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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Elsonline81956971541400415224 Oct '17 09:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Wim De Craeneonline1309206310749434624 Oct '17 09:33Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201588487752624 Oct '17 09:31Challenge Player
Standard member floreonline1572171211744409824 Oct '17 09:28Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias16013521701483424 Oct '17 09:22Challenge Player
Subscriber nonkel138389574669382046824 Oct '17 09:21Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079546072623232224 Oct '17 09:16Challenge Player
Subscriber edevo12431517373524 Oct '17 08:47Challenge Player
Subscriber Mon1360207189810769724 Oct '17 08:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1322653626324 Oct '17 08:32Challenge Player
Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1961260196412324 Oct '17 08:22Challenge Player
Subscriber fets155225817381424 Oct '17 08:21Challenge Player
Subscriber tomroy1211251796814717824 Oct '17 08:14Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia15373201581412124 Oct '17 08:05Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II1216522425324 Oct '17 07:59Challenge Player
Standard member Limerle1684224114664424 Oct '17 07:46Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11614991862902324 Oct '17 07:32Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry144691743436611724 Oct '17 07:02Challenge Player
Subscriber jeroenvo1117992970024 Oct '17 06:36Challenge Player
Standard member graalridder1564429292131624 Oct '17 06:32Challenge Player
Standard member Panzerpawn179285550822012724 Oct '17 06:19Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej16779657721474624 Oct '17 05:57Challenge Player
Standard member Guy De Kockp 1200000024 Oct '17 05:30Challenge Player
Standard member CortezTheKiller187610383101024 Oct '17 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member bouzouk153913310424524 Oct '17 05:09Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp13171175361324 Oct '17 04:57Challenge Player
Standard member jadagjan119526125024 Oct '17 04:53Challenge Player
Standard member Sandymanneke143913125696697424 Oct '17 01:26Challenge Player
Standard member Lord XyRyX106221112685024 Oct '17 00:20Challenge Player
Subscriber atron148717118737726624 Oct '17 00:19Challenge Player

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