New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberalastair nicollonline144236261911136934604 Dec '22 01:29Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNeeonline14546984312412604 Dec '22 01:28Challenge Player
Standard membermonarbidonline9103103131817067904 Dec '22 01:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJaynish Shahonline9241308147204 Dec '22 01:24Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris13online11902895141114156904 Dec '22 01:22Challenge Player
Standard memberFMC139115210046604 Dec '22 01:21Challenge Player
Standard memberkaz123312135216672504 Dec '22 01:12Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3144990134531402046204 Dec '22 01:08Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1337292871374213318222704 Dec '22 00:51Challenge Player
SubscriberWajoma15122434133510108904 Dec '22 00:50Challenge Player
Standard memberBrad Cuffp998725004 Dec '22 00:50Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata14133651991511504 Dec '22 00:39Challenge Player
Standard memberchodgins100216138118504 Dec '22 00:37Challenge Player
Standard memberHip hop King13021617383504 Dec '22 00:37Challenge Player
Standard memberAlta99814844659893004 Dec '22 00:37Challenge Player
Standard memberJames931392774727304 Dec '22 00:36Challenge Player
Subscribernbingham200479449719510204 Dec '22 00:33Challenge Player
Standard membersmalld1277744029504 Dec '22 00:27Challenge Player
Standard memberIanfromnz14709275083863304 Dec '22 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberMac319998093883398204 Dec '22 00:09Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL5712451298937303 Dec '22 23:50Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb18511722129324318603 Dec '22 23:45Challenge Player
Standard membertechnophobe1401583422203 Dec '22 23:21Challenge Player
Standard membergeofn12948814633823603 Dec '22 23:16Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnz13953759173719685403 Dec '22 23:08Challenge Player
Standard memberendlesssea148115337407613203 Dec '22 23:02Challenge Player
Subscriberpakeha15405453481831403 Dec '22 22:58Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselink106121073134303 Dec '22 22:54Challenge Player
Subscriberandrewb114514661952512003 Dec '22 22:53Challenge Player
Standard membermike andrews 2111514814649882903 Dec '22 22:47Challenge Player
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