NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberhvincent122368163533306122229 Feb '24 23:59Challenge Player
Subscriberruhevi980231881331031 Jan '24 04:33Challenge Player
Standard memberhenoc vincent 21210251312010 Dec '23 18:51Challenge Player
Standard membervincp1200110018 Dec '22 16:57Challenge Player
Standard memberDavid Matthewsp862505024 Dec '20 09:52Challenge Player
Standard memberNadiap1200202001 Dec '19 18:14Challenge Player
Standard memberBeauchni Cherubinp1200101029 Nov '17 00:25Challenge Player
Standard memberKeith Kashp94314113016 Sep '17 01:39Challenge Player
Standard membermgabs111015743112222 Jun '16 00:49Challenge Player
Standard memberrhb15184882331916415 Jun '16 19:35Challenge Player
Standard memberCHESSticles0907990561936126 Jul '15 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberElTripodp1200110007 Jul '14 13:22Challenge Player
Standard memberhomerlovesbeerp1200101001 Apr '14 10:15Challenge Player
Standard memberElClodomirop1200202012 Feb '14 22:14Challenge Player
Standard memberJustineMustainp847504125 Oct '13 01:25Challenge Player
Standard memberhaz101p11921486027 Mar '13 18:50Challenge Player
Standard memberNunoune01p1200202028 Jul '12 04:34Challenge Player
Standard memberCloddyFisher1072441825123 Jul '12 22:53Challenge Player
Standard memberTha Bulep1200101008 May '12 02:49Challenge Player
Standard memberNC007p1200101004 Aug '11 20:24Challenge Player
Standard memberbedestanleyp15761181203 Aug '11 20:49Challenge Player
Standard memberDaveClodomirp1200211027 Jun '11 04:09Challenge Player
Standard membermimimetamorphop1200413025 Jun '11 13:19Challenge Player
Standard membertheking36p1200404026 Jan '11 00:34Challenge Player
Standard memberRus Sop100515311116 Dec '10 10:54Challenge Player
Standard membermikeylew102p1200101027 Nov '10 05:19Challenge Player
Standard memberbill smith97324758185414 Jul '10 02:34Challenge Player
Standard memberBeanny55131920212672411 May '10 00:43Challenge Player
Standard memberandresisawesomep1200101011 Mar '10 02:35Challenge Player
Standard memberfizzy518p1200201121 Feb '10 01:55Challenge Player
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