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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber TGN19139795663605320 Aug '18 11:18Challenge Player
Standard member Hadzo Mujnovic16234082211424520 Aug '18 11:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Torunn1334191100801120 Aug '18 10:50Challenge Player
Standard member PIERRE G12543511541821520 Aug '18 10:43Challenge Player
Standard member Permov112810274595462220 Aug '18 10:39Challenge Player
Standard member daka200014699505623424620 Aug '18 10:34Challenge Player
Standard member Goult1501180115541120 Aug '18 10:30Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik131668512879384312920 Aug '18 09:55Challenge Player
Standard member bjonil6089616130130120 Aug '18 09:52Challenge Player
Subscriber chrekh1493108145925453135820 Aug '18 09:43Challenge Player
Standard member HempaBempa13993771841811220 Aug '18 09:12Challenge Player
Standard member Hasurami1338643625320 Aug '18 09:11Challenge Player
Standard member Doctorc689346851645101120 Aug '18 08:52Challenge Player
Subscriber chr65017088714863355020 Aug '18 07:48Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking121413974551020 Aug '18 07:41Challenge Player
Standard member rutan919462219239420 Aug '18 07:14Challenge Player
Standard member Niclas Strand18435593371764620 Aug '18 06:57Challenge Player
Standard member schalturtjik18058194892745620 Aug '18 05:56Challenge Player
Standard member Zebbots1910624714120 Aug '18 05:47Challenge Player
Standard member Per Madsen1233714357350720 Aug '18 05:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Forest113165483241290740020 Aug '18 05:04Challenge Player
Subscriber jello651090190173111383220 Aug '18 04:53Challenge Player
Standard member Robban13496982903723619 Aug '18 22:38Challenge Player
Standard member Megakvant17311429543419 Aug '18 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane15769784864583419 Aug '18 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member luddeq2175212133255419 Aug '18 20:54Challenge Player
Standard member FireofGod123027501106141522919 Aug '18 20:47Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby147612637144846519 Aug '18 19:43Challenge Player
Standard member remtoli1455177112541119 Aug '18 18:32Challenge Player
Standard member jstipo211714075432219 Aug '18 12:52Challenge Player

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