NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberThe Token King101513114598034905 Feb '23 00:43Challenge Player
Standard memberThomasMinhp1200101004 Feb '23 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberrobbe16553631821602104 Feb '23 20:11Challenge Player
Standard memberTHORTHEUNIS17054232121872404 Feb '23 20:07Challenge Player
Standard memberFrans Blockhuysp138117105204 Feb '23 19:56Challenge Player
Standard memberjonasVp121642833104 Feb '23 19:18Challenge Player
Standard memberCarreaupile13965633042223704 Feb '23 18:39Challenge Player
Standard membergieke15443442081082804 Feb '23 18:37Challenge Player
Standard memberphil4be1373704227104 Feb '23 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberStievie S1363271410304 Feb '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberFredfitz178325204104 Feb '23 15:39Challenge Player
Standard memberRoover14681317549704 Feb '23 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberjohnvv1290792153503 Feb '23 19:05Challenge Player
SubscriberSurvivorshipBias18848034293027203 Feb '23 08:56Challenge Player
Standard memberSnijboon10341002078202 Feb '23 18:00Challenge Player
Standard memberHeinrich Bimmler13496643223063602 Feb '23 16:16Challenge Player
Donationjoost2049146511861938601 Feb '23 16:50Challenge Player
Standard memberonero890924046630 Jan '23 21:50Challenge Player
Standard membereregni1111501139030 Jan '23 12:09Challenge Player
Standard memberchallenger2015p1200101028 Jan '23 11:48Challenge Player
Standard memberJesseMuttonp1200000027 Jan '23 18:56Challenge Player
Standard memberSarahWautersp1200000021 Jan '23 19:29Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Championp1200000017 Jan '23 19:10Challenge Player
Standard memberKastokp1200000006 Jan '23 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberlt1850p1200303005 Jan '23 02:50Challenge Player
Standard memberBeeckie1583723728723 Dec '22 16:17Challenge Player
Standard memberobelix asterix1198551834314 Dec '22 18:56Challenge Player
Standard membermaesenp1200000008 Dec '22 09:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSinjoor1p1200110005 Dec '22 07:11Challenge Player
Standard memberdt1953p1200330012 Oct '22 18:00Challenge Player
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