NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribergianfrancolevationline1106266687717395005 Aug '21 15:26Challenge Player
Standard membernatopigroonline2249799681526605 Aug '21 15:23Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1800123264844613805 Aug '21 14:51Challenge Player
Standard memberdrago69152210585714097805 Aug '21 14:37Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu13728804743594705 Aug '21 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki138217371101105 Aug '21 14:15Challenge Player
Standard memberdavall14798443973885905 Aug '21 14:06Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16943891452172705 Aug '21 13:59Challenge Player
Standard memberFrancesco2112399504594563505 Aug '21 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberJoeThebag1073341122105 Aug '21 13:40Challenge Player
Standard memberslacri158728281233137522005 Aug '21 13:40Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni132224168005 Aug '21 13:34Challenge Player
Standard memberaleitaly150914786547408405 Aug '21 13:32Challenge Player
Standard memberfrazambe125618851132505 Aug '21 13:11Challenge Player
Standard membercesaresala1632493336149805 Aug '21 12:34Challenge Player
SubscriberGinoblack17698264723124205 Aug '21 12:28Challenge Player
SubscriberD4V151550482623194248305 Aug '21 12:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61109912896395945605 Aug '21 12:21Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98113012976166235805 Aug '21 12:20Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina129312706355845105 Aug '21 12:13Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas11941016038305 Aug '21 12:13Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina118711745535635805 Aug '21 12:09Challenge Player
Standard membervision1959140911124246028605 Aug '21 11:34Challenge Player
Standard memberClone 0312985463381971105 Aug '21 11:33Challenge Player
Standard memberMto CIULATOV11985683132144105 Aug '21 11:27Challenge Player
Standard memberSandro Capelli124619893104105 Aug '21 11:16Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso129414877146928105 Aug '21 11:14Challenge Player
Standard memberBologna6p1415651005 Aug '21 11:09Challenge Player
Standard membercrazypawn1683173112392205 Aug '21 10:49Challenge Player
Standard memberandrea macmatrix1274341715205 Aug '21 10:45Challenge Player
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