NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberholandes14705121413541717 Jan '22 22:18Challenge Player
Standard memberjprud15236184361701217 Jan '22 22:17Challenge Player
Standard membernuts144224491159114514517 Jan '22 22:12Challenge Player
Standard memberKosper14492986172112046117 Jan '22 22:10Challenge Player
SubscriberHelder1607134475047611817 Jan '22 22:09Challenge Player
Standard memberyosemitesam13208734463864117 Jan '22 22:07Challenge Player
Standard memberBaraoAlfama15683782631051017 Jan '22 22:04Challenge Player
Standard memberRicardo Sequeira11153671691871117 Jan '22 21:56Challenge Player
Standard memberbigsizepawn1528149882155012717 Jan '22 21:47Challenge Player
Standard memberFC12707913803733817 Jan '22 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberfilipecosteira117811684946165817 Jan '22 21:40Challenge Player
Standard memberbiloba137318247699678817 Jan '22 21:33Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra124817365102617 Jan '22 21:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBugaloide11249664435041917 Jan '22 21:21Challenge Player
Standard membercaptbock145210205214831617 Jan '22 21:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaomen10577623453843317 Jan '22 21:19Challenge Player
Standard memberChefe Rama1185332133192717 Jan '22 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberAguia Contesta1215721433284417 Jan '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPCA2002112713176506392817 Jan '22 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao139329411297145618817 Jan '22 20:31Challenge Player
Subscribermlourenco146916477458406217 Jan '22 20:30Challenge Player
Subscribercliff garoup130368952883377224017 Jan '22 20:15Challenge Player
Standard memberBihuehua132911106364185617 Jan '22 19:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro Marques13286772613655117 Jan '22 19:57Challenge Player
Standard membernels071257246108135317 Jan '22 19:31Challenge Player
Standard memberafpr980309151149917 Jan '22 19:25Challenge Player
Standard memberacm19501561149875461013417 Jan '22 19:19Challenge Player
Standard memberdjEdob111210757401017 Jan '22 19:18Challenge Player
Standard memberKanary Grek124220911986417 Jan '22 19:05Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira1561377237132817 Jan '22 18:14Challenge Player
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