South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberPeet van der Westhuizenonline1390452616324 May '22 03:58Challenge Player
Standard memberProwlingPawnonline146013167531124 May '22 03:57Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75online159046001556278026424 May '22 03:54Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherKonline16962431121685436124 May '22 03:52Challenge Player
Standard memberTshwaraonline111510724925651524 May '22 03:51Challenge Player
Standard memberVincent Michaelonlinep1200110024 May '22 03:50Challenge Player
Standard memberL Stock16581972100570726024 May '22 03:47Challenge Player
Standard memberGruffGriff1590981047163545154924 May '22 03:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee150315927147898924 May '22 03:42Challenge Player
Standard memberPawnter148811704855998624 May '22 03:41Challenge Player
Standard memberFredZA13757514932372124 May '22 03:39Challenge Player
Standard memberIsh17244422611433824 May '22 03:31Challenge Player
Subscriberthadocta121715677067857624 May '22 03:30Challenge Player
Standard memberTheTyranny1548284126150824 May '22 02:04Challenge Player
Standard memberCrowley97529771180166513224 May '22 01:57Challenge Player
Subscriberjoeboy69164376904361279653324 May '22 01:46Challenge Player
Standard memberErhard van Zylp1200231211024 May '22 01:24Challenge Player
Standard memberBlometjie156728771203139927524 May '22 00:32Challenge Player
Standard memberCollin94168959024 May '22 00:19Challenge Player
Standard memberMpho Isaac Thobakgale14709024833992023 May '22 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Botha1407188280797410123 May '22 23:11Challenge Player
Subscriberklopdisselboom189014239304019223 May '22 22:40Challenge Player
Standard memberJason Britz15175271783232623 May '22 22:37Challenge Player
Subscriberbaltika91490191790989211623 May '22 22:26Challenge Player
Subscriberjonop1886192109711223 May '22 22:25Challenge Player
Standard memberGod of Biscuits1591998310623 May '22 22:20Challenge Player
Subscribersbini186460233633198840223 May '22 22:05Challenge Player
Standard memberJLazarusp1200110023 May '22 22:05Challenge Player
SubscriberArayn117750213165053294576323 May '22 21:56Challenge Player
Subscribermalhem11443516136221292523 May '22 21:50Challenge Player
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