South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribersbinionline171269374092236548025 Apr '24 12:00Challenge Player
DonationDr. Brain1344104464627520961025 Apr '24 11:58Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Bothaonline13942208919116112825 Apr '24 11:56Challenge Player
Subscriberemmerli1340193084510117425 Apr '24 11:53Challenge Player
Standard memberwilpot1371475207263525 Apr '24 11:52Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hay13128884474033825 Apr '24 11:49Challenge Player
Standard memberGod of Biscuits151613210917625 Apr '24 11:48Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee1408172678484210025 Apr '24 11:47Challenge Player
Standard memberCollin9766071694083025 Apr '24 11:46Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe1207219011849248225 Apr '24 11:45Challenge Player
Standard memberAFriend148515237736599125 Apr '24 11:45Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherK16042723133399739325 Apr '24 11:44Challenge Player
Standard memberFish4113809365933123125 Apr '24 11:44Challenge Player
Standard memberXcape14051548463725 Apr '24 11:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodesir11982456112412607225 Apr '24 11:39Challenge Player
SubscriberFransie Kruger12901359360046512107725 Apr '24 11:35Challenge Player
Standard memberSindycate101013264998072025 Apr '24 11:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMammy Blue116817008417689125 Apr '24 11:31Challenge Player
Standard memberCharles Rickens11481045346525 Apr '24 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberMichael Lanigan110115595779433925 Apr '24 11:27Challenge Player
Standard memberatineL9606452473772125 Apr '24 11:26Challenge Player
Standard memberMarlene Lombard12503372001201725 Apr '24 11:26Challenge Player
Standard memberBarry Fourie1249535294236525 Apr '24 11:21Challenge Player
Subscriberjonop1899271167911325 Apr '24 11:16Challenge Player
SubscriberNeville Martin10711606789425 Apr '24 11:14Challenge Player
Standard memberBassJohn1614212097810865625 Apr '24 11:12Challenge Player
Standard memberMokoka1039277931731125 Apr '24 11:09Challenge Player
SubscriberChristo Kapp160219712964425 Apr '24 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberL Stock16952275114481731425 Apr '24 11:03Challenge Player
Standard memberTheTyranny14096572293973125 Apr '24 11:00Challenge Player
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