NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberGinoblackonline18478604943214517 Jan '22 23:17Challenge Player
Standard memberaleitalyonline143515846978008717 Jan '22 23:11Challenge Player
Standard memberRichie Gajoonline16552246120683021017 Jan '22 23:11Challenge Player
Standard memberGajo Richieonline16563081581262417 Jan '22 23:10Challenge Player
Subscribergianfrancolevati1019275990717985417 Jan '22 23:06Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu13479895324055217 Jan '22 22:50Challenge Player
Subscribermdmone164919659499209617 Jan '22 22:50Challenge Player
Standard memberdrago69148711186024368017 Jan '22 22:49Challenge Player
Standard memberrichie sequito gajo16407914193046817 Jan '22 22:40Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste154013156765994017 Jan '22 22:40Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16744181542333117 Jan '22 22:38Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso128015557457268417 Jan '22 22:31Challenge Player
Standard memberVic89123818296731317 Jan '22 22:13Challenge Player
Standard memberStregone132071283625310939417 Jan '22 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG51849168114361817 Jan '22 22:01Challenge Player
Standard memberRicbgnt1214954743517 Jan '22 21:50Challenge Player
Subscriberifalfio165811976984336617 Jan '22 21:47Challenge Player
Standard memberdompis16434622561891717 Jan '22 21:44Challenge Player
Subscriberrafl70192521116042917 Jan '22 21:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMarco71172510444461417 Jan '22 21:38Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas12011246949617 Jan '22 21:29Challenge Player
Standard memberCiro Piccolo106314226447136517 Jan '22 20:59Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1916126266745314217 Jan '22 20:55Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina103612645856146517 Jan '22 20:54Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98119513846576666117 Jan '22 20:54Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina114213486666285417 Jan '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61109013696706415817 Jan '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki144920792114117 Jan '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard membervision1959141711964516529317 Jan '22 20:39Challenge Player
Standard membergaudinif173628625228617 Jan '22 20:10Challenge Player
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