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Chess Player Directory for Wales

Chess Player Directory for Wales

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber norfolk and goodonline14483702411052423 Jun '18 17:50Challenge Player
Standard member philflanaganonline1278385147231723 Jun '18 17:45Challenge Player
Subscriber donkey hotayonline125613336795896523 Jun '18 17:45Challenge Player
Standard member ml23online2232640536465823 Jun '18 17:42Challenge Player
Standard member BLBS20024691852057923 Jun '18 17:37Challenge Player
Subscriber dayofthecacti13079356602581723 Jun '18 17:31Challenge Player
Standard member GazZaMoO15517523663701623 Jun '18 17:30Challenge Player
Subscriber brian1234137710004284789423 Jun '18 17:18Challenge Player
Standard member padfoot300154638029083723 Jun '18 17:15Challenge Player
Standard member cooldaddy171897445441410623 Jun '18 17:06Challenge Player
Standard member Eif15002171102810935023 Jun '18 17:03Challenge Player
Standard member jswba14866813582616223 Jun '18 16:32Challenge Player
Subscriber galesh133215817987325123 Jun '18 16:29Challenge Player
Standard member AberRob1820897513123 Jun '18 16:26Challenge Player
Standard member SamFrancisp 1200000023 Jun '18 16:20Challenge Player
Standard member coolerthancucumber1192382183190923 Jun '18 16:14Challenge Player
Standard member archfleet112624197142223 Jun '18 16:04Challenge Player
Subscriber BigJase9752309107511815323 Jun '18 15:55Challenge Player
Standard member n1gel124010475045083523 Jun '18 15:51Challenge Player
Standard member AMX14107723613743723 Jun '18 15:33Challenge Player
Subscriber interskyboy83636951429215011623 Jun '18 15:20Challenge Player
Standard member penpal331525237218694535023 Jun '18 15:02Challenge Player
Standard member vindaloo too15409865034354823 Jun '18 14:38Challenge Player
Standard member Dafadbach13659785413855223 Jun '18 13:44Challenge Player
Subscriber yrddraig1983131895321714823 Jun '18 13:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Pinnacle1714123967146110723 Jun '18 13:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Sidvic21033472247221423 Jun '18 13:16Challenge Player
Subscriber hermit2320667154281979023 Jun '18 13:04Challenge Player
Standard member Lord Heath139710416043825523 Jun '18 12:49Challenge Player
Subscriber cawsddyn140331421459152515823 Jun '18 11:33Challenge Player

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