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Chess Player Directory for Norway

Chess Player Directory for Norway

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Togg14473321621472319 Aug '18 07:19Challenge Player
Standard member johab1046189772011354219 Aug '18 07:11Challenge Player
Standard member odin7511311034847819 Aug '18 07:06Challenge Player
Standard member primalien11271002965619 Aug '18 06:56Challenge Player
Standard member Toresjakk1615503215319 Aug '18 06:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Sinke134733181448160226819 Aug '18 06:12Challenge Player
Subscriber gjengeda160925911343112312519 Aug '18 05:45Challenge Player
Standard member Bobby Trondheim169613327425246619 Aug '18 05:00Challenge Player
Standard member dragev7614004422411802119 Aug '18 04:51Challenge Player
Standard member nook of the nw1124427174244919 Aug '18 04:06Challenge Player
Standard member odinerickson15796393472821019 Aug '18 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member Roy6251714121777733910119 Aug '18 02:51Challenge Player
Standard member SpawnJumper15656863673031619 Aug '18 01:41Challenge Player
Subscriber kabeljauw1144289118168319 Aug '18 01:31Challenge Player
Standard member Frode Stokvik14451217243618 Aug '18 23:28Challenge Player
Standard member aunedag9581464896218 Aug '18 21:57Challenge Player
Standard member F Latulens114417017469352018 Aug '18 21:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Baard141014728545269218 Aug '18 20:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Bengt Grønås1298311614118 Aug '18 18:25Challenge Player
Standard member Børge Kristiansen10991124167418 Aug '18 18:24Challenge Player
Standard member Panserhansen140217912548618 Aug '18 17:00Challenge Player
Subscriber eplekake121014688475922918 Aug '18 16:48Challenge Player
Standard member Hitra071559442613518 Aug '18 14:39Challenge Player
Standard member bassanger116925421018 Aug '18 13:48Challenge Player
Standard member Peter Heffron114219059123818 Aug '18 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member fr2oya1724257173642018 Aug '18 05:44Challenge Player
Subscriber snjortp132223657967612798118318 Aug '18 04:35Challenge Player
Standard member khd13433621481951917 Aug '18 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member billhickok208572661516 Aug '18 19:34Challenge Player
Subscriber DerPolitzei116011255175723616 Aug '18 07:29Challenge Player

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