NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSamardanonline1273784035329 Mar '23 06:56Challenge Player
SubscriberDerPolitzeionline128931111358164510829 Mar '23 06:47Challenge Player
Standard membersnjortp1332246301011413284123229 Mar '23 06:40Challenge Player
Standard memberjohab9723613131922068829 Mar '23 06:39Challenge Player
SubscriberRoy62516262069131458816729 Mar '23 04:35Challenge Player
Standard membertedkaczynski86216215147029 Mar '23 03:11Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Cosmic Muffin13533001561321229 Mar '23 01:02Challenge Player
Standard membersheikh umarr115220774128528 Mar '23 22:26Challenge Player
Subscribereplekake1130184010307684228 Mar '23 21:35Challenge Player
Standard memberToresjakk14584282051843928 Mar '23 20:06Challenge Player
SubscriberVikingClog17124962721923228 Mar '23 18:57Challenge Player
Standard memberaunedag86730287207828 Mar '23 15:36Challenge Player
Standard memberCrazyElk16757133852557328 Mar '23 10:25Challenge Player
Standard membermorgski184391057823110128 Mar '23 08:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbassanger106268761027 Mar '23 08:34Challenge Player
SubscriberViA19883438223088532326 Mar '23 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberHitra07184915790491826 Mar '23 11:23Challenge Player
Standard memberretired1324194102801224 Mar '23 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberbanja122142962071212410121 Mar '23 14:34Challenge Player
Standard memberJulianoyo123p1200000017 Mar '23 14:04Challenge Player
Standard memberHugin110866513213092105 Mar '23 11:25Challenge Player
Subscriberfr2oya16489365233625104 Mar '23 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberErikH15801289133403 Mar '23 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberdamdamdam1395502327003 Mar '23 18:34Challenge Player
Subscriberfeildag1480443113019 Feb '23 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberTorbjørn Kallstad1224421922107 Feb '23 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberJorn202178113317109705 Feb '23 08:05Challenge Player
SubscriberSinke91748692110236739204 Feb '23 15:00Challenge Player
Standard membergjwh119228523003 Feb '23 09:23Challenge Player
Standard memberlarsers8565011793051702 Feb '23 07:43Challenge Player
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