Russian Federation

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberChordless D12846062872972227 Jul '21 09:40Challenge Player
Standard memberGreatZen12584312052131327 Jul '21 09:36Challenge Player
Standard memberiipak193116164782212164127 Jul '21 09:12Challenge Player
Standard memberkhi2364118812695596357527 Jul '21 08:58Challenge Player
Subscribervipak1672121064245511327 Jul '21 08:49Challenge Player
Standard memberArhipov14161626591345111020427 Jul '21 08:46Challenge Player
Standard memberSemen29021306491189293927 Jul '21 08:32Challenge Player
Standard membernico45143510275184634627 Jul '21 08:16Challenge Player
Standard memberUljana19801046541835127 Jul '21 08:16Challenge Player
Standard memberGenL1047341123027 Jul '21 08:00Challenge Player
Standard memberanatolya333158614727017244727 Jul '21 07:45Challenge Player
Standard memberhope2014140410866783495927 Jul '21 07:18Challenge Player
Standard memberSvyatSvyatp1489541027 Jul '21 07:17Challenge Player
Standard memberpopeyethesailor159158662485295242927 Jul '21 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberPokshtyap1705550027 Jul '21 06:42Challenge Player
SubscriberAleshka5416887654512654927 Jul '21 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberEverett113429124194682527 Jul '21 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberArmil1980129313447025835927 Jul '21 06:04Challenge Player
Standard memberWWS66127736101805169311227 Jul '21 04:44Challenge Player
Standard memberRoman Dp1200430127 Jul '21 03:11Challenge Player
Standard memberSAV170154447327 Jul '21 02:11Challenge Player
Standard memberAndrey Sp1200403127 Jul '21 02:07Challenge Player
Standard memberVas5Attack20936032101826 Jul '21 22:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSergey2011p1200000026 Jul '21 21:45Challenge Player
Standard memberannusp1200000026 Jul '21 21:33Challenge Player
Standard memberAlezzZ15166234491452926 Jul '21 21:01Challenge Player
Standard memberenvisionp105716510126 Jul '21 19:46Challenge Player
Standard memberSV19582030403361261626 Jul '21 19:16Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxim Sklyarenko1220140955574910526 Jul '21 17:53Challenge Player
Standard memberMerkucio9599343855183126 Jul '21 16:13Challenge Player
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