New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSaturdayonline125015889066265624 May '22 02:46Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnzonline13793682170719255024 May '22 02:39Challenge Player
Standard memberkaz129511555036282424 May '22 02:35Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee125010095844061924 May '22 02:17Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3145888514440395445724 May '22 01:41Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackcrane99741492995044524 May '22 01:40Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1420280361322512650216124 May '22 01:39Challenge Player
Subscriberalastair nicoll142734631837128933724 May '22 01:39Challenge Player
Subscribernbingham15705813411647624 May '22 01:38Challenge Player
SubscriberWajoma1548237813079878424 May '22 01:30Challenge Player
Standard memberClyde Mason107114739107124 May '22 01:28Challenge Player
Standard memberDevilishadelep1200614124 May '22 01:16Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata13252971631231124 May '22 01:07Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb17651615120323118124 May '22 00:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMike Regan1649411344472024 May '22 00:31Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee14675583292062324 May '22 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAlta108514134619223023 May '22 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberliquidsnake16701137039423 May '22 23:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1311792783135013686523 May '22 23:34Challenge Player
Standard memberRaymond Morgan11215692283281323 May '22 23:31Challenge Player
Standard memberdoopp1200440023 May '22 23:28Challenge Player
Standard memberGritSR114626520123 May '22 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberChris Peters12462157105110852123 May '22 23:11Challenge Player
Standard memberIanfromnz14408964843803223 May '22 23:06Challenge Player
SubscriberChris S11564945257922788823 May '22 22:58Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharriss13106824052532423 May '22 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberKwiki71339553401223 May '22 22:13Challenge Player
Standard memberEightSquared11963331681412423 May '22 22:07Challenge Player
Standard memberSmall Axe133824815094423 May '22 22:03Challenge Player
Standard memberArchimboldi1347885033523 May '22 21:53Challenge Player
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