NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberArduronline1598187094673918521 Sep '21 19:40Challenge Player
Standard membergoobyonline128114316696946821 Sep '21 19:40Challenge Player
Standard membermarius poteconline126910745125263621 Sep '21 19:39Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121539117451253812421 Sep '21 19:35Challenge Player
Standard memberion501374383179199521 Sep '21 19:28Challenge Player
Standard membervirgiltavi150027021315125113621 Sep '21 19:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy1653197895192710021 Sep '21 19:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrian H158716810158921 Sep '21 19:18Challenge Player
Subscriberalexandrualeman155419119079069821 Sep '21 19:10Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian11873018152814177321 Sep '21 19:07Challenge Player
Standard memberCiprian Cotan 6p1207532021 Sep '21 19:04Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurus175812128303384421 Sep '21 18:48Challenge Player
SubscriberStelian24361186734821 Sep '21 18:44Challenge Player
SubscriberFagarasi0751135117155793566325921 Sep '21 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberducublutu1215406211194121 Sep '21 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberGabiG1402220813797557421 Sep '21 18:27Challenge Player
Standard membertestos16698874783555421 Sep '21 18:17Challenge Player
Standard memberCosmin D114730898206421 Sep '21 18:16Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth909234471215844821 Sep '21 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM136912436775323421 Sep '21 18:06Challenge Player
Standard memberCorut Andrei Mircea14374962771784121 Sep '21 17:30Challenge Player
Standard memberdany196316498503953817421 Sep '21 17:30Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath1162198610229343021 Sep '21 16:38Challenge Player
Standard membermck113083351531661621 Sep '21 16:34Challenge Player
Standard memberFRA1234122916426249813721 Sep '21 16:33Challenge Player
Standard membermargelatu161310504995183321 Sep '21 16:28Challenge Player
Standard memberadrian panait12661326466221 Sep '21 16:14Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu12792140109291813021 Sep '21 15:56Challenge Player
Standard memberandras1418249152831421 Sep '21 15:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpavelborta1787152489952210321 Sep '21 15:51Challenge Player
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