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Chess Player Directory for Wales

Chess Player Directory for Wales

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber chimp5158677542924310323 Feb '18 08:35Challenge Player
Standard member jswba14646403402465423 Feb '18 08:26Challenge Player
Subscriber cawsddyn129928761329141013723 Feb '18 08:25Challenge Player
Standard member monty62719637602674781523 Feb '18 08:12Challenge Player
Standard member phoulamboule13502391271011123 Feb '18 08:04Challenge Player
Standard member lee966960609106495823 Feb '18 08:01Challenge Player
Standard member Smiffy19102828133574075323 Feb '18 07:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Pinnacle1633122265845910523 Feb '18 07:46Challenge Player
Subscriber jd77153928781314134322123 Feb '18 07:41Challenge Player
Subscriber Robat Pysgotwr1705614241523 Feb '18 07:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Andy D11892541104514296723 Feb '18 07:25Challenge Player
Standard member Angry Boy1425167576877912823 Feb '18 07:13Challenge Player
Standard member archfleet113718975112223 Feb '18 07:06Challenge Player
Standard member AMX13827453463623723 Feb '18 07:00Challenge Player
Subscriber norfolk and good1572238158691123 Feb '18 06:33Challenge Player
Standard member penpal331480229618044425023 Feb '18 06:24Challenge Player
Standard member Fleur Readerp 1200101023 Feb '18 02:38Challenge Player
Standard member Dafadbach14509275123645123 Feb '18 02:17Challenge Player
Standard member vindaloo too15939624884264823 Feb '18 02:16Challenge Player
Standard member WOLFIE01p 136415141023 Feb '18 01:24Challenge Player
Standard member DWG138218112253623 Feb '18 00:48Challenge Player
Standard member ml232207550464394723 Feb '18 00:30Challenge Player
Standard member coolerthancucumber1156347164174923 Feb '18 00:28Challenge Player
Subscriber aranya10123613437385832223 Feb '18 00:11Challenge Player
Subscriber dayofthecacti13288676182351422 Feb '18 23:52Challenge Player
Standard member Lord Heath12999665563585222 Feb '18 23:06Challenge Player
Standard member a13tc3819201382844732522 Feb '18 22:55Challenge Player
Standard member goldfinger151276329183139722 Feb '18 22:42Challenge Player
Subscriber Bychan2108449318626922 Feb '18 22:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Sidvic21108403212187422 Feb '18 22:32Challenge Player

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