South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberIshonline16457243972636401 Jun '23 16:48Challenge Player
Standard memberalicat13online14019585074351601 Jun '23 16:48Challenge Player
Standard memberangusbailieonline12707343852915801 Jun '23 16:47Challenge Player
Standard memberMysticidiumonline151465523572278020001 Jun '23 16:46Challenge Player
Standard memberPhatPatonline165437271788174319601 Jun '23 16:42Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodeweonline118514167645896301 Jun '23 16:41Challenge Player
Standard memberatineLonline11044471682651401 Jun '23 16:41Challenge Player
Standard memberCraig Buchanan10601405879301 Jun '23 16:39Challenge Player
Subscriberjonop1921218128771301 Jun '23 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberKnightnDayp11561569001 Jun '23 16:37Challenge Player
Subscribersbini185564443857215143601 Jun '23 16:36Challenge Player
Standard membermastersoul14806952883773001 Jun '23 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberDavidM11961266164101 Jun '23 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberdonelscotch14483732181451001 Jun '23 16:30Challenge Player
SubscriberRudySA97330471254167811501 Jun '23 16:24Challenge Player
Standard memberBlometjie158031391311152630201 Jun '23 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackbm87931720291601 Jun '23 16:21Challenge Player
Standard memberCollin910320812231601 Jun '23 16:21Challenge Player
Standard memberHermanvdl147617428597978601 Jun '23 16:21Challenge Player
Standard membermikideesa160014549494357001 Jun '23 16:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBoelie1638218297694326301 Jun '23 16:13Challenge Player
Standard memberMammy Blue123516097997248601 Jun '23 16:13Challenge Player
Standard memberNishal Hariparsad11991929693301 Jun '23 16:13Challenge Player
SubscriberArayn126354723181623574281901 Jun '23 16:04Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75155649551675299428601 Jun '23 16:02Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hay12116433282902501 Jun '23 16:02Challenge Player
SubscriberSkillamajinxp10331688001 Jun '23 16:01Challenge Player
Standard memberFredZA15199066432412201 Jun '23 15:59Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird147863363060292335301 Jun '23 15:58Challenge Player
Standard memberKylexbburn90031328001 Jun '23 15:58Challenge Player
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