NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberHomolyaGonline1928179614402599727 Mar '23 22:30Challenge Player
Standard memberPilis Peter156514296946468927 Mar '23 21:54Challenge Player
Standard membergabor12674262012111427 Mar '23 20:13Challenge Player
Standard memberAndro965166516490611327 Mar '23 18:18Challenge Player
Standard memberjozsi2113386393372683427 Mar '23 18:17Challenge Player
Standard memberdompeer11566884632071827 Mar '23 18:01Challenge Player
Standard memberSnakeye154640121853174941027 Mar '23 17:26Challenge Player
Subscribernehezugy113018879658764627 Mar '23 16:47Challenge Player
Standard membermarci jakus100630056239527 Mar '23 16:09Challenge Player
Standard memberConstantinescu Emil1899310206535127 Mar '23 15:30Challenge Player
Standard memberRitzyp1200110027 Mar '23 15:26Challenge Player
Standard memberanico13534923661161027 Mar '23 15:21Challenge Player
Standard memberszabo tibor1095479172298927 Mar '23 15:09Challenge Player
Standard memberhoper11692591181241727 Mar '23 08:26Challenge Player
Standard memberbano andras145318712754627 Mar '23 07:24Challenge Player
Standard memberpaulnagy5014406718341527 Mar '23 01:59Challenge Player
Standard membertoth69d122810343855985126 Mar '23 15:12Challenge Player
Standard memberFDodi219197854871999925 Mar '23 16:43Challenge Player
Standard memberGrandjean1392543121224 Mar '23 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberkoves1741412283884111 Mar '23 08:46Challenge Player
Standard memberkocsardy98212836096215304 Mar '23 13:26Challenge Player
Standard memberSamu Csp116519710231 Dec '22 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberutalokvezetnip1277211110017 Dec '22 13:15Challenge Player
Standard memberHenrik Horvatp969954003 Dec '22 07:36Challenge Player
Standard memberKelemengaborp1200000025 Sep '22 21:47Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp1200202020 Sep '22 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackstone8312915392742521319 Sep '22 15:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPetip1200320105 Sep '22 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberErik12p1255632105 Sep '22 15:34Challenge Player
Standard membergtu15101086045326 Aug '22 20:44Challenge Player
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