NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribernehezugyonline113517509008064426 Nov '22 15:01Challenge Player
Standard memberjozsi21online13325012622122726 Nov '22 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberanicoonline13674873631141026 Nov '22 14:54Challenge Player
Standard membergabor12343791761891426 Nov '22 14:52Challenge Player
Standard memberHomolyaG1829174713952579526 Nov '22 14:40Challenge Player
Standard memberkocsardy99312786066195326 Nov '22 14:31Challenge Player
Standard membertoth69d124210043755795026 Nov '22 13:17Challenge Player
Standard memberFDodi219027704791959626 Nov '22 12:26Challenge Player
Standard memberConstantinescu Emil1889307204525126 Nov '22 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberdompeer11856594461951826 Nov '22 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberPilis Peter146013916736318726 Nov '22 04:36Challenge Player
Standard memberszabo tibor1085471170292926 Nov '22 04:31Challenge Player
Standard memberpaulnagy5014126416341426 Nov '22 02:22Challenge Player
Standard memberHenrik Horvatp1076651024 Nov '22 18:46Challenge Player
Standard membermarci jakus97129454235524 Nov '22 10:12Challenge Player
Standard memberbano andras144818612654623 Nov '22 22:23Challenge Player
Standard memberAndro965162716187611323 Nov '22 18:30Challenge Player
Standard memberhoper12022521141211721 Nov '22 12:44Challenge Player
Standard memberSnakeye136839931836174741011 Nov '22 16:33Challenge Player
Standard memberutalokvezetnip133318117010 Nov '22 15:51Challenge Player
Standard memberGrandjean1392523119228 Oct '22 14:35Challenge Player
Standard memberKelemengaborp1200000025 Sep '22 21:47Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp1200202020 Sep '22 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackstone8312915392742521319 Sep '22 15:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPetip1200320105 Sep '22 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberErik12p1255632105 Sep '22 15:34Challenge Player
Standard membergtu15101086045326 Aug '22 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberVanyarci Papa117623147226 Aug '22 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberSamu Csp11571668225 Aug '22 20:04Challenge Player
Standard memberEpikTommp1200000014 Aug '22 16:56Challenge Player
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