NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberrichie sequito gajoonline17993401851253017 May '21 23:30Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste150012036315333917 May '21 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberNunzio Bonaventura13145252562422717 May '21 22:26Challenge Player
Standard memberanassagora210350441517 May '21 22:25Challenge Player
Standard membergaudinif171227524128617 May '21 22:09Challenge Player
Standard memberMarco71178826164617 May '21 22:05Challenge Player
Standard memberDronealfa1786121064143313617 May '21 21:48Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc15075893382312017 May '21 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberstmpp1303743017 May '21 21:32Challenge Player
Standard memberVic89120216587661217 May '21 21:21Challenge Player
Standard memberFrancesco2112878974324313417 May '21 21:01Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki13171495890117 May '21 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas1187905532317 May '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard membercrazypawn1722166108372117 May '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberdompis16494292311811717 May '21 20:52Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso121114496946777817 May '21 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberBeth Harmon20001201115417 May '21 20:45Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu12778184413334417 May '21 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberfrazambe118216943121517 May '21 20:39Challenge Player
Standard membervision1959138210724115808117 May '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberCiro Piccolo108212655866245517 May '21 20:08Challenge Player
Standard memberzucco661611533320017 May '21 20:03Challenge Player
Standard membercar621110201610049813117 May '21 20:03Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16633811422142517 May '21 19:51Challenge Player
Standard memberdrago69155710255523967717 May '21 19:48Challenge Player
Standard memberLe chevalierp179911110017 May '21 19:34Challenge Player
Standard membernatopigro2239789673516517 May '21 18:49Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina120112306115704917 May '21 18:45Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina112111215295355717 May '21 18:45Challenge Player
Standard membergianfrancolevati1060259684617034717 May '21 18:44Challenge Player
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