22 10:11Challenge Player
Standard membertarasch172212477341330 Nov '22 06:55Challenge Player
Standard memberRockwatcher146911295994607030 Nov '22 00:44Challenge Player
Standard memberSkajado950421426229 Nov '22 23:17Challenge Player
Standard membernkritikos78103736779283529 Nov '22 19:32Challenge Player
Standard membertmavro13549124824022829 Nov '22 15:50Challenge Player
Subscribercaliprantis209210267782173129 Nov '22 13:59Challenge Player
Standard memberKryon13180391546434610529 Nov '22 07:50Challenge Player
Standard memberspyroid17148745053254428 Nov '22 22:55Challenge Player
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