NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermbrowne760online1455358225125804 Dec '22 03:05Challenge Player
Standard memberpeadair4321226423232217436304 Dec '22 02:50Challenge Player
Standard memberTanajura12856432703532004 Dec '22 02:29Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry Blake12648474663453604 Dec '22 02:10Challenge Player
Standard memberKieranBennett141810615574525204 Dec '22 01:23Challenge Player
Standard memberbriantheref1026122582806934910304 Dec '22 01:10Challenge Player
Subscriberdenishogan1707126868045912904 Dec '22 00:57Challenge Player
Subscribercaoimho1401119695605588148304 Dec '22 00:50Challenge Player
Subscriberkinggg217501313090252614149104 Dec '22 00:46Challenge Player
Standard memberChelseadefector18843012951504 Dec '22 00:42Challenge Player
Standard memberIK19229861627389004 Dec '22 00:39Challenge Player
Standard membercarlow1150931439486604 Dec '22 00:27Challenge Player
Subscriberbramble14222393133210342704 Dec '22 00:16Challenge Player
Subscriberpherekydes146023271035105923304 Dec '22 00:07Challenge Player
Standard memberwestiefellow1525143471261910304 Dec '22 00:03Challenge Player
Standard memberMatt761328186085984815303 Dec '22 23:54Challenge Player
Standard memberGer Conran130149972297248721303 Dec '22 23:40Challenge Player
Subscribertharg152748082483205227303 Dec '22 23:34Challenge Player
Standard memberdavidreidy142923813598503 Dec '22 23:28Challenge Player
Standard membercuramac76920816191103 Dec '22 23:16Challenge Player
Standard membermickus126226211046146311203 Dec '22 22:56Challenge Player
SubscriberSEAN7611752682127913386503 Dec '22 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberZante221205492124403 Dec '22 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberGmac481321202399189813403 Dec '22 22:50Challenge Player
Subscribertappa23502049153635016303 Dec '22 22:37Challenge Player
Subscribergsxf2000109514346207753903 Dec '22 22:25Challenge Player
Subscribermig21121924848973812636247403 Dec '22 22:23Challenge Player
Standard memberVeroVero11521082483103 Dec '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberseamy189210725282382543603 Dec '22 22:12Challenge Player
Standard membergerardduff143711325275802503 Dec '22 21:50Challenge Player
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