South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberJames Duncanonline9654461372961327 Oct '21 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75online155043631480263325027 Oct '21 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberwernerbattonline16881758780827 Oct '21 07:57Challenge Player
Standard memberOMNIonline12732667103115726427 Oct '21 07:56Challenge Player
Standard memberRené Liebenbergonline15792013127863010527 Oct '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberJohn1944online12861578072527 Oct '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberDickhead1online1118612435227 Oct '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberSauerbieronline14557574253171527 Oct '21 07:54Challenge Player
Standard memberatineLonline102416352104727 Oct '21 07:54Challenge Player
Standard memberTshwaraonline11149474325021327 Oct '21 07:52Challenge Player
Standard memberravenousonline15054402481603227 Oct '21 07:52Challenge Player
SubscriberOutback1215118165071626747827 Oct '21 07:51Challenge Player
Standard memberDigitalMedupeonlinep1025615027 Oct '21 07:48Challenge Player
Standard memberMammy Blue127514377146527127 Oct '21 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberMpho Isaac Thobakgale13907373843401327 Oct '21 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Burke16515912073384627 Oct '21 07:41Challenge Player
Standard memberMungral296738630227 Oct '21 07:40Challenge Player
Standard membergwam150132161593147015327 Oct '21 07:31Challenge Player
Standard memberPeet van der Westhuizenp1200000027 Oct '21 07:28Challenge Player
SubscriberArayn116048376156423201571927 Oct '21 07:28Challenge Player
Standard memberRiaanMienie10436002713042527 Oct '21 07:27Challenge Player
Standard memberOupaM10643907106227796627 Oct '21 07:25Challenge Player
Standard memberblacknightsa1395470254210627 Oct '21 07:21Challenge Player
Standard memberHermanvdl132915807807217927 Oct '21 07:21Challenge Player
Subscribercapegecko1487215711769384327 Oct '21 07:21Challenge Player
Standard memberMungral1201665013327 Oct '21 07:14Challenge Player
Standard memberOmarMookadam14554852531993327 Oct '21 07:06Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hay12062531201231027 Oct '21 07:05Challenge Player
SubscriberFransie1294120395277579396927 Oct '21 07:02Challenge Player
Standard membercprins99189011515595078527 Oct '21 07:01Challenge Player
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