NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberKiltro Guachitoonlinep1200000027 Jul '21 09:05Challenge Player
Standard memberrsegovia71online1555158093653810627 Jul '21 09:04Challenge Player
Standard memberfval2online124714775069195227 Jul '21 09:03Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablancaonline151132541612133231027 Jul '21 08:58Challenge Player
Standard memberragonro6612967364492691827 Jul '21 08:54Challenge Player
Standard membergarabato182616810160727 Jul '21 08:41Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n12765292752292527 Jul '21 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberburellin1318200610039178627 Jul '21 08:03Challenge Player
Standard memberLixusDCMp125119109027 Jul '21 07:42Challenge Player
Standard memberJuanolasp1200000027 Jul '21 07:40Challenge Player
Standard memberramonp11201596027 Jul '21 07:35Challenge Player
Standard membernajaja143938961842182822627 Jul '21 07:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJP Duplessis143429271127 Jul '21 06:55Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx176110138561154227 Jul '21 06:52Challenge Player
Standard memberKECHUAH1548914838527 Jul '21 06:44Challenge Player
Subscriberdespistado1293117125764556738127 Jul '21 06:36Challenge Player
Standard memberMiguel Gómez Frieyrop1014615027 Jul '21 06:19Challenge Player
Standard membermarkbrownrigg1167204098310134427 Jul '21 06:00Challenge Player
Standard memberspokes5814091013362644727 Jul '21 05:48Challenge Player
SubscriberLosPie15233341981013527 Jul '21 05:31Challenge Player
Standard memberTutulu1p1430971127 Jul '21 05:25Challenge Player
Standard memberogh1432244124112827 Jul '21 05:21Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1687108868330310227 Jul '21 04:24Challenge Player
Standard memberfrancisc059156724183327 Jul '21 01:31Challenge Player
Standard memberjlbalbas1348682048027 Jul '21 01:14Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo 7311281486775626 Jul '21 23:46Challenge Player
Standard memberyesshe137710596144083726 Jul '21 22:59Challenge Player
Standard memberlawjudd11411556091426 Jul '21 22:52Challenge Player
Standard memberLos Molares145312705896245726 Jul '21 22:46Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain11823541581771926 Jul '21 22:01Challenge Player
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