Russian Federation

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberStuForDinnerp168811110025 May '22 01:11Challenge Player
SubscriberChordless D13408334053983025 May '22 01:03Challenge Player
Standard memberArmil1980136514597756196524 May '22 23:33Challenge Player
Standard memberSV19581974461409341824 May '22 22:21Challenge Player
Standard memberArhipov14175329671499122923924 May '22 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberEverett114339344344742624 May '22 21:09Challenge Player
Standard memberАлексей Таблин15834112401521924 May '22 20:37Challenge Player
Standard memberAlexdemp135320118124 May '22 20:15Challenge Player
Standard memberhope2014155012087623836324 May '22 20:04Challenge Player
Standard membermarkinsa16854332231822824 May '22 19:38Challenge Player
Standard memberWWS66133540612021191312724 May '22 19:23Challenge Player
Standard membernatamow13944451962242524 May '22 19:09Challenge Player
Standard memberiipak193116495622582594524 May '22 18:59Challenge Player
Subscribervipak1615138273751912624 May '22 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberArtur Savitskiy16937243962606824 May '22 18:00Challenge Player
Standard membersea21481254131115824 May '22 17:31Challenge Player
Standard memberIwan5513176554581772024 May '22 16:09Challenge Player
Standard memberkhi2364127614456437218124 May '22 15:37Challenge Player
Standard memberSAV186510174171024 May '22 13:23Challenge Player
Standard memberSemen290212345061933031024 May '22 11:20Challenge Player
Standard membermathprog471835956526424 May '22 11:04Challenge Player
Standard membernwm162015177806766124 May '22 09:19Challenge Player
Standard memberRai5412993992041771824 May '22 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberViktor Kalashnikov14569024933862324 May '22 03:33Challenge Player
Standard membermykespb140215712528423 May '22 20:31Challenge Player
Standard memberMerkucio9199443865273123 May '22 19:12Challenge Player
Standard memberUljana19801036672244123 May '22 11:40Challenge Player
Standard memberlobusova86497390422 May '22 20:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxim Sklyarenko1239147258078610622 May '22 19:23Challenge Player
Standard memberNikita Kp1200000019 May '22 10:01Challenge Player
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