South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSthesh77percentonline15946882714021504 Dec '22 02:53Challenge Player
Subscribersbinionline177162613758208242104 Dec '22 02:53Challenge Player
Standard memberpestelensie1087185267911155804 Dec '22 02:51Challenge Player
Subscriberbaltika91468197393491512404 Dec '22 02:44Challenge Player
Standard memberRottenPawn1626725218204 Dec '22 02:41Challenge Player
Standard memberProwlingPawn147117187691504 Dec '22 02:30Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee144616517448139404 Dec '22 02:20Challenge Player
Standard memberPawnter138612235026338804 Dec '22 02:20Challenge Player
Standard memberMysticidium148064153504271519604 Dec '22 02:14Challenge Player
Standard memberL Stock17922060104473727904 Dec '22 02:03Challenge Player
Standard memberShimmy Shakep1276642004 Dec '22 02:03Challenge Player
Standard memberKarlIgnatius122614596717493904 Dec '22 01:00Challenge Player
SubscriberChristo Kapp1547674818104 Dec '22 00:48Challenge Player
Standard memberNishal Hariparsad11851909593204 Dec '22 00:22Challenge Player
Standard memberalicat1314479414994271503 Dec '22 23:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMpho Isaac Thobakgale14509705194272403 Dec '22 23:31Challenge Player
Subscriberklopdisselboom180214689554179603 Dec '22 23:30Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hay12785763042522003 Dec '22 23:18Challenge Player
Standard memberrabnes136628241384132411603 Dec '22 23:08Challenge Player
Standard membermikideesa162214189354166703 Dec '22 22:54Challenge Player
Standard memberJohan Du Preez1501473410303 Dec '22 22:44Challenge Player
Standard memberCollin97314630113303 Dec '22 22:42Challenge Player
Subscriberdruss2081178294571212503 Dec '22 22:40Challenge Player
Standard memberBoelie1607201389987124303 Dec '22 22:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFish4113758175142792403 Dec '22 22:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAFriend150313777015948203 Dec '22 22:00Challenge Player
Standard memberkooskakebeen115112945187245203 Dec '22 21:36Challenge Player
Standard memberCostad14871718381757446156203 Dec '22 21:34Challenge Player
Subscriberstrolla11834172071991103 Dec '22 21:25Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherK16382513124589537303 Dec '22 21:24Challenge Player
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