NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberRoy625online17271986126855915926 Nov '22 15:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbanjaonline121542622055210710026 Nov '22 15:40Challenge Player
SubscriberViA19353419221288532226 Nov '22 15:00Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Cosmic Muffin13792781471191226 Nov '22 14:58Challenge Player
Standard memberToresjakk14414051941733826 Nov '22 14:36Challenge Player
SubscriberDerPolitzei118129991310158910026 Nov '22 14:15Challenge Player
Standard memberjohab9953553130021688526 Nov '22 14:03Challenge Player
Standard memberHitra07183914483441726 Nov '22 13:11Challenge Player
SubscriberSinke139147552093227139126 Nov '22 12:18Challenge Player
Subscribereplekake1344180410207424226 Nov '22 11:37Challenge Player
Subscriberfr2oya16398814903415026 Nov '22 09:53Challenge Player
Standard membersnjortp1250245671008213256122926 Nov '22 09:35Challenge Player
SubscriberVikingClog14904612471872726 Nov '22 09:03Challenge Player
Standard memberbassanger106865758026 Nov '22 07:47Challenge Player
Standard membertedkaczynski90814112129026 Nov '22 07:37Challenge Player
Standard memberCrazyElk17156953782457226 Nov '22 00:09Challenge Player
Standard memberaunedag87528483194725 Nov '22 08:28Challenge Player
Standard memberJorn20217551141394724 Nov '22 20:54Challenge Player
Standard membermorgski184290957723110123 Nov '22 10:21Challenge Player
Standard memberSpawnJumper16407804223342422 Nov '22 14:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSamardan1248753735320 Nov '22 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSkybratt1328825229116 Nov '22 20:24Challenge Player
Standard memberTuvap1200101004 Nov '22 12:42Challenge Player
Standard memberGM Magnusp1200101002 Nov '22 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberHugin111246423183032124 Oct '22 17:47Challenge Player
Standard memberYpsilon 7p1200101007 Sep '22 11:12Challenge Player
Standard memberDag Vister1522228139771202 Sep '22 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberOftebrukt1545229148612025 Aug '22 13:47Challenge Player
Standard memberRumdrum1857125070940014121 Aug '22 21:00Challenge Player
SubscriberCloniadonica14581539556221 Aug '22 05:53Challenge Player
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