NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberAanatolonline1330148166676716597525 Apr '24 10:26Challenge Player
Standard memberCorut Andrei Mirceaonline126910275254327025 Apr '24 10:25Challenge Player
SubscriberFagarasi075online1157158517562791737225 Apr '24 10:17Challenge Player
Subscribermihai52228787476639135275625 Apr '24 10:14Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121530169071879517725 Apr '24 09:59Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian11443905190719049425 Apr '24 09:54Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu128828411443123016825 Apr '24 09:38Challenge Player
Standard memberMCHammer1357443311025 Apr '24 09:30Challenge Player
Standard memberGabiG1422250915248909525 Apr '24 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBastas1154275128141625 Apr '24 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberClaudiu Alexandru16714552311764825 Apr '24 08:59Challenge Player
Standard memberedy72159015697227509725 Apr '24 08:38Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth956288188019465525 Apr '24 08:34Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur170026051317102526325 Apr '24 08:29Challenge Player
Standard membergooby125319088699489125 Apr '24 08:26Challenge Player
Standard membersatiru1250247130112525 Apr '24 08:24Challenge Player
Standard memberandras13775793661813225 Apr '24 08:16Challenge Player
Standard memberFilthyHerman13604011911862425 Apr '24 08:05Challenge Player
Standard membermihai139507814482706325 Apr '24 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberplacip1200202025 Apr '24 07:41Challenge Player
Standard memberIrinel Vultureanu14998774174006025 Apr '24 07:07Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea1332226695512803125 Apr '24 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath12332619141711564625 Apr '24 06:27Challenge Player
Standard membervirgiltavi141534201639161017125 Apr '24 06:22Challenge Player
Standard memberK Pp1200403125 Apr '24 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberion501277523235283525 Apr '24 06:11Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 200514773572101252225 Apr '24 06:04Challenge Player
Standard membersergiup1567144069263611225 Apr '24 05:56Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy169221951077101510325 Apr '24 05:46Challenge Player
Subscriberdaniv160669783382319540125 Apr '24 05:00Challenge Player
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