NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSiahTheGoatp983505028 Mar '22 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberlolita971p1200211024 Oct '21 17:45Challenge Player
Standard memberwhy did dudewithasuit get bannedp1200101025 Apr '21 08:52Challenge Player
Standard membersomadsamadp1200101011 Mar '21 19:54Challenge Player
Standard memberHeniup1200101001 Feb '21 17:38Challenge Player
Standard memberzaneyboy08p1200101017 Nov '20 16:20Challenge Player
Standard memberbondp1200404011 Sep '20 16:41Challenge Player
Standard memberSebastianCyop1200000007 Sep '20 19:13Challenge Player
Standard memberVioprop1200000029 Jul '20 11:57Challenge Player
Standard membermel701p1117707029 Jun '20 13:09Challenge Player
Standard memberAbStar75p1200000019 Apr '20 18:31Challenge Player
Standard memberNkosip1200211030 Mar '20 23:21Challenge Player
Standard memberHoudini47p1200202013 Feb '20 09:16Challenge Player
Standard memberMyNewNamep1200000002 Feb '20 23:32Challenge Player
Standard membernaruto senjup1200000002 Oct '19 19:26Challenge Player
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