NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membereddithoronline1490148678460010218 Oct '21 21:42Challenge Player
Subscribermulgabill161245082360190324518 Oct '21 20:57Challenge Player
SubscriberGunni118571673227358735318 Oct '21 20:09Challenge Player
Standard memberBigSick144118788643518 Oct '21 20:00Challenge Player
SubscriberAki J155798154665472442618 Oct '21 19:57Challenge Player
Standard memberBjörgvin Agnarsson13397603993451618 Oct '21 19:28Challenge Player
Standard memberSkeggi14894441991568918 Oct '21 19:26Challenge Player
Subscriberjar pen212737330418 Oct '21 19:13Challenge Player
Subscriberbag31295835632753784129718 Oct '21 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberKRingur1417422113818 Oct '21 11:05Challenge Player
Standard memberbirkir10794662032422118 Oct '21 10:33Challenge Player
Standard memberlatrommi136520875131218 Oct '21 01:17Challenge Player
Standard memberNefapi2036213184171217 Oct '21 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberStyrmir Gunnarssonp138918143117 Oct '21 20:50Challenge Player
Standard memberValgardurp1200110009 Oct '21 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberOli The Viking11741647487314 Sep '21 10:05Challenge Player
Subscribertomasino1793371266921314 Sep '21 09:40Challenge Player
Standard memberSverriringi83257750008 Sep '21 11:43Challenge Player
Standard memberGisli108718928569795721 Aug '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberKiddiDerpp1209835027 Jul '21 10:26Challenge Player
Standard memberAsdee13731238234726 Jun '21 18:34Challenge Player
Standard memberpallih11254281792301906 Jun '21 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberShrimpman14691417662301 Jun '21 17:05Challenge Player
Standard memberOskar Hilmarsson146229148727 May '21 15:16Challenge Player
Standard membergoldokrak16432821041572123 Mar '21 16:21Challenge Player
Standard memberfechtensteinp837505012 Mar '21 02:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSmári McCarthyp133411110011 Feb '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberSara Oskarssonp1200101007 Feb '21 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberhrappurp1200000003 Jan '21 15:23Challenge Player
Standard memberLara0171p1200000027 Dec '20 14:08Challenge Player
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