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Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Landslakeonline10932891136914665628 May '18 05:24Challenge Player
Standard member Co Braberonline1592207113801428 May '18 05:21Challenge Player
Subscriber LHaas79online137033921560161921328 May '18 05:19Challenge Player
Subscriber batjuchinonline17712502132492425428 May '18 05:18Challenge Player
Standard member taco de adobada17229048311128 May '18 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member jkrugonline122815326568274928 May '18 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member A3Chess129617287701528 May '18 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member marcusantoniusonline1666232118991528 May '18 05:16Challenge Player
Standard member the vigilanteonline159913767895137428 May '18 05:16Challenge Player
Standard member Ruben Vlaanderenonline1073933555328 May '18 05:14Challenge Player
Standard member JosB11544301872331028 May '18 05:11Challenge Player
Standard member BOB8312753871821931228 May '18 05:09Challenge Player
Standard member Minion1548222114100828 May '18 05:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Bart Kortum153637711900171315828 May '18 05:03Challenge Player
Standard member chazzz1531222112803028 May '18 04:58Challenge Player
Subscriber jankrb2202953965571623135928 May '18 04:56Challenge Player
Standard member gevage167424871249105218628 May '18 04:56Challenge Player
Standard member Robin Schellevis1030731457228 May '18 04:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Jeroen Preijde1419131860161710028 May '18 04:53Challenge Player
Subscriber kaasbol123369513056351538028 May '18 04:47Challenge Player
Standard member happypainter14869134434195128 May '18 04:40Challenge Player
Standard member Torenvalk149840317228 May '18 04:39Challenge Player
Standard member bartverberne13995371523602528 May '18 04:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Gr8gorilla118011424956133428 May '18 04:31Challenge Player
Standard member Maarten de Bruin1214361521028 May '18 04:30Challenge Player
Standard member Gerrit de Leeuw2139258140645428 May '18 04:29Challenge Player
Standard member jos de Langen10426483043321228 May '18 04:21Challenge Player
Standard member Nightster1389805028228 May '18 04:16Challenge Player
Standard member RonV1961163712679341328 May '18 04:14Challenge Player
Standard member PaulCou14829125682865828 May '18 04:13Challenge Player

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