NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberbanjaonline12374083197220139816 Oct '21 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberToresjakk15373181581293116 Oct '21 20:23Challenge Player
Subscriberfr2oya16586873942504316 Oct '21 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberSamardanp11451358016 Oct '21 19:30Challenge Player
Standard membersnjortp123624284994913123121216 Oct '21 18:55Challenge Player
Standard memberMrXDevil1222260129125616 Oct '21 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberretired130415578651216 Oct '21 17:41Challenge Player
SubscriberSinke127843861929210135616 Oct '21 17:41Challenge Player
Standard memberPgUp1988p1200000016 Oct '21 17:14Challenge Player
Standard memberCrazyElk17156513562296616 Oct '21 16:14Challenge Player
SubscriberDerPolitzei12902635115513958516 Oct '21 15:36Challenge Player
SubscriberVikingClog165921512879816 Oct '21 14:58Challenge Player
Standard memberodin7510701707982916 Oct '21 14:55Challenge Player
Standard memberHitra07176410460321216 Oct '21 14:39Challenge Player
Standard memberjohab10493334122920317416 Oct '21 14:28Challenge Player
Standard memberHugin111174882462291316 Oct '21 14:13Challenge Player
SubscriberRoy62515641785113550814216 Oct '21 13:09Challenge Player
Standard memberaunedag90925176169616 Oct '21 12:54Challenge Player
Subscribereplekake133617239827014016 Oct '21 08:12Challenge Player
Standard memberbassanger109455748016 Oct '21 05:44Challenge Player
Standard memberSarmartanp1471660016 Oct '21 03:59Challenge Player
Standard memberJorn202199125024115 Oct '21 15:18Challenge Player
SubscriberViA18803299212086331615 Oct '21 05:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSpawnJumper16617744183322414 Oct '21 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberprimalien10431454790808 Oct '21 20:02Challenge Player
Standard memberMorten Svendsen1404875131529 Sep '21 05:52Challenge Player
Subscriberkabeljauw1229467203259511 Sep '21 11:00Challenge Player
Standard membertedkaczynski118195887027 Aug '21 23:34Challenge Player
Standard memberMbrager70042436223 Aug '21 21:19Challenge Player
Standard memberkhd13686012143592806 Aug '21 17:58Challenge Player
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