NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribernorfolk and goodonline142245612363173246602 Aug '21 08:47Challenge Player
Subscriberbrian1234online1443186281189116002 Aug '21 08:47Challenge Player
Standard memberBryn Powellonline146037288102 Aug '21 08:43Challenge Player
Standard memberbaggieman89online127012476345902302 Aug '21 08:41Challenge Player
Standard memberGoodersJr1467341268571602 Aug '21 08:36Challenge Player
Standard memberNathanCroft146915410645302 Aug '21 08:36Challenge Player
Standard memberJB198012905502402921802 Aug '21 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberBLBS20175262012398602 Aug '21 08:28Challenge Player
Standard membermonty62711056175362110825002 Aug '21 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberGazZaMoO16058214113882202 Aug '21 08:19Challenge Player
Subscribercawsddyn136365973089314636202 Aug '21 08:17Challenge Player
Subscribercoedycode12151909392502 Aug '21 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberphilflanagan12855882523231302 Aug '21 07:36Challenge Player
Standard memberNitefaerie9421566188702 Aug '21 07:35Challenge Player
Standard memberWelshoz1452843646202 Aug '21 07:25Challenge Player
Standard membercooldaddy1723148072159216702 Aug '21 07:03Challenge Player
SubscriberRod Bowden11612432131210576302 Aug '21 06:53Challenge Player
Standard memberTimotheus0621507875527502 Aug '21 06:53Challenge Player
Standard memberjswba13179094533669002 Aug '21 06:52Challenge Player
Standard memberAngry Boy1351192786390515902 Aug '21 06:43Challenge Player
Standard memberDavid Burris182561574002 Aug '21 06:34Challenge Player
Standard memberschillerfan135527621002 Aug '21 06:20Challenge Player
Standard memberPricey 631183301161132802 Aug '21 06:16Challenge Player
Standard memberMantisoid231149382017102 Aug '21 05:13Challenge Player
Standard membervindaloo too148112806595497202 Aug '21 03:41Challenge Player
Standard memberml2320531278105112010702 Aug '21 02:53Challenge Player
Subscribertedmatly131159362877293612302 Aug '21 00:46Challenge Player
SubscriberDWG143121014359801 Aug '21 22:59Challenge Player
Standard memberWelshman126058506201 Aug '21 22:26Challenge Player
Subscribergalesh135718189398255401 Aug '21 21:26Challenge Player
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