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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber palacista1712166688960617126 Jul '17 08:34Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan Bonline10475792493131726 Jul '17 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie7online12973759176219514626 Jul '17 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline113355392348298820326 Jul '17 08:34Challenge Player
Standard member ostrikovaconline15286073302502726 Jul '17 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriber ChrisAveryonline14534402281892326 Jul '17 08:27Challenge Player
Subscriber topknot66178520013857526 Jul '17 08:27Challenge Player
Standard member scrappy182online1460297164124926 Jul '17 08:27Challenge Player
Standard member Kai Schulzonline1494584017126 Jul '17 08:27Challenge Player
Standard member Yrushonline116818078871526 Jul '17 08:26Challenge Player
Standard member Mike Repacholionline11412791601081126 Jul '17 08:26Challenge Player
Standard member CrimsonRookonline1354452717126 Jul '17 08:25Challenge Player
Standard member Chooky1068702545026 Jul '17 08:22Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen12314335602592812026 Jul '17 08:22Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo136530921240172612626 Jul '17 08:19Challenge Player
Standard member ellsa138910354715313326 Jul '17 08:19Challenge Player
Standard member Number213539946113523126 Jul '17 08:17Challenge Player
Subscriber aidypoos14219534444723726 Jul '17 08:16Challenge Player
Standard member GeoffKoo142721311887826 Jul '17 08:15Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1367180413993624326 Jul '17 08:14Challenge Player
Standard member mawise11891286760126 Jul '17 08:13Challenge Player
Subscriber forty212813391551741026 Jul '17 08:13Challenge Player
Standard member The Pillager126035191554162434126 Jul '17 08:11Challenge Player
Subscriber patisfat1075158251210145626 Jul '17 08:10Challenge Player
Subscriber Megsy122712016335224626 Jul '17 08:08Challenge Player
Standard member GoodKnight2U135213366995964126 Jul '17 08:07Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville177499946239913826 Jul '17 08:07Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold123811575625781726 Jul '17 08:06Challenge Player
Standard member dpgiles950240653518264526 Jul '17 08:05Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie112479123753395320626 Jul '17 08:04Challenge Player

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