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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member chacrosoonline1373964149623 Jul '18 01:31Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia14983751891612523 Jul '18 01:26Challenge Player
Standard member Els88366891753473819823 Jul '18 01:04Challenge Player
Standard member Sander Vandeputte13501436675223 Jul '18 00:32Challenge Player
Standard member whyiseveryoneaPAWNp 1200000023 Jul '18 00:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp13611839880522 Jul '18 23:43Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5176712739372518522 Jul '18 23:30Challenge Player
Standard member TFY74115341005640422 Jul '18 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member luc1310764526522 Jul '18 22:09Challenge Player
Standard member FnH1152873551122 Jul '18 21:56Challenge Player
Standard member linuxguru111129063794963122 Jul '18 21:55Challenge Player
Standard member Milcop 163313112022 Jul '18 21:28Challenge Player
Standard member fli731199242101134722 Jul '18 21:23Challenge Player
Standard member flore14991941130751611822 Jul '18 21:18Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers16378463853778422 Jul '18 21:18Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1155282143130922 Jul '18 21:06Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej174910718531605822 Jul '18 21:01Challenge Player
Standard member Ksuyke1327402812022 Jul '18 20:59Challenge Player
Standard member pvs11686614812122 Jul '18 20:53Challenge Player
Standard member graalridder1506457312139622 Jul '18 20:51Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II12271275961722 Jul '18 20:47Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry157299348038912422 Jul '18 20:46Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe139183640331511822 Jul '18 20:42Challenge Player
Standard member Lapsus1310382215122 Jul '18 20:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Wim De Craene12852280118810385422 Jul '18 20:26Challenge Player
Standard member patinoramirez299100019647141822 Jul '18 20:16Challenge Player
Subscriber CeSinge1410443244193622 Jul '18 20:07Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi123311074915813522 Jul '18 19:38Challenge Player
Subscriber de nar1171272997916876322 Jul '18 18:53Challenge Player
Standard member ollevier1812243117923422 Jul '18 17:50Challenge Player

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