NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberIreArdRi13988182764855724 Feb '24 03:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry Blake118210375844134024 Feb '24 03:06Challenge Player
Standard memberChelseadefector19524074011524 Feb '24 03:00Challenge Player
Standard membertopkin13294992822011624 Feb '24 02:48Challenge Player
Standard memberpeadair4321233227042598436324 Feb '24 02:34Challenge Player
Standard membermbrowne7601410463289165924 Feb '24 02:01Challenge Player
Subscriberdenishogan1625134971350013624 Feb '24 01:38Challenge Player
Standard memberrashers5p1200000024 Feb '24 01:31Challenge Player
Standard memberJP8115921508757624 Feb '24 01:04Challenge Player
Standard membermarcus4915984802418615324 Feb '24 00:58Challenge Player
Subscriberpherekydes158124711098112524824 Feb '24 00:53Challenge Player
Standard memberjemken12366432263803724 Feb '24 00:49Challenge Player
Standard memberbriantheref945125352932949011324 Feb '24 00:37Challenge Player
Subscriberbramble13542796153612293124 Feb '24 00:22Challenge Player
Subscribercaoimho1259128806050631651424 Feb '24 00:22Challenge Player
Standard memberCathal Nally16537184981784224 Feb '24 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberwilbot11267982175641723 Feb '24 23:50Challenge Player
Standard memberRichard Pardi1522553617223 Feb '24 23:43Challenge Player
Standard membercuramac71026720246123 Feb '24 23:19Challenge Player
Subscribertharg154150302591215428523 Feb '24 23:13Challenge Player
Subscribermig211090321491240816968277323 Feb '24 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberBOBDANIEL091578744126723 Feb '24 22:58Challenge Player
Subscribergsxf2000109115996868714223 Feb '24 22:56Challenge Player
Standard membermickus128028191140155412523 Feb '24 22:49Challenge Player
Standard memberelliot22129513345927222023 Feb '24 22:41Challenge Player
Standard memberZante2212063801791831823 Feb '24 22:39Challenge Player
Standard memberweaselbusters14074832592101423 Feb '24 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberBigBang00015064392781421923 Feb '24 22:11Challenge Player
Standard memberBalmudo10021114756823 Feb '24 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberGmac48134523081127102715423 Feb '24 21:59Challenge Player
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