NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberelgabo132815870771127 Jul '21 09:03Challenge Player
Standard memberEdgar Uriostegui Figueroa1195335129204227 Jul '21 07:37Challenge Player
Standard memberLuis Diaz 212211317551527 Jul '21 07:36Challenge Player
Standard memberYiZuz Avendaño Gonzalez147451482127 Jul '21 05:18Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin121610726483873727 Jul '21 04:55Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo11972074102810004627 Jul '21 04:40Challenge Player
Standard memberCoffeeDrinker173610555381227 Jul '21 04:18Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo6391123713865588072127 Jul '21 04:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas Fuchs17434052401164927 Jul '21 04:16Challenge Player
SubscriberEMCB1720168383655828927 Jul '21 04:08Challenge Player
Subscriberrlagod1227371187176827 Jul '21 03:34Challenge Player
Standard memberrubenmts1745635112027 Jul '21 02:58Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas12145712293261627 Jul '21 02:45Challenge Player
Standard memberRcruzti1051742149427 Jul '21 02:39Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj1229210696011064027 Jul '21 02:33Challenge Player
Standard membersalvador1203p1138624027 Jul '21 02:32Challenge Player
Standard memberVikthor110767122959355619727 Jul '21 02:30Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson135315476288893027 Jul '21 02:23Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico10842749141713023027 Jul '21 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberRickNaismith1517794232527 Jul '21 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberRyyj161831272227 Jul '21 00:54Challenge Player
Standard memberivan gonzalez121111014466312427 Jul '21 00:52Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstirito122813605787552727 Jul '21 00:33Challenge Player
Standard memberricardochico11217162254603127 Jul '21 00:27Challenge Player
Subscriberrogers413099224774153026 Jul '21 23:57Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1238434583532326 Jul '21 23:29Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro998676722873592626 Jul '21 22:29Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfariderp1200000026 Jul '21 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberag083412567082724171926 Jul '21 21:15Challenge Player
Standard memberdeangazeley12905083611301726 Jul '21 20:40Challenge Player
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