NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberDele Sasegbon13422691451091528 Nov '21 02:58Challenge Player
Standard membertilixinvest12896922983623228 Nov '21 02:06Challenge Player
Standard memberphellyx1365241132921727 Nov '21 19:40Challenge Player
Standard membertygermonye167010314704946727 Nov '21 19:28Challenge Player
Standard memberjamjamjoe1618108246957309976827 Nov '21 18:11Challenge Player
SubscriberDarkLite170346339427 Nov '21 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberCotton Reel13856583133271826 Nov '21 22:47Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Lad himself11743651272241426 Nov '21 20:38Challenge Player
Standard memberIkwunnah Ndudiri Gerald15691147636226 Nov '21 17:58Challenge Player
Standard memberbodunrinc12699113595143825 Nov '21 13:29Challenge Player
Standard memberFrank Ofilip959606004 Oct '21 21:13Challenge Player
Standard memberJayjayp1200000019 Sep '21 17:45Challenge Player
Standard memberBENOTUSp1200000015 Sep '21 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member2Rashyme90637036109 Sep '21 11:33Challenge Player
Standard memberGabriel Hidalgop1200101022 Aug '21 09:52Challenge Player
Standard memberCSPEC101024519005 Aug '21 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberRedVelvet1488855033204 Aug '21 09:38Challenge Player
Standard memberOmodeltap1200110013 Jun '21 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberTk123p1200303026 May '21 13:26Challenge Player
Standard memberNaijaKnight15104892731932324 May '21 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberTaidonz1233994552201 Apr '21 21:06Challenge Player
Standard memberPraise44p1200101018 Mar '21 18:00Challenge Player
Standard memberfirisiap1200202008 Mar '21 07:37Challenge Player
Standard memberOnyeka Alexp1200000002 Mar '21 16:45Challenge Player
Standard memberDivinity14706003002663401 Mar '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberKunkop1200413023 Feb '21 16:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMmkabirimamp1200000003 Feb '21 17:49Challenge Player
Standard member2010estherp1200000015 Jan '21 10:55Challenge Player
Standard memberFavzyp1200000006 Jan '21 17:47Challenge Player
Standard memberTTamip1200000009 Dec '20 07:46Challenge Player
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