NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberChefe Ramaonline1109406150248806 Oct '22 20:32Challenge Player
Standard membernutsonline140326681237127515606 Oct '22 20:31Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaomen11578113754023406 Oct '22 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberJasao1469258146823006 Oct '22 20:09Challenge Player
Standard memberJoão Martinsp1171221110106 Oct '22 20:02Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao144230581353150819706 Oct '22 19:54Challenge Player
Subscribercliff garoup123871392966392824506 Oct '22 19:23Challenge Player
Standard member3velasquez98018273102706 Oct '22 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberBaraoAlfama15674082801181006 Oct '22 18:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBihuehua127811646724355706 Oct '22 18:22Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira15244702931671006 Oct '22 18:12Challenge Player
Standard memberdjEdob97913768571206 Oct '22 18:10Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo Nixa Santos1879215169361006 Oct '22 18:08Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaodelisboa19875013071217306 Oct '22 17:44Challenge Player
Standard memberKosper14523109179712496306 Oct '22 16:05Challenge Player
Standard memberjdias1469198884997816106 Oct '22 15:48Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra1156260101150906 Oct '22 15:04Challenge Player
Standard memberAguia Contesta1287877533336806 Oct '22 15:01Challenge Player
Standard membermorgadoster7p938505006 Oct '22 14:46Challenge Player
Standard memberFC12388263913973806 Oct '22 13:05Challenge Player
Standard memberRicardo Sequeira11354161892151206 Oct '22 13:00Challenge Player
SubscriberIsabel Branco1457118142353522306 Oct '22 11:52Challenge Player
Standard memberholandes15385371513691706 Oct '22 11:36Challenge Player
Standard memberafpr10973301631561106 Oct '22 10:34Challenge Player
Standard membernels071149291124164306 Oct '22 10:24Challenge Player
Standard membernunoalves15293641861483006 Oct '22 09:43Challenge Player
Standard memberyosemitesam13389394894074306 Oct '22 09:13Challenge Player
Standard membercaptbock140210555404991606 Oct '22 08:42Challenge Player
Standard memberfilipecosteira122613225646896906 Oct '22 08:36Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro Marques13177202813865306 Oct '22 08:11Challenge Player
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