NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberHomolyaG1846166013192489324 May '22 23:40Challenge Player
Standard membergabor12513011391481424 May '22 23:03Challenge Player
Standard memberjozsi2113623131641351424 May '22 21:38Challenge Player
Standard membergtu15151076044324 May '22 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberAndro965159015482591324 May '22 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberanico1407473355110824 May '22 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberdompeer11246344301881624 May '22 17:17Challenge Player
Subscribernehezugy107515538127023924 May '22 17:08Challenge Player
Standard memberPilis Peter152613606636158224 May '22 13:39Challenge Player
Standard memberszabo tibor1074466169288924 May '22 08:06Challenge Player
Standard memberConstantinescu Emil1885302203524724 May '22 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpaulnagy5014545816301224 May '22 02:28Challenge Player
Standard membertoth69d11499713635624623 May '22 21:52Challenge Player
Standard memberkocsardy96012605976105323 May '22 05:37Challenge Player
Standard memberhoper12232431111151723 May '22 04:51Challenge Player
Standard memberFDodi219697524731869322 May '22 17:44Challenge Player
Standard memberbano andras145518212553421 May '22 07:11Challenge Player
Standard membermarci jakus99229354234521 May '22 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberkoves1728395267884014 May '22 08:26Challenge Player
Standard memberDreamthief14659754664208910 May '22 18:34Challenge Player
Standard memberSamu Csp11571567228 Apr '22 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberVanyarci Papa117623147216 Apr '22 14:50Challenge Player
Standard memberGyongyikep169314131013 Apr '22 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberPetip1200220013 Apr '22 04:45Challenge Player
Standard memberErik12p1266532012 Apr '22 11:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJozsef Feher122715878446647905 Apr '22 14:46Challenge Player
Standard memberjose mendez14964722321964424 Mar '22 05:09Challenge Player
Standard memberjani987614271025441721 Feb '22 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberZolieMp1030716021 Feb '22 15:01Challenge Player
Standard memberIldip86213112001 Feb '22 12:18Challenge Player
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