NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberD4Vonline136253612798206350003 Feb '23 11:14Challenge Player
Standard memberStregoneonline135477033930335841503 Feb '23 11:13Challenge Player
Standard memberGajo Richieonline17108714183856803 Feb '23 11:12Challenge Player
Standard memberRichie Gajoonline165027581433106026503 Feb '23 11:11Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG5online1757390265804503 Feb '23 11:10Challenge Player
Standard memberMarco71online1738252991302303 Feb '23 11:09Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc14729885683932703 Feb '23 11:05Challenge Player
Standard memberrichie sequito gajo1680138971854712403 Feb '23 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberClone 0314356844192491603 Feb '23 10:57Challenge Player
Standard memberTonyForty1072732449003 Feb '23 10:56Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso118817088068069603 Feb '23 10:22Challenge Player
Standard memberMy name is RobertPaulsen1173311713103 Feb '23 10:14Challenge Player
Standard memberdrago69156811956544598203 Feb '23 10:10Challenge Player
Standard membervision19591450141852978610303 Feb '23 09:53Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1851134871948514403 Feb '23 09:27Challenge Player
Standard memberLuca59p1200440003 Feb '23 09:26Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu127812266475136603 Feb '23 09:25Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki1414256115139203 Feb '23 08:49Challenge Player
Standard memberslacri138231871375157323903 Feb '23 08:40Challenge Player
Standard memberFabrizio Gramignano1327452916003 Feb '23 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSamy 72p66812012003 Feb '23 08:30Challenge Player
Standard memberdompis16155222942091903 Feb '23 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberguidoiop1475862003 Feb '23 08:06Challenge Player
Standard memberLe chevalier212085804103 Feb '23 07:46Challenge Player
Standard memberStefano Gattip1200202003 Feb '23 07:45Challenge Player
Standard membercar6211222423122211673403 Feb '23 07:15Challenge Player
Standard memberquacqua14311086044403 Feb '23 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberSandro Capelli1209227100126103 Feb '23 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste146614917377015303 Feb '23 05:57Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni163218012255303 Feb '23 05:49Challenge Player
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