NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membercarel de stouteonline13024481952361730 Mar '23 08:59Challenge Player
Standard memberLeendert1954online127714115657915530 Mar '23 08:59Challenge Player
Standard memberJacco13172611241241330 Mar '23 08:56Challenge Player
Standard memberBrederodeonline14201527970330 Mar '23 08:51Challenge Player
Standard memberDingesonline137824341181114311030 Mar '23 08:51Challenge Player
Standard memberJoosts73online1056542529030 Mar '23 08:51Challenge Player
Standard membersinfulonline16338175012516530 Mar '23 08:50Challenge Player
Standard memberSytze Kamphuis125427189030 Mar '23 08:48Challenge Player
Standard memberfred S111318198828686930 Mar '23 08:46Challenge Player
Standard memberpatricko16812278104897925130 Mar '23 08:45Challenge Player
Standard memberJosB12112374121010966830 Mar '23 08:45Challenge Player
SubscriberHarrro16486133292414330 Mar '23 08:43Challenge Player
Standard memberSBurghout10589624425041630 Mar '23 08:42Challenge Player
Standard memberpjnb10842193102010878630 Mar '23 08:39Challenge Player
Standard memberrobur1207205890011193930 Mar '23 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberMezzo121099391121265530 Mar '23 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberPatrick Chess 65161416912338830 Mar '23 08:31Challenge Player
Standard memberBraamarnp164714131030 Mar '23 08:30Challenge Player
Standard memberStamp1475173891964717230 Mar '23 08:28Challenge Player
Standard memberleonmwc1405382513030 Mar '23 08:26Challenge Player
Standard membereduardo4713307543982807630 Mar '23 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberStephan Blaauw196683838035210630 Mar '23 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberbartverberne13008583364814130 Mar '23 08:18Challenge Player
Standard memberPaco197116252951631032930 Mar '23 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberQwazy17082511381031030 Mar '23 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberFritsbarend12761004256230 Mar '23 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberuiop153334257230 Mar '23 08:06Challenge Player
SubscriberKegge134538441876182913930 Mar '23 08:04Challenge Player
Standard memberWilliam1143919310285630 Mar '23 08:04Challenge Player
Standard memberhan o witz13423927156422788530 Mar '23 07:55Challenge Player
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