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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber ChrisAveryonline13989044563925619 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Red Houseonline153252332650227430919 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Subscriber woolleys01online122418708818919819 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member stewyyonline15526334182001519 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member Red Poll Bullonline1148452025019 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member CrimsonRookonline1404985932719 Mar '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member harkaway hawkonlinep 1359944119 Mar '18 10:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrjawsonline178353465219 Mar '18 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline144333281337185713419 Mar '18 10:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williamsonline141917137928833819 Mar '18 10:33Challenge Player
Standard member huis2018online1160361422019 Mar '18 10:33Challenge Player
Subscriber peter wiltononline143011676075006019 Mar '18 10:33Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemaronline13237762914562919 Mar '18 10:30Challenge Player
Subscriber retsnomaligonline13786993713042419 Mar '18 10:30Challenge Player
Standard member mikey610online12294711732841419 Mar '18 10:29Challenge Player
Subscriber mickeytonline135429131392138513619 Mar '18 10:29Challenge Player
Standard member Hedonystonline14619665473883119 Mar '18 10:28Challenge Player
Subscriber bundydog161346187976810545719 Mar '18 10:26Challenge Player
Standard member superdale13884562402061019 Mar '18 10:26Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood137448972733198218219 Mar '18 10:22Challenge Player
Standard member Sir P129814608485862619 Mar '18 10:22Challenge Player
Subscriber il league al15897904613012819 Mar '18 10:21Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman130936821812176710319 Mar '18 10:16Challenge Player
Standard member kb51327204410109607419 Mar '18 10:16Challenge Player
Standard member daddykool2810639153655302019 Mar '18 10:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto146034291734151018519 Mar '18 10:15Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1746178395665017719 Mar '18 10:15Challenge Player
Standard member GregJL139425154619 Mar '18 10:14Challenge Player
Standard member Shane Smith1804262220311119 Mar '18 10:14Challenge Player
Standard member jacektei14983881921781819 Mar '18 10:12Challenge Player

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