NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membertzg76147311924706358725 Apr '24 05:19Challenge Player
Standard membergatoss14141508358925 Apr '24 05:12Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc147013037415253725 Apr '24 04:29Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki1385350158188425 Apr '24 02:26Challenge Player
Standard memberSardanapalusPlusp1200000024 Apr '24 23:38Challenge Player
Standard memberMto CIULATOV11237013952634324 Apr '24 22:50Challenge Player
Standard memberTat-Liang Cheam1107482025324 Apr '24 22:36Challenge Player
Standard memberStregone134184254324365644524 Apr '24 22:08Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso1110186287088510724 Apr '24 21:45Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16325221823013924 Apr '24 21:38Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu138814397526078024 Apr '24 21:25Challenge Player
Standard memberGajo Richie1673125957757011224 Apr '24 21:19Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina116716227377959024 Apr '24 20:42Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98105817958458717924 Apr '24 20:41Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61112417388488147624 Apr '24 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina112217398408207924 Apr '24 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG57716133791805424 Apr '24 20:19Challenge Player
Standard membergaudinif179534931230724 Apr '24 20:13Challenge Player
Standard memberPiotrRSp1200000024 Apr '24 20:12Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLollo147511345705313324 Apr '24 20:08Challenge Player
SubscriberD4V132356222929216952424 Apr '24 20:04Challenge Player
Subscriberguglielmo8713761014449824 Apr '24 20:00Challenge Player
Standard membervision19591484171961997112924 Apr '24 19:44Challenge Player
SubscriberEvagrio Pontico1831145477852015624 Apr '24 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberMarco7118113691391953524 Apr '24 18:42Challenge Player
Subscribermdmone161621431037100310324 Apr '24 18:19Challenge Player
Standard memberberenice136710074815022424 Apr '24 18:17Challenge Player
Standard memberAlbertoC67149935258224 Apr '24 18:14Challenge Player
Standard memberShipol1p1200101024 Apr '24 17:50Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni188032824081724 Apr '24 17:49Challenge Player
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