New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberNoFriendsPeteonline1495301501409513796225927 Mar '23 16:46Challenge Player
Standard memberAbitofkiwifluff66159455027 Mar '23 16:04Challenge Player
Standard memberChris Peters12872278111011452327 Mar '23 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberexplorationofspace13014442052291027 Mar '23 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata13384172301691827 Mar '23 15:21Challenge Player
Standard memberMac319878183913428527 Mar '23 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberhofwhitby14548563644375527 Mar '23 14:31Challenge Player
Standard memberAnthony Robert1364269115145927 Mar '23 11:57Challenge Player
Standard memberTuatara141716414024027 Mar '23 11:48Challenge Player
SubscriberSlarti Bartfast15628154563223727 Mar '23 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee14107774892602827 Mar '23 11:18Challenge Player
SubscriberWajoma14702466135010278927 Mar '23 11:08Challenge Player
Standard memberClyde Mason113316143117127 Mar '23 10:56Challenge Player
Standard memberCaptain Jack Sparrow168324664173927 Mar '23 10:43Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharriss12247414392713127 Mar '23 10:02Challenge Player
Standard memberHip hop King133722296117927 Mar '23 09:38Challenge Player
Standard membernbingham216592162119710327 Mar '23 09:26Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1312552971145614427327 Mar '23 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3144891024580405446827 Mar '23 09:16Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee124011026394422127 Mar '23 08:36Challenge Player
Standard membertechnophobe1393663825327 Mar '23 08:17Challenge Player
Standard memberJaynish Shah108218412458227 Mar '23 08:16Challenge Player
Standard membermike andrews 2945166651511133827 Mar '23 08:10Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnz14063808176419905427 Mar '23 07:26Challenge Player
SubscriberNever Fear13413193135417865327 Mar '23 07:26Challenge Player
Standard memberRaymond Morgan10435812293381427 Mar '23 07:20Challenge Player
Donationmwcampbell109542171818223416527 Mar '23 07:07Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL57125814310040327 Mar '23 07:00Challenge Player
Standard memberShane Don 2115234197235927 Mar '23 06:07Challenge Player
SubscriberNimzo5510862518115813402027 Mar '23 06:02Challenge Player
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