NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberNicușor Ciprian 2online117815508057192605 Feb '23 03:40Challenge Player
SubscriberAanatol1391137546201665789605 Feb '23 02:15Challenge Player
Standard memberradumihai14973331022112005 Feb '23 01:55Challenge Player
Subscribercristi7100010447582524881805 Feb '23 01:29Challenge Player
Standard memberion501205465211249505 Feb '23 01:29Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy16602101102497610105 Feb '23 01:02Challenge Player
Subscriberalexandrualeman149221161007100410505 Feb '23 00:49Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath12502318123810423805 Feb '23 00:17Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth934262679917745305 Feb '23 00:10Challenge Player
Standard memberPAUL333178611566844244805 Feb '23 00:06Challenge Player
Standard memberMarnes14246223962042205 Feb '23 00:03Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM148414227646184004 Feb '23 23:23Challenge Player
Subscriberdaniv152166493205306038404 Feb '23 23:14Challenge Player
Subscribervigor1200151368569304 Feb '23 23:08Challenge Player
Standard membermarius potec134712696026264104 Feb '23 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea1211201185011342704 Feb '23 23:03Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur16752182111485521304 Feb '23 22:39Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurus175412928923544604 Feb '23 22:28Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 200514892901671032004 Feb '23 22:25Challenge Player
Standard memberIrinel Vultureanu15657173583144504 Feb '23 21:58Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121661148064868714504 Feb '23 21:49Challenge Player
Standard memberFilthyHerman13672551251151504 Feb '23 21:44Challenge Player
Standard memberclaub140013265806826404 Feb '23 21:37Challenge Player
Standard memberpavelborta1724165897956611304 Feb '23 21:31Challenge Player
Standard membersilviu131405179673010303604 Feb '23 20:53Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian12203530174717018204 Feb '23 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberAndyshor21119943754304 Feb '23 20:22Challenge Player
Standard membermck113436402933182904 Feb '23 20:19Challenge Player
Standard memberlorinescu14837153463511804 Feb '23 20:18Challenge Player
Standard memberDanCGurguip13851082004 Feb '23 19:59Challenge Player
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