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Chess Player Directory for Wales

Chess Player Directory for Wales

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Sidvic2online1143375198173411 Dec '17 22:50Challenge Player
Standard member shwnonlinep 11581055011 Dec '17 22:46Challenge Player
Standard member n1gel119610154884933411 Dec '17 22:42Challenge Player
Standard member a13tc3819201366673826311 Dec '17 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member Dizzie136637121149236519811 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Subscriber galesh114515247557185111 Dec '17 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member goldfinger151237316175134711 Dec '17 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member Eif14532140100610854911 Dec '17 22:11Challenge Player
Subscriber brian123413628673684128711 Dec '17 22:11Challenge Player
Standard member archfleet100816461101211 Dec '17 22:08Challenge Player
Standard member boris99916601551448311 Dec '17 22:06Challenge Player
Subscriber cawsddyn140526821245131112611 Dec '17 22:04Challenge Player
Standard member coolerthancucumber1147314152154811 Dec '17 22:04Challenge Player
Subscriber chimp516867584262349811 Dec '17 21:59Challenge Player
Subscriber yrddraig2022122988020514411 Dec '17 21:54Challenge Player
Subscriber jd77151827941273130521611 Dec '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber norfolk and good14791459346611 Dec '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber taff438134618618709028911 Dec '17 21:47Challenge Player
Standard member sputnikk175224201311 Dec '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member ml232174505431334111 Dec '17 21:45Challenge Player
Standard member cooldaddy17219084293849511 Dec '17 21:18Challenge Player
Standard member AMX13917293393533711 Dec '17 21:14Challenge Player
Subscriber tedmatly12714035193620108911 Dec '17 21:11Challenge Player
Subscriber dayofthecacti13278285962191311 Dec '17 21:04Challenge Player
Standard member jswba14596273352395311 Dec '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member GazZaMoO15457333533641611 Dec '17 20:56Challenge Player
Subscriber peterbingham119513836387271811 Dec '17 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriber Bychan2059433306616611 Dec '17 20:34Challenge Player
Standard member Agent Black14221287548511 Dec '17 20:02Challenge Player
Standard member monty627110276762404231311 Dec '17 20:01Challenge Player

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