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Chess Player Directory for Austria

Chess Player Directory for Austria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Markus Weidmannonline1059453151295723 Feb '18 18:27Challenge Player
Standard member Hannes Windisch1552222165471023 Feb '18 18:14Challenge Player
Standard member The other1501954644523 Feb '18 18:08Challenge Player
Subscriber klugi196113357603083995323 Feb '18 18:04Challenge Player
Standard member leoplan13501428056623 Feb '18 18:03Challenge Player
Standard member schachschreck17642147104398511923 Feb '18 17:26Challenge Player
Standard member Panton115310193206752423 Feb '18 16:20Challenge Player
Standard member masklin10409022406511123 Feb '18 16:15Challenge Player
Standard member Beyweiss Kurt119337657312723 Feb '18 16:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Telemark3000159029461260148620023 Feb '18 16:06Challenge Player
Standard member hotjoe14072281151031023 Feb '18 16:01Challenge Player
Standard member Supermerle10383441481851123 Feb '18 14:59Challenge Player
Standard member hpint15897614183004323 Feb '18 14:32Challenge Player
Standard member C1236153812165461023 Feb '18 14:11Challenge Player
Standard member Toni9991398217102106923 Feb '18 13:23Challenge Player
Standard member williamschess16065672862245723 Feb '18 13:18Challenge Player
Standard member scipal1303239102132523 Feb '18 12:54Challenge Player
Standard member PapaJoe7917378044253245523 Feb '18 12:52Challenge Player
Standard member yum13669624954283923 Feb '18 12:04Challenge Player
Standard member Mnemo1472303160138523 Feb '18 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member HardyFlucher16432981361194323 Feb '18 09:17Challenge Player
Standard member FLa13187973384491022 Feb '18 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member kojote1338944744322 Feb '18 16:30Challenge Player
Standard member Jollyj16611199618522 Feb '18 16:15Challenge Player
Standard member Biobauer1549190112661221 Feb '18 19:14Challenge Player
Standard member hoazpepe1921967911621 Feb '18 19:11Challenge Player
Standard member natewe16882781231371821 Feb '18 19:08Challenge Player
Standard member nauer151531022185421 Feb '18 11:51Challenge Player
Standard member topology14721428950320 Feb '18 09:33Challenge Player
Standard member pbreitenbe14571076239617 Feb '18 17:26Challenge Player

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