NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribermulgabill161443972311184923716 May '21 13:08Challenge Player
Subscriberbag3online1377797631193620123716 May '21 13:07Challenge Player
SubscriberAki Jonline137896604566467741716 May '21 13:05Challenge Player
SubscriberGunni126568433100339934416 May '21 12:55Challenge Player
Standard membereddithor138314017335769216 May '21 11:59Challenge Player
Standard memberbirkir9283821522141616 May '21 11:49Challenge Player
Standard memberBjörgvin Agnarsson13956773533121216 May '21 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberOli The Viking11911627485316 May '21 06:36Challenge Player
Standard memberOskar Hilmarsson146028138716 May '21 06:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSkeggi14804121841448415 May '21 18:20Challenge Player
Subscribertomasino1832368265901315 May '21 17:35Challenge Player
Standard memberBigSick145217884603415 May '21 12:57Challenge Player
Standard memberpallih11584241782271915 May '21 10:56Challenge Player
Standard memberKiddiDerpp1140725015 May '21 08:39Challenge Player
Standard memberlatrommi130120069129214 May '21 15:59Challenge Player
Standard memberAsdee13681208033712 May '21 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberShrimpman14621387461312 May '21 15:39Challenge Player
Standard memberNefapi2038208180161206 May '21 14:23Challenge Player
Standard membergoldokrak16432821041572123 Mar '21 16:21Challenge Player
Standard memberfechtensteinp837505012 Mar '21 02:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSmári McCarthyp133411110011 Feb '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberSara Oskarssonp1200101007 Feb '21 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberhrappurp1200000003 Jan '21 15:23Challenge Player
Standard memberLara0171p1200000027 Dec '20 14:08Challenge Player
Standard memberTomasArnarp1200202005 Dec '20 00:40Challenge Player
Standard memberEvil Squirrelp1200303012 Nov '20 10:16Challenge Player
SubscriberSkafi18264692761543911 Nov '20 23:16Challenge Player
Standard memberSveimhugip1200101007 Nov '20 16:19Challenge Player
Standard memberHilmarH556p1200101027 Oct '20 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberxpert13802298104211847226 Sep '20 09:48Challenge Player
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