NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberangedo1360267145121101 Apr '23 05:10Challenge Player
Standard memberDenachis14233411541582901 Apr '23 04:53Challenge Player
Standard membernauarxos1073178960411602501 Apr '23 04:37Challenge Player
Standard memberChristos120640471570217929801 Apr '23 03:38Challenge Player
Standard memberyasudog197914494589543701 Apr '23 02:57Challenge Player
Standard membervkmaster1825510446333101 Apr '23 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriberyoyos136843591869211537501 Apr '23 02:04Challenge Player
Standard memberRockwatcher139611416034687001 Apr '23 00:52Challenge Player
Standard memberGaTzoS9581103376131 Mar '23 23:19Challenge Player
Standard memberlimo14634572202152231 Mar '23 22:41Challenge Player
Standard memberCharlotte13k9155151143881331 Mar '23 22:07Challenge Player
SubscriberAspasia222415057123481155155431 Mar '23 21:29Challenge Player
Standard membersatric7511449776083224731 Mar '23 20:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpithikomoutsounos142410383845946031 Mar '23 20:49Challenge Player
Standard memberKryon13184293547535410631 Mar '23 20:31Challenge Player
Standard memberjon314120192434173748521231 Mar '23 19:09Challenge Player
Standard memberSkajado1000682937231 Mar '23 19:01Challenge Player
Standard memberPAO14426303721926631 Mar '23 18:23Challenge Player
Standard memberdimitrisdo14904512402001131 Mar '23 16:59Challenge Player
Standard memberΧρήστος Κούλης165624514789931 Mar '23 16:55Challenge Player
Standard membercapserg0412331258227411741231 Mar '23 16:18Challenge Player
Standard memberJuanCarlos1545196109761131 Mar '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard membertmavro13149144824042831 Mar '23 15:14Challenge Player
Subscribercaliprantis207610467972173231 Mar '23 11:26Challenge Player
Standard memberApos938281931751331 Mar '23 08:09Challenge Player
Standard memberScylla6222562560631 Mar '23 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberioad110912746595813431 Mar '23 05:32Challenge Player
Standard membercyclingbob140238725630 Mar '23 13:45Challenge Player
Standard memberMocha1532977320430 Mar '23 03:31Challenge Player
Standard memberviolingirl831411134270730 Mar '23 00:05Challenge Player
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