South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberOutback1179114924886614646027 Jul '21 09:58Challenge Player
Subscriberbaltika9online150017238297979727 Jul '21 09:58Challenge Player
Standard memberIshonline189213395281027 Jul '21 09:55Challenge Player
Standard memberweederonline9936953263442527 Jul '21 09:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBoelieonline1663160071968819327 Jul '21 09:52Challenge Player
Standard memberElmarie Ackermanonline10371123874027 Jul '21 09:51Challenge Player
Standard memberDickhead1p1131532031227 Jul '21 09:48Challenge Player
SubscriberFransie1325118885213571596027 Jul '21 09:48Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodesir1345199992110146427 Jul '21 09:46Challenge Player
Standard memberProwlingPawnp14901073027 Jul '21 09:44Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Burke16175832033364427 Jul '21 09:41Challenge Player
Standard memberdumi13925382392742527 Jul '21 09:41Challenge Player
Standard memberHighboard13059303935003727 Jul '21 09:38Challenge Player
Standard memberG73wif2Np158415141027 Jul '21 09:38Challenge Player
Standard membermastersoul14155502242992727 Jul '21 09:35Challenge Player
Standard memberpawnpaw132017098947585727 Jul '21 09:34Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75155142341442254724527 Jul '21 09:32Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird155654912707248430027 Jul '21 09:29Challenge Player
DonationDr. Brain135483353650424843727 Jul '21 09:28Challenge Player
Standard memberCavazy1019582253320927 Jul '21 09:26Challenge Player
Standard membervernonwray1564452295149827 Jul '21 09:24Challenge Player
Standard memberHerman Britz11692811271391527 Jul '21 09:24Challenge Player
Standard memberOmarMookadam13914492361852827 Jul '21 09:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJestersCap179614490322227 Jul '21 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberCalJust136012967015237227 Jul '21 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberCharles Rickensp123818107127 Jul '21 09:13Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe13211637779727 Jul '21 09:10Challenge Player
Standard memberAFriend154411495904897027 Jul '21 09:08Challenge Player
Standard memberLawrenceGosling0214847724343003827 Jul '21 09:07Challenge Player
Standard memberalicat1313628844674051227 Jul '21 09:06Challenge Player
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