New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBruce McNeeonline14394012351501628 Jul '21 10:15Challenge Player
Standard memberClyde Masononline10821323695128 Jul '21 10:15Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharrissonline13326473792452328 Jul '21 10:12Challenge Player
Standard membermonarbidonline9752929125815977428 Jul '21 10:09Challenge Player
SubscriberChris S12304757247921918728 Jul '21 10:03Challenge Player
Standard memberhofwhitby14778113414175328 Jul '21 10:02Challenge Player
Standard membergeofn13587894193373328 Jul '21 10:00Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3160686174334384543828 Jul '21 09:46Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1311382580123712836028 Jul '21 09:43Challenge Player
Standard memberKiwiGrant133119712470328 Jul '21 09:42Challenge Player
Standard memberWesty10561214871228 Jul '21 09:30Challenge Player
Standard memberHutchy3105851195914842128 Jul '21 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberEddie Pratt10883651262291028 Jul '21 09:20Challenge Player
Standard memberliquidsnake1677865430228 Jul '21 09:01Challenge Player
Subscribernbingham1660220158382428 Jul '21 09:00Challenge Player
Donationmwcampbell118333581513172112428 Jul '21 09:00Challenge Player
Standard memberAnthony Robert119617768103628 Jul '21 09:00Challenge Player
Standard membergeothermik10941398057228 Jul '21 08:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBandito74NZ139027178228 Jul '21 08:44Challenge Player
SubscriberSeinfeldFan9121793733287257728428 Jul '21 08:43Challenge Player
Standard memberTimmy77150933247228 Jul '21 08:42Challenge Player
Standard memberFMC13491217838528 Jul '21 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberLindsayT114629821028 Jul '21 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb18001480112519715828 Jul '21 08:29Challenge Player
Standard memberchodgins98624023128 Jul '21 08:29Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee12579315393751728 Jul '21 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberBrenhatesdan117317323150028 Jul '21 08:08Challenge Player
Standard membersofalofa986340189147428 Jul '21 08:08Challenge Player
Standard memberBillyB1633228140701828 Jul '21 08:03Challenge Player
Standard memberDerManoMann14705072222503528 Jul '21 07:50Challenge Player
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