NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberdespistado1292119015848566838520 Jan '22 08:04Challenge Player
Standard memberburellinonline1335201810089238720 Jan '22 08:02Challenge Player
Standard memberJP Duplessisonline144346414120 Jan '22 08:01Challenge Player
Standard memberAbracitos2010142517013828420 Jan '22 07:47Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n13475532902372620 Jan '22 07:27Challenge Player
SubscriberLosPie15693462041053720 Jan '22 06:59Challenge Player
Standard memberragonro6612907834852782020 Jan '22 06:53Challenge Player
Standard memberjefdel1538220127781520 Jan '22 06:37Challenge Player
Standard memberfval2124815625239855420 Jan '22 05:45Challenge Player
Standard memberCapitan Barlovento1166241792314563820 Jan '22 05:05Challenge Player
SubscriberFERQUIROS152288504060433245820 Jan '22 03:47Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1681110869930710220 Jan '22 03:23Challenge Player
Standard memberjlbalbas140724673168520 Jan '22 01:40Challenge Player
Standard memberfrancisc0591700164111391420 Jan '22 01:13Challenge Player
Standard memberVentrix125921011091920 Jan '22 00:05Challenge Player
Standard memberCKDBY93QRXLN1241251410119 Jan '22 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberLos Molares140012805936305719 Jan '22 23:51Challenge Player
Standard memberEmilio571690673919919 Jan '22 23:05Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo 7310511596984619 Jan '22 22:53Challenge Player
Standard memberrsegovia7115391715101758111719 Jan '22 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberlawjudd115019377112419 Jan '22 21:27Challenge Player
Standard memberLuziernagap1200201119 Jan '22 20:58Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablanca157633191647135232019 Jan '22 20:48Challenge Player
Standard membercotarelo106137826319 Jan '22 20:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSwaleixp1200000019 Jan '22 20:01Challenge Player
Standard membercocodrilo244925919925819 Jan '22 18:58Challenge Player
Standard memberjavierfranco13241969897119 Jan '22 17:27Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain11993861771892019 Jan '22 16:11Challenge Player
Standard membernajaja145939411865184623019 Jan '22 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberdrakunsteinp1306853019 Jan '22 11:42Challenge Player
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