NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberMarc Fetcheronline141612076055742801 Oct '23 23:10Challenge Player
SubscriberRicardo Lago Donline12511607579601 Oct '23 23:03Challenge Player
Standard memberMIQUIWIN1160812056501 Oct '23 22:38Challenge Player
Subscriberrogers4133710235304593401 Oct '23 22:32Challenge Player
Standard memberclockwork11425138464360413701 Oct '23 21:59Challenge Player
Standard memberrobersr11424183810017607701 Oct '23 21:59Challenge Player
Standard memberRancho1245257112141401 Oct '23 21:57Challenge Player
Standard memberVikthor125969033044365020901 Oct '23 21:38Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas11748493704601901 Oct '23 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo63911110191474911392601 Oct '23 20:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJupap1200404001 Oct '23 19:58Challenge Player
Standard memberEMCB1638184792860631301 Oct '23 19:30Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1296504724082401 Oct '23 19:27Challenge Player
Standard memberLuis Diaz135915406918074201 Oct '23 19:26Challenge Player
Standard memberAlex Garcia 213302521051361101 Oct '23 19:24Challenge Player
Standard memberdeangazeley13305874141561701 Oct '23 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo12962990145614557901 Oct '23 19:03Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico11382925149014023301 Oct '23 18:59Challenge Player
Standard memberricardochico10817952515133101 Oct '23 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberVHMC1375258138952501 Oct '23 18:52Challenge Player
Subscriberjrps3311562752134313387101 Oct '23 18:17Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin135211707214113801 Oct '23 18:16Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson1286182774510473501 Oct '23 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberFersan11621085056201 Oct '23 16:31Challenge Player
Standard memberRcruzti103417758113601 Oct '23 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberdocasillas11446172843141901 Oct '23 16:00Challenge Player
Standard memberArturo Urrea1032882067101 Oct '23 09:26Challenge Player
SubscriberTalem161548953348703652101101 Oct '23 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstirito127415646698643130 Sep '23 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj11802591116813715230 Sep '23 19:11Challenge Player
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