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Chess Player Directory for Iceland

Chess Player Directory for Iceland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member HelgiV14125571703394815 Dec '17 00:03Challenge Player
Standard member xpert1211214596811146314 Dec '17 22:54Challenge Player
Subscriber bag3148346391915200671814 Dec '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member Skeggi1490225105645614 Dec '17 19:34Challenge Player
Standard member biffster1165864540114 Dec '17 18:01Challenge Player
Standard member goldokrak1661197731121214 Dec '17 17:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Gunni127256252575276328714 Dec '17 17:41Challenge Player
Subscriber Skafi18964552711483613 Dec '17 22:37Challenge Player
Standard member Miny6669041062677313 Dec '17 13:19Challenge Player
Subscriber mulgabill161538782033163021512 Dec '17 23:01Challenge Player
Standard member latrommi131118261120112 Dec '17 14:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Nefapi19981271184512 Dec '17 02:29Challenge Player
Standard member Oli The Viking12221366766308 Dec '17 10:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Aki J101991374306443639506 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Standard member Björgvin Agnarsson1183478245226706 Oct '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member Irminazp 1675541019 Sep '17 10:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Gisli109618888569755707 May '17 22:12Challenge Player
Standard member henrybaltasar13549734914433923 Apr '17 14:29Challenge Player
Standard member Frank Sodap 1200440010 Mar '17 20:43Challenge Player
Standard member Styrmir Gunnarssonp 1200440026 Jan '17 21:18Challenge Player
Standard member Barrow11176632723801101 Dec '16 06:13Challenge Player
Standard member BigSick153714173442419 Mar '16 18:04Challenge Player
Standard member pallih9643651432091317 Mar '16 19:32Challenge Player
Standard member Olgeir Pétursson9871949695316 Mar '16 11:04Challenge Player
Standard member Hafthor1278583522108 Dec '15 18:13Challenge Player
Standard member hilmarjon15686483692057413 Sep '15 17:39Challenge Player
Standard member stefan6412219453914589607 Sep '15 11:20Challenge Player
Standard member eddithor124613086785428820 Jun '15 14:52Challenge Player
Standard member Finnur Frimann11286253082922526 Mar '15 06:50Challenge Player
Standard member Floop12084092211602822 Feb '15 14:45Challenge Player

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