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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber The Postman127338281891183110623 Jul '18 01:40Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie7online11554539214823355623 Jul '18 01:40Challenge Player
Standard member dave1234austonline13152145986105710223 Jul '18 01:39Challenge Player
Subscriber lolitaknightonline12142627116014125523 Jul '18 01:38Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline136134641385193814123 Jul '18 01:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Glackentino2online12128003514371223 Jul '18 01:34Challenge Player
Standard member BertieBoyonline1010693138023 Jul '18 01:33Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemaronline12958353074953323 Jul '18 01:31Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2online113046292108238713423 Jul '18 01:30Challenge Player
Subscriber wanderm117823994139623 Jul '18 01:25Challenge Player
Standard member toot115744562701741223 Jul '18 01:25Challenge Player
Standard member Picaroon17073241541373323 Jul '18 01:18Challenge Player
Subscriber kmax871284205610029985623 Jul '18 01:14Challenge Player
Standard member egor bio hazchem115118564117423 Jul '18 01:13Challenge Player
Standard member Cameron Gray12801387758323 Jul '18 01:12Challenge Player
Standard member francouno1447210115944555223 Jul '18 01:10Challenge Player
Standard member bigazza1536552923323 Jul '18 01:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Craig stone16639266022824223 Jul '18 01:04Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10107833504122123 Jul '18 01:01Challenge Player
Standard member pete7215994382661482423 Jul '18 01:00Challenge Player
Standard member pozz12539163974823723 Jul '18 00:59Challenge Player
Standard member TimBender147210055124365723 Jul '18 00:58Challenge Player
Standard member Moomoo1983p 89911110023 Jul '18 00:55Challenge Player
Subscriber petronus12645034231726298823 Jul '18 00:55Challenge Player
Standard member Mike Repacholi13313281911231423 Jul '18 00:51Challenge Player
Standard member mrmatt14133451501841123 Jul '18 00:51Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV150612375046765723 Jul '18 00:50Challenge Player
Standard member atlas11431150875764210923 Jul '18 00:49Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat11307693753811323 Jul '18 00:48Challenge Player
Standard member Sir P122915188756162723 Jul '18 00:46Challenge Player

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