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Chess Player Directory for Wales

Chess Player Directory for Wales

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member GazZaMoO15217613713741622 Aug '18 00:56Challenge Player
Standard member penpal331468240918984615022 Aug '18 00:42Challenge Player
Subscriber norfolk and good13344612871423222 Aug '18 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member Dafadbach13929895473905222 Aug '18 00:36Challenge Player
Standard member ml232181673563515922 Aug '18 00:23Challenge Player
Standard member Lord Heath134710486083855522 Aug '18 00:10Challenge Player
Standard member archfleet1110268110156221 Aug '18 23:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Sidvic21183502268230421 Aug '18 23:09Challenge Player
Subscriber Bychan2057477336657621 Aug '18 23:07Challenge Player
Standard member Eif13822200104111095021 Aug '18 22:47Challenge Player
Subscriber BigJase On Vacation12802470113912745721 Aug '18 22:40Challenge Player
Subscriber WelshWhirlWind112844441791249715621 Aug '18 22:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Andy D12332605108014576821 Aug '18 22:38Challenge Player
Subscriber dayofthecacti12689626752701721 Aug '18 22:17Challenge Player
Subscriber chrisj790156411226353998821 Aug '18 22:01Challenge Player
Standard member monty627110198823095561721 Aug '18 21:44Challenge Player
Subscriber AndyLancelot On Vacation1142250123121621 Aug '18 21:23Challenge Player
Standard member philflanagan1328394154233721 Aug '18 21:22Challenge Player
Subscriber galesh138116268317445121 Aug '18 21:20Challenge Player
Standard member cooldaddy1648100947143110721 Aug '18 21:20Challenge Player
Subscriber cawsddyn143832491512156916821 Aug '18 21:14Challenge Player
Standard member DWG141218512653621 Aug '18 20:49Challenge Player
Standard member craigiebaby12815622323141621 Aug '18 20:47Challenge Player
Standard member sputnikk178447347621 Aug '18 20:29Challenge Player
Standard member vindaloo too15189945074384921 Aug '18 20:27Challenge Player
Subscriber taff438128320269509779921 Aug '18 19:41Challenge Player
Standard member goldfinger151368348197144721 Aug '18 19:40Challenge Player
Standard member n1gel117910555055153521 Aug '18 19:34Challenge Player
Subscriber aranya10118313867596042321 Aug '18 19:06Challenge Player
Standard member SamFrancisp 1200422021 Aug '18 18:51Challenge Player

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