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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Doctorc68online9016281514671011 Dec '17 03:47Challenge Player
Subscriber jello65108214175288642511 Dec '17 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane15669414694403211 Dec '17 02:18Challenge Player
Standard member Richwood1247331518010 Dec '17 23:38Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik116163972662361112410 Dec '17 23:28Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Forest117062593124275637910 Dec '17 23:26Challenge Player
Standard member Fabricated132213296746154010 Dec '17 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member HempaBempa14112771331331110 Dec '17 22:06Challenge Player
Subscriber chrekh1281106185807445435710 Dec '17 22:01Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby151512086834656010 Dec '17 21:59Challenge Player
Standard member remtoli1460161101491110 Dec '17 21:58Challenge Player
Standard member jstipo209012766402110 Dec '17 21:38Challenge Player
Subscriber Torunn1261924541610 Dec '17 21:30Challenge Player
Standard member sbostrom1262623624210 Dec '17 21:08Challenge Player
Standard member schalturtjik17337654542595210 Dec '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member astranaut14731217343510 Dec '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking12771206546910 Dec '17 20:52Challenge Player
Standard member noe41836302207692610 Dec '17 20:40Challenge Player
Standard member rutan992424207213410 Dec '17 20:39Challenge Player
Standard member hepatica162543411110 Dec '17 20:33Challenge Player
Standard member Hadzo Mujnovic16273782101293910 Dec '17 20:10Challenge Player
Standard member Goult14701489247910 Dec '17 19:35Challenge Player
Subscriber tramper164326431387102922710 Dec '17 19:19Challenge Player
Standard member Cristian Nitu150426922346010 Dec '17 18:50Challenge Player
Standard member PIERRE G13363171411611510 Dec '17 18:25Challenge Player
Standard member daka200015368735243064310 Dec '17 18:25Challenge Player
Standard member luddeq2159203126245310 Dec '17 17:32Challenge Player
Standard member Niclas Strand17245343211704310 Dec '17 17:23Challenge Player
Subscriber TGN18179485423535310 Dec '17 16:06Challenge Player
Standard member bjonil6091115230122010 Dec '17 15:41Challenge Player

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