NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberregina20online9243401451851006 Oct '22 19:40Challenge Player
Standard memberCorut Andrei Mirceaonline13537433972905606 Oct '22 19:39Challenge Player
SubscriberAanatolonline1398135456094656688506 Oct '22 19:36Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea1140194082610882606 Oct '22 19:28Challenge Player
Subscriberdaniv159465683163302238306 Oct '22 19:26Challenge Player
Subscribervigor1200152959516206 Oct '22 19:18Challenge Player
Standard memberIrinel Vultureanu15536723392924106 Oct '22 19:02Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu137323861219102314406 Oct '22 19:00Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur15592096107081920706 Oct '22 18:56Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121630140661565014106 Oct '22 18:54Challenge Player
Standard membermargelatu169910795165293406 Oct '22 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberandras13253772331251906 Oct '22 18:36Challenge Player
Standard memberGabiG1402235414588138306 Oct '22 18:35Challenge Player
SubscriberFagarasi0751152132356437650629206 Oct '22 18:35Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 200514522681501001806 Oct '22 18:24Challenge Player
Standard memberNicușor Ciprian 2126614387536612406 Oct '22 17:59Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM147813857446023906 Oct '22 17:48Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy16782082101296910106 Oct '22 17:47Challenge Player
Standard memberion501279445207233506 Oct '22 17:44Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath13552241119010143706 Oct '22 17:30Challenge Player
Subscriberalexandrualeman1512206498197810506 Oct '22 17:19Challenge Player
Standard memberHarap Alb188972710106 Oct '22 17:06Challenge Player
Standard memberMarnes15246123951952206 Oct '22 16:55Challenge Player
Standard memberadyeig1512244154731706 Oct '22 16:47Challenge Player
Standard memberpanaitadrian2001p9981888206 Oct '22 16:38Challenge Player
Standard membermck113355792672862606 Oct '22 16:18Challenge Player
Standard membercryss2415136933812902206 Oct '22 16:13Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian10963419169716447806 Oct '22 16:01Challenge Player
Standard memberFilthyHerman14171768882606 Oct '22 15:56Challenge Player
Subscriberflaviusnita13119294015062206 Oct '22 15:50Challenge Player
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