NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberclockwork1online1517129761256312203 Feb '23 21:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas Fuchsonline18684742681426403 Feb '23 21:11Challenge Player
Standard memberCoffeeDrinkeronline178518184712603 Feb '23 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberEMCBonline1712180490559730203 Feb '23 21:07Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstiritoonline129215116418403003 Feb '23 21:06Challenge Player
Standard memberRancho10271264776303 Feb '23 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj11762430109412874903 Feb '23 20:57Challenge Player
Standard memberMarc Fetcher138811595875452703 Feb '23 20:52Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson132417277029923303 Feb '23 20:24Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo63911134174468810322403 Feb '23 20:12Challenge Player
Standard memberdocasillas11445902663051903 Feb '23 20:11Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas12267953394371903 Feb '23 20:08Challenge Player
Subscriberjrps3312222611128112686203 Feb '23 19:47Challenge Player
Standard memberrobersr1141616709026977103 Feb '23 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberLuis Diaz133714726517814003 Feb '23 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo12802695131213146903 Feb '23 18:01Challenge Player
Standard memberYiZuz Avendaño Gonzalez152714813411303 Feb '23 17:42Challenge Player
Standard memberVikthor119768203001361220703 Feb '23 17:33Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro997838193494393103 Feb '23 16:17Challenge Player
Standard memberPointPlayer1573523813103 Feb '23 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1326486693932403 Feb '23 15:41Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico10562865146413683303 Feb '23 15:20Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin131311527074073803 Feb '23 15:16Challenge Player
Standard memberQuijote1151246116121903 Feb '23 15:10Challenge Player
Standard memberEdiEberle132121412880603 Feb '23 14:07Challenge Player
SubscriberRicardo Lago D1192442023103 Feb '23 12:47Challenge Player
SubscriberTalem161444940047983601100103 Feb '23 07:39Challenge Player
Subscriberrogers412939815094413103 Feb '23 03:59Challenge Player
Standard memberFred Valdez17711057624502 Feb '23 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberVHMC1471248134892502 Feb '23 18:08Challenge Player
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