NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberrichie sequito gajoonline1749117861445910501 Oct '22 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLolloonline13705742872761101 Oct '22 09:13Challenge Player
Standard memberStregoneonline126375233831328141101 Oct '22 09:11Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarinaonline119813786406647401 Oct '22 09:07Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98online120615117187246901 Oct '22 09:05Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61126014997396976301 Oct '22 09:03Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina111714897316956301 Oct '22 09:02Challenge Player
Standard membercar6211782325116911233301 Oct '22 08:59Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste151514397166735001 Oct '22 08:48Challenge Player
Standard membercesaresala1618516355152901 Oct '22 08:44Challenge Player
Standard memberMto CIULATOV13166243552274201 Oct '22 08:32Challenge Player
Standard memberGajo Richie16747113433135501 Oct '22 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSandro Capelli1263221100120101 Oct '22 08:13Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1900132770647714401 Oct '22 08:11Challenge Player
Standard memberslacri128731191345154123301 Oct '22 08:10Challenge Player
Subscribermdmone164620219789479601 Oct '22 08:09Challenge Player
Standard memberRichie Gajo17672601136399024801 Oct '22 08:05Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas124917510167701 Oct '22 07:22Challenge Player
Standard memberTonyForty1106612140001 Oct '22 07:21Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc14869165253642701 Oct '22 07:14Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso120116477807779001 Oct '22 06:59Challenge Player
Subscribergianfrancolevati1022286394218556601 Oct '22 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberermejo53168725240101 Oct '22 06:47Challenge Player
Standard memberClone 0313726574042401301 Oct '22 06:32Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni15861489946301 Oct '22 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu132211676184896001 Oct '22 05:40Challenge Player
Standard memberquacqua14311086044401 Oct '22 05:30Challenge Player
Standard memberdrago69159311786454518201 Oct '22 05:22Challenge Player
Standard membergaudinif177430226728701 Oct '22 04:15Challenge Player
Standard memberRenato Serboli1423502821101 Oct '22 03:24Challenge Player
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