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Chess Player Directory for India

Chess Player Directory for India

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber dastaanonline128111073747122120 Mar '18 02:19Challenge Player
Standard member ramanakoppaonline14471096639420 Mar '18 02:17Challenge Player
Standard member hari1974online13246283382791120 Mar '18 02:13Challenge Player
Standard member sumandonline16455052132692320 Mar '18 02:10Challenge Player
Standard member skpaw1374175810606712720 Mar '18 01:48Challenge Player
Standard member Yessian Robinson12601265365820 Mar '18 01:33Challenge Player
Standard member triraman1718129648469911320 Mar '18 00:27Challenge Player
Standard member Arjun73145018897811019 Mar '18 23:28Challenge Player
Standard member Rakeshck1371356187164519 Mar '18 23:07Challenge Player
Standard member chotu137521611496619 Mar '18 22:59Challenge Player
Standard member udayg14331757795319 Mar '18 21:39Challenge Player
Standard member arularuvi1752414303783319 Mar '18 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member jaffrullah12321798987319 Mar '18 20:42Challenge Player
Standard member loneshark16456314071774719 Mar '18 20:32Challenge Player
Standard member Jairaman12508363265001019 Mar '18 20:28Challenge Player
Standard member navin14213525032692142019 Mar '18 20:03Challenge Player
Standard member SunSha1162774136019 Mar '18 20:01Challenge Player
Standard member Ripal Maravia12523431411901219 Mar '18 19:40Challenge Player
Standard member hundalam124027481189419 Mar '18 19:24Challenge Player
Standard member tejus144144401929219831319 Mar '18 19:19Challenge Player
Standard member ketan15267033423451619 Mar '18 19:15Challenge Player
Standard member IndianSher138910505614414819 Mar '18 19:14Challenge Player
Subscriber king08091319239128872419 Mar '18 18:36Challenge Player
Standard member The lost player19216374132071719 Mar '18 17:32Challenge Player
Standard member prithvikumar111819845150319 Mar '18 17:10Challenge Player
Standard member satish s1309904247119 Mar '18 17:06Challenge Player
Standard member ankur2130312555227141919 Mar '18 17:02Challenge Player
Standard member hmnishanth213115212420819 Mar '18 16:51Challenge Player
Standard member raju42p 1200514019 Mar '18 16:01Challenge Player
Standard member Chintan Buddhadev10931133677019 Mar '18 15:53Challenge Player

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