NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberCloniadonicaonlinep1200330023 May '22 14:25Challenge Player
Standard memberbanja117241872018206910023 May '22 14:04Challenge Player
Standard memberjohab9603467127721078323 May '22 13:59Challenge Player
Subscribereplekake123317689997274223 May '22 13:54Challenge Player
Standard memberCrazyElk18296753732356723 May '22 13:46Challenge Player
SubscriberSinke141545752017218637223 May '22 13:38Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Cosmic Muffin1386217111961023 May '22 12:57Challenge Player
Standard memberMorten Svendsen13911146543623 May '22 12:40Challenge Player
Standard memberaunedag86727380186723 May '22 10:58Challenge Player
SubscriberDerPolitzei10252853122915279723 May '22 10:46Challenge Player
SubscriberViA18933372217387932023 May '22 09:35Challenge Player
SubscriberRoy62516161887119653815323 May '22 08:26Challenge Player
Subscriberfr2oya16508014523044523 May '22 07:51Challenge Player
Standard memberJorn2021746891074523 May '22 06:42Challenge Player
Standard memberbassanger107960753023 May '22 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberToresjakk15123621761503623 May '22 04:55Challenge Player
Standard membersnjortp1231244451002313199122323 May '22 03:26Challenge Player
Standard memberHugin111876153072901822 May '22 21:09Challenge Player
Standard memberSamardan1226572926222 May '22 20:49Challenge Player
Standard memberodin75116020410095921 May '22 17:52Challenge Player
SubscriberVikingClog13914212271692520 May '22 17:35Challenge Player
Standard memberHitra07179312270381419 May '22 15:25Challenge Player
Standard membertedkaczynski9141189109018 May '22 23:22Challenge Player
SubscriberKaptein Miki1540613619615 May '22 07:51Challenge Player
Standard memberbetrayed134514367626284609 May '22 21:38Challenge Player
Standard memberSpawnJumper16517784213332405 May '22 09:25Challenge Player
Standard memberVerner Josefssonp11031147019 Apr '22 22:35Challenge Player
Standard memberprimalien933176581061219 Apr '22 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberHagenp1200000015 Apr '22 07:25Challenge Player
Standard memberdalmatp1200220007 Apr '22 16:32Challenge Player
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