New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Donationmwcampbellonline114034951560180313227 Oct '21 06:40Challenge Player
SubscriberChris Sonline12144802250322128727 Oct '21 06:37Challenge Player
Subscribernbinghamonline1565324207744327 Oct '21 06:35Challenge Player
Subscriberalastair nicoll129632551736120931027 Oct '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee13924502601721827 Oct '21 06:28Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1326266641258811983209327 Oct '21 06:21Challenge Player
SubscriberBorderfieldstimmy163990818127 Oct '21 06:20Challenge Player
Standard memberBillyB15693341941122827 Oct '21 06:03Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata13372521371041127 Oct '21 05:59Challenge Player
Standard memberAlta106713924559082927 Oct '21 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberShane Don 2127128987196627 Oct '21 05:53Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnz14393559165818574427 Oct '21 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberIanfromnz14358614583752827 Oct '21 05:41Challenge Player
Standard memberEddie Pratt10844371512751127 Oct '21 05:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSmall Axe150620913372427 Oct '21 05:38Challenge Player
Standard memberendlesssea127513906587013127 Oct '21 05:36Challenge Player
Standard memberValeriap9091146127 Oct '21 05:33Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3152886964373388144227 Oct '21 05:29Challenge Player
Standard memberHutchy31058513671247449127 Oct '21 05:23Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee12639565553841727 Oct '21 05:10Challenge Player
Standard memberneoterik1336513217227 Oct '21 05:09Challenge Player
Standard memberWesty10491335180227 Oct '21 05:02Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselink917661847127 Oct '21 05:00Challenge Player
Standard memberBigLebowski207410157182627 Oct '21 04:53Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1311312654127913146127 Oct '21 04:53Challenge Player
Standard membermonarbid10932961127316127627 Oct '21 04:42Challenge Player
Standard memberMac319917623723147627 Oct '21 04:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBelchojinp1200202027 Oct '21 04:35Challenge Player
Standard memberAdzWadz1157732745127 Oct '21 04:34Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb17991518115220416227 Oct '21 04:22Challenge Player
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