NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membertiraxtur117447321817261929626 May '22 03:41Challenge Player
Standard memberHazy Daze121241651828215118626 May '22 00:48Challenge Player
Standard memberPersian PawnStar129310216753301625 May '22 23:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBKOD169518614037925 May '22 23:33Challenge Player
Standard memberiranpeyma1458198410358608925 May '22 22:52Challenge Player
Standard membertrack1503180881083716125 May '22 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberhasab551350173179481312425 May '22 21:18Challenge Player
Standard memberDatis202116071097531325 May '22 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberahmadh151537061498192528325 May '22 20:49Challenge Player
Standard memberiragsafarian16763541701651925 May '22 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberasadzadeh1685178987677813525 May '22 19:38Challenge Player
Standard membersamandr18645883212016625 May '22 18:50Challenge Player
Standard membermahyar115692299853127017625 May '22 16:21Challenge Player
Standard memberahooraee1237191678910685925 May '22 12:12Challenge Player
Standard membersanam1352215392411616825 May '22 07:33Challenge Player
Standard memberIGhasemip1200000025 May '22 06:39Challenge Player
Standard memberRaxChess147412546605583624 May '22 10:57Challenge Player
Standard membermasam20201330345372931523 May '22 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberalimomeni7329p135015015013 May '22 17:02Challenge Player
Standard memberسید حسین موسوی عمادیp1200101006 May '22 13:24Challenge Player
Standard memberabd12341562412516030 Apr '22 12:27Challenge Player
Standard memberking sebip1200000023 Apr '22 18:53Challenge Player
Standard memberHo1p1200000012 Apr '22 13:47Challenge Player
Standard memberHamed Zandi1111411625019 Mar '22 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSijal89p1200000002 Mar '22 14:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBig Rich1179572334023 Feb '22 15:10Challenge Player
Standard membermasoomehp1200000019 Feb '22 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberakbargh2010p1200000029 Jan '22 22:14Challenge Player
Standard memberhamed ahmadi 2p1200101010 Jan '22 09:00Challenge Player
Standard memberAtena99p1137505026 Dec '21 12:02Challenge Player
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