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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member enrico dbonline15581176943516 Jan '18 11:26Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboeonline144280939329911716 Jan '18 11:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico12631196054516 Jan '18 11:09Challenge Player
Subscriber edevo12841929294616 Jan '18 10:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x1216155164080910216 Jan '18 10:56Challenge Player
Subscriber wute15579894485261516 Jan '18 10:43Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II1237813838516 Jan '18 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia15473321661442216 Jan '18 10:38Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias16863751861533616 Jan '18 10:37Challenge Player
Standard member surfplank98921318016 Jan '18 10:35Challenge Player
Standard member flore14121784121446710316 Jan '18 10:33Challenge Player
Subscriber BartVH214410848871296816 Jan '18 10:27Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11375271973062416 Jan '18 09:51Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079476362793352216 Jan '18 09:40Challenge Player
Subscriber Wim De Craene1328213311109764716 Jan '18 09:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp13261316266316 Jan '18 09:17Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201595494752616 Jan '18 09:08Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5170811808642358116 Jan '18 08:43Challenge Player
Standard member Els88460121611423516616 Jan '18 08:42Challenge Player
Standard member BlonteLeffeDrinker1238303139158616 Jan '18 07:53Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry147993744437312016 Jan '18 07:42Challenge Player
Standard member fli73111618370106716 Jan '18 07:33Challenge Player
Subscriber superpion142312306355771816 Jan '18 07:02Challenge Player
Subscriber fets153926918085416 Jan '18 06:55Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi115010564665573316 Jan '18 06:38Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej179110038041504916 Jan '18 06:34Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers15828123673638216 Jan '18 06:33Challenge Player
Standard member jadagjan118229128016 Jan '18 06:03Challenge Player
Standard member polux145512125865943216 Jan '18 05:58Challenge Player
Standard member TFY741p 166918153016 Jan '18 05:50Challenge Player

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