NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermetayes14166403542642204 Dec '22 01:30Challenge Player
Standard memberel F14684002821021604 Dec '22 00:59Challenge Player
Standard memberstoo11272447223216804 Dec '22 00:43Challenge Player
Standard memberMarek T Rogowicz10896102513481104 Dec '22 00:06Challenge Player
Standard memberLivio13232268103711557603 Dec '22 23:43Challenge Player
Standard membermajk113273942595460419503 Dec '22 23:42Challenge Player
Standard memberargos14817462055137748119703 Dec '22 23:25Challenge Player
Standard membermdziedzic141953872812230626903 Dec '22 23:22Challenge Player
Standard memberigorkluza17508985073177403 Dec '22 22:18Challenge Player
Standard memberZbyszko156632951480157524003 Dec '22 21:54Challenge Player
Standard memberSafari1315925632452764203 Dec '22 21:35Challenge Player
Standard memberJarek Dwornik10805592163232003 Dec '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberAndrzej54190422197794503 Dec '22 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberrox791510116658147710803 Dec '22 20:33Challenge Player
Standard memberzbyszek5617423181691193003 Dec '22 20:26Challenge Player
Standard memberjarrasch1735966128703 Dec '22 20:03Challenge Player
Standard memberwiktor13127716811650203 Dec '22 19:29Challenge Player
Standard membermcwatt12371264579203 Dec '22 19:02Challenge Player
Standard memberlipt0nov1320551637203 Dec '22 18:58Challenge Player
Standard membergaska2097817448124203 Dec '22 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberKarolMartin1128472620103 Dec '22 16:26Challenge Player
Subscriberderdidas1535543411903 Dec '22 15:36Challenge Player
Standard memberpl36205174118110270903 Dec '22 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberTomaszS14204992462262703 Dec '22 14:26Challenge Player
Standard memberalek14174821782911303 Dec '22 13:22Challenge Player
Standard membermarcysh847501149347503 Dec '22 13:01Challenge Player
Standard memberelsport151863883108272455603 Dec '22 12:56Challenge Player
SubscriberNAWSTAN156945701940219543503 Dec '22 10:12Challenge Player
Standard memberdanielglowinski1964300224581803 Dec '22 10:00Challenge Player
Subscriberhetman55139247632277221427203 Dec '22 08:55Challenge Player
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