NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBaraoAlfamaonline1560369260991021 Sep '21 23:33Challenge Player
Standard memberChefe Rama1110305121177721 Sep '21 23:15Challenge Player
Standard memberafpr1033295147140821 Sep '21 23:07Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo Nixa Santos188116212927621 Sep '21 23:05Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra12071505292621 Sep '21 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberAguia Contesta1241684413267421 Sep '21 23:00Challenge Player
Standard memberKanary Grek134619711479421 Sep '21 22:44Challenge Player
Standard memberjprud14955924181631121 Sep '21 22:34Challenge Player
Standard memberyosemitesam13628514343783921 Sep '21 22:34Challenge Player
Standard memberbiloba144817937579498721 Sep '21 22:28Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira1582352223121821 Sep '21 22:24Challenge Player
Standard membernuts140023421116109013621 Sep '21 22:02Challenge Player
Standard memberPCA2002115113066466322821 Sep '21 21:57Challenge Player
Standard memberacm19501603146474159113221 Sep '21 21:36Challenge Player
Standard member3velasquez9751214472521 Sep '21 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBugaloide11449584395001921 Sep '21 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberFC12337703713633621 Sep '21 21:04Challenge Player
SubscriberIsabel Branco1481103836947619321 Sep '21 21:01Challenge Player
Standard memberRicardo Sequeira11643381571701121 Sep '21 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberSCPLisbon1393182210167644221 Sep '21 20:45Challenge Player
Subscribercliff garoup132267882843370823721 Sep '21 20:38Challenge Player
Standard memberbigsizepawn1527145179553312321 Sep '21 20:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBihuehua132210836204075621 Sep '21 20:05Challenge Player
Standard memberJorge PrudĂȘncio130514510237621 Sep '21 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberholandes14844971383431621 Sep '21 19:00Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao147028931276143817921 Sep '21 18:31Challenge Player
SubscriberHelder1559131373146811421 Sep '21 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberdjEdob1081944936921 Sep '21 17:49Challenge Player
Standard memberRedMen13401055943321 Sep '21 17:35Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaodelisboa18294762941166621 Sep '21 16:37Challenge Player
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