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Chess Player Directory for Austria

Chess Player Directory for Austria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Telemark3000153529001234146819811 Dec '17 05:04Challenge Player
Standard member Panton10999673026412411 Dec '17 01:24Challenge Player
Standard member schachschreck17502114102597311610 Dec '17 22:55Challenge Player
Standard member masklin10788902386421010 Dec '17 22:13Challenge Player
Standard member hpint15477334042884110 Dec '17 22:13Challenge Player
Standard member C123615551096040910 Dec '17 21:34Challenge Player
Standard member goriupp1548112649645717310 Dec '17 21:30Challenge Player
Standard member hotjoe1406223113101910 Dec '17 20:49Challenge Player
Subscriber klugi196113297393013885010 Dec '17 20:40Challenge Player
Standard member Mnemo1435291150136510 Dec '17 20:30Challenge Player
Standard member Jollyj16521179418510 Dec '17 19:49Challenge Player
Standard member HardyFlucher16232891311164210 Dec '17 19:45Challenge Player
Standard member PapaJoe7917697604053035210 Dec '17 18:34Challenge Player
Standard member Hannes Windisch1543217161461010 Dec '17 18:16Challenge Player
Standard member Supermerle1083314138167910 Dec '17 17:51Challenge Player
Standard member natewe16722771221371810 Dec '17 17:45Challenge Player
Standard member williamschess16785572832185610 Dec '17 17:28Challenge Player
Standard member topology14761408949210 Dec '17 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member pbreitenbe14281035839610 Dec '17 15:21Challenge Player
Standard member leoplan13551407955610 Dec '17 11:45Challenge Player
Standard member scipal1343234102127510 Dec '17 10:05Challenge Player
Standard member nauer152630421684410 Dec '17 07:43Challenge Player
Standard member The other1495934543509 Dec '17 21:02Challenge Player
Standard member kojote1306894343309 Dec '17 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member FLa12447703214391009 Dec '17 19:14Challenge Player
Standard member yum13929354834133908 Dec '17 10:28Challenge Player
Standard member Toni9991403215101105907 Dec '17 20:28Challenge Player
Standard member Beyweiss Kurt113833851281607 Dec '17 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member stefane19529170111006 Dec '17 16:28Challenge Player
Standard member Biobauer1546189111661206 Dec '17 14:38Challenge Player

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