NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberignas1880362225974021 Sep '21 20:33Challenge Player
Standard memberssaulius1678207491698817021 Sep '21 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberIrute1154290841792721 Sep '21 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberMalignus151815755209975821 Sep '21 19:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSauliukas1488301812021 Sep '21 19:22Challenge Player
Standard memberRobertas15332811291421021 Sep '21 19:20Challenge Player
Standard memberPovilas Pauža14732371091121621 Sep '21 18:55Challenge Player
Standard memberprobey119044171726250019121 Sep '21 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberAlgirdas1115602085107291310021 Sep '21 14:21Challenge Player
Standard memberJLeksas19549176362216021 Sep '21 14:03Challenge Player
Standard memberGedaz114314975561821 Sep '21 08:03Challenge Player
Standard memberpsabalys13368673455022021 Sep '21 04:19Challenge Player
Standard memberRagingFatherp13881798020 Sep '21 20:08Challenge Player
Standard memberZTwin1389321190122920 Sep '21 14:09Challenge Player
Standard memberMindaugas Bugelis15441850598102023207 Sep '21 12:30Challenge Player
Standard memberklemka14744382451821106 Sep '21 19:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBandziuga14115362512681702 Sep '21 20:13Challenge Player
Standard memberdovisss1195682542108 Aug '21 14:41Challenge Player
Standard memberJustelis1288724920327 Jul '21 10:00Challenge Player
Standard memberVika Pikap101126620001 Jul '21 14:45Challenge Player
Standard memberEimantas Zitkus16053331901172614 Jun '21 05:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRytis Urbonas1736276152844012 Jun '21 10:37Challenge Player
Standard memberRichard L16033602151341121 May '21 05:21Challenge Player
Standard membermuzikantelis1147551738031 Mar '21 03:25Challenge Player
Standard memberlaurynas17953622101133913 Mar '21 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberKiller Pawnsp1061615010 Mar '21 16:28Challenge Player
Standard memberSimonas Serapinas110738928124 Feb '21 21:45Challenge Player
Standard memberVIKINGASp1200000005 Feb '21 22:00Challenge Player
Standard memberpnichols17761052425224196504 Feb '21 20:05Challenge Player
Standard memberSimasPro8p985606003 Feb '21 13:27Challenge Player
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