Russian Federation

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membersealvo3591185660516324 Feb '24 03:50Challenge Player
SubscriberGMForsythe137080515009272531724 Feb '24 03:29Challenge Player
Standard membersea214693732011581424 Feb '24 00:19Challenge Player
SubscriberArmil1980123918799838148224 Feb '24 00:01Challenge Player
Standard memberDorvad14091989696623 Feb '24 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberMilkers United169377342522212623 Feb '24 20:57Challenge Player
Standard memberkesha781018165351161423 Feb '24 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberIwan5514837225061962023 Feb '24 20:00Challenge Player
Standard memberWWS66123950282486238715523 Feb '24 19:39Challenge Player
Standard membermarkinsa16145662832513223 Feb '24 19:24Challenge Player
Standard memberInnokentij Skorobogatovp128018710123 Feb '24 19:11Challenge Player
Subscribervipak1569162484563414523 Feb '24 19:08Challenge Player
Standard membernatamow13095092182593223 Feb '24 19:02Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxim Sklyarenko1157162662588411723 Feb '24 18:14Challenge Player
Standard memberiipak193116646853143155623 Feb '24 17:40Challenge Player
Standard memberSemen290212135582183301023 Feb '24 15:35Challenge Player
Standard memberkhi2364111517967959039823 Feb '24 15:34Challenge Player
Standard memberhope2014144615179384988123 Feb '24 14:39Challenge Player
Standard memberPatsykAleksandr173649480123 Feb '24 14:21Challenge Player
Standard membernwm158416678777236723 Feb '24 13:57Challenge Player
SubscriberChordless D131811335405464723 Feb '24 09:00Challenge Player
Standard memberRatibor16951339533523 Feb '24 07:50Challenge Player
Standard memberanda196319441131035523 Feb '24 06:59Challenge Player
Standard memberSV19582009548476403223 Feb '24 06:05Challenge Player
Standard memberАндрей Пермяков213953422923 Feb '24 05:44Challenge Player
Standard memberEverett1127010655025342922 Feb '24 19:35Challenge Player
Standard memberEduard Borgenau90446937021 Feb '24 16:53Challenge Player
Standard memberViktor Kalashnikov14779695324142321 Feb '24 14:05Challenge Player
Standard membermykespb145119315633417 Feb '24 14:01Challenge Player
Standard memberlobusova8651224114417 Feb '24 13:55Challenge Player
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