NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberKhanSajid130717029377333227 Mar '23 21:26Challenge Player
Standard memberShravan S137213815068076827 Mar '23 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberJairaman1402189464912103527 Mar '23 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberAmith G S1609674320427 Mar '23 19:52Challenge Player
Standard memberAUGUST2814185451593711527 Mar '23 19:31Challenge Player
Standard memberhundalam1162716186521927 Mar '23 19:17Challenge Player
Standard memberKiraks7911371446572727 Mar '23 19:09Challenge Player
Standard memberGaurav Kanaujiya14026583243142027 Mar '23 18:50Challenge Player
Standard memberhari1974129615077876893127 Mar '23 18:28Challenge Player
Standard memberprithvikumar1240510154348827 Mar '23 18:24Challenge Player
Standard memberNatwar1158304157142527 Mar '23 18:18Challenge Player
Standard memberstrikerfromblr139326489172327 Mar '23 18:03Challenge Player
Standard memberDilakraj Lanion143918095751027 Mar '23 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberNihaal122424816027 Mar '23 18:00Challenge Player
Standard membertejus141470783208334552527 Mar '23 17:52Challenge Player
Standard memberphani27192779375956157840327 Mar '23 17:40Challenge Player
Standard memberdevgul151210374045488527 Mar '23 17:14Challenge Player
Standard membergaurav6806714369985394104927 Mar '23 16:40Challenge Player
Standard memberRam Guna11346812793802227 Mar '23 16:36Challenge Player
SubscriberOtis Microlight14103001351422327 Mar '23 16:15Challenge Player
Standard membertriraman17112278909117819127 Mar '23 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberYessian Robinson124214616247677027 Mar '23 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberChandraSekhar14096833103413227 Mar '23 15:23Challenge Player
Standard memberarun s13258043723864627 Mar '23 14:57Challenge Player
Standard memberakmsai110510696314182027 Mar '23 14:33Challenge Player
Standard membershivakumar1012198115061418652327 Mar '23 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberbheesmap12151046027 Mar '23 13:41Challenge Player
Standard memberROSE 5501519654122227 Mar '23 11:33Challenge Player
Standard memberanu4140811370331027 Mar '23 09:03Challenge Player
Standard membervkvasudevan12873642011521127 Mar '23 08:47Challenge Player
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