NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberBOBAFETT4U147313696796513925 May '22 00:54Challenge Player
Standard memberMarek T Rogowicz1258392166218825 May '22 00:36Challenge Player
Standard memberigorkluza16568884983167424 May '22 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberdmfienup11067402334911624 May '22 23:55Challenge Player
Standard memberPirahna1313964872522181724 May '22 22:42Challenge Player
Standard memberstoo11280435218209824 May '22 22:21Challenge Player
Standard membermdziedzic156152282729223926024 May '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberzbyszek561807260144882824 May '22 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberSzczurHegel14804092171761624 May '22 21:32Challenge Player
Standard membermajk116572432546450519224 May '22 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberwiktor1312851409444224 May '22 21:17Challenge Player
Standard memberpuchmartin1556220126841024 May '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard membergaska2097014642102224 May '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberTomaszS13494642292112424 May '22 20:35Challenge Player
Standard memberalek14774701752821324 May '22 20:00Challenge Player
SubscriberWabo416352068122669514724 May '22 19:48Challenge Player
Standard memberelsport153563503084271355324 May '22 19:17Challenge Player
Standard memberpinio4614003471242041924 May '22 18:38Challenge Player
Standard memberel F1517380272931524 May '22 18:13Challenge Player
Standard memberZbyszko156632501462155023824 May '22 17:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSafari1316185082202503824 May '22 17:49Challenge Player
Standard memberLivio1269211795910857324 May '22 16:09Challenge Player
Standard memberCnidius15388775512903624 May '22 15:53Challenge Player
Standard memberlipt0nov1273411030124 May '22 14:30Challenge Player
Subscriberhetman55140546212221213326724 May '22 09:16Challenge Player
Standard membermarcysh863498149344524 May '22 08:57Challenge Player
Standard memberdanielglowinski1958288215551824 May '22 08:08Challenge Player
SubscriberNAWSTAN139844751886216142824 May '22 07:38Challenge Player
Standard memberJarek Dwornik10795031952891924 May '22 06:45Challenge Player
Standard membermiejskiskunks11977872554894324 May '22 06:16Challenge Player
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