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Chess Player Directory for Nigeria

Chess Player Directory for Nigeria

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Ray D1589416308961217 Dec '17 19:29Challenge Player
Standard member grandude16524872422113417 Dec '17 19:17Challenge Player
Standard member phellyx1404713827617 Dec '17 19:06Challenge Player
Standard member tilixinvest117018668110817 Dec '17 18:50Challenge Player
Standard member emeka7911352361717217 Dec '17 18:42Challenge Player
Standard member jamjamjoe1788101546784265072017 Dec '17 17:47Challenge Player
Standard member tygermonye17455922772773817 Dec '17 15:40Challenge Player
Standard member Silverknightp 123621811217 Dec '17 15:17Challenge Player
Standard member Chriz4christ16243111651361017 Dec '17 09:35Challenge Player
Subscriber NaijaKnight170219111765917 Dec '17 09:27Challenge Player
Standard member Cotton Reel13684942212591417 Dec '17 05:52Challenge Player
Standard member Kpox195857457517 Dec '17 04:41Challenge Player
Standard member seemahot14462341061171116 Dec '17 13:51Challenge Player
Standard member Kenities1592604118116 Dec '17 13:39Challenge Player
Standard member THE KNIGHT1500483314115 Dec '17 19:58Challenge Player
Standard member bodunrinc13155931963682913 Dec '17 16:12Challenge Player
Standard member Colin Cojo Taylor105029325130 Nov '17 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member yinkebo1484492424116 Nov '17 18:10Challenge Player
Standard member Ayomide Beckleyp 1200202008 Sep '17 15:11Challenge Player
Standard member delesash11337684223305 Aug '17 04:25Challenge Player
Standard member Ochiagha1496463610005 Dec '16 08:31Challenge Player
Standard member bowdking1563225118101622 Aug '16 21:23Challenge Player
Standard member dave2010062898563855026 May '16 09:55Challenge Player
Standard member phellyx101345934939525 May '16 21:07Challenge Player
Standard member I Mike O13172761161441624 Mar '16 17:14Challenge Player
Standard member rm126awohall159324202230 Dec '15 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member Knightingale1237211104100723 Sep '15 20:36Challenge Player
Standard member oindolicious89925681171423 Jul '15 05:41Challenge Player
Standard member Emegha Godswill Chukwuemeke169024213019 May '15 07:51Challenge Player
Standard member Beloved Anetor158935276209 Mar '15 17:17Challenge Player

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