NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberLHaas79online131555012504256143626 Nov '22 16:51Challenge Player
Standard memberErhuhoogonline13768013314284226 Nov '22 16:50Challenge Player
SubscriberRogerbronline1793115253441720126 Nov '22 16:49Challenge Player
Standard memberCaesaronline129323184126 Nov '22 16:47Challenge Player
Standard memberGr8gorillaonline119314596627494826 Nov '22 16:47Challenge Player
Standard memberrob vermeijonline1221874441226 Nov '22 16:45Challenge Player
SubscriberMafkees999online141574103175377745826 Nov '22 16:45Challenge Player
Subscriberijan137717768718535226 Nov '22 16:45Challenge Player
Standard memberEmiel Wieldraaijeronline149313906966148026 Nov '22 16:44Challenge Player
Standard memberRaasdonderonline1756178109551426 Nov '22 16:43Challenge Player
SubscriberJeff Corbetonline16127895541795626 Nov '22 16:42Challenge Player
Standard membertaco de adobada15724892361886526 Nov '22 16:42Challenge Player
Subscriberwim bonline163434401861143814126 Nov '22 16:42Challenge Player
Standard memberJackBeanonline1371703632226 Nov '22 16:42Challenge Player
Standard memberLeendert1954online133413785527715526 Nov '22 16:41Challenge Player
Standard memberJeroen Barbier87onlinep1200000026 Nov '22 16:41Challenge Player
Standard memberSith Lord Ties107910574186201926 Nov '22 16:40Challenge Player
Standard membereduardo4712857213832696926 Nov '22 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberHankster10446431664661126 Nov '22 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMediaman1356211610849735926 Nov '22 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberelco130814697056937126 Nov '22 16:38Challenge Player
Standard memberRonV19611586214131651826 Nov '22 16:36Challenge Player
SubscriberLaurens Brouwer1849251145753126 Nov '22 16:36Challenge Player
Standard memberHbrt14651248440026 Nov '22 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo17105212881844926 Nov '22 16:34Challenge Player
Standard memberKadege147227198026 Nov '22 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberLiesbeth van der Poel965291315126 Nov '22 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberA3Chess1144169688668812226 Nov '22 16:31Challenge Player
Standard memberblklndj193639360326 Nov '22 16:31Challenge Player
Standard memberSytze Kamphuisp123915114026 Nov '22 16:30Challenge Player
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