NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberCristian Nitu1327904714184604 Dec '22 01:21Challenge Player
Standard memberPaleRider1821163585560317704 Dec '22 00:14Challenge Player
Subscriberchrekh1457117476443491638803 Dec '22 23:48Challenge Player
Subscriberdocjan19949727681386603 Dec '22 23:37Challenge Player
Standard memberErik The Viking12232521341011703 Dec '22 22:37Challenge Player
Standard memberDrabanten15335673451725003 Dec '22 22:28Challenge Player
Standard memberYasa Yhvjju17424591792384203 Dec '22 22:19Challenge Player
Standard membernoe416976533912154703 Dec '22 22:10Challenge Player
Standard memberRichwood125310850471103 Dec '22 21:48Challenge Player
Standard memberHadzo Mujnovic15916513732106803 Dec '22 21:27Challenge Player
Standard memberTorunn13065732812227003 Dec '22 21:14Challenge Player
Standard membersbostrom1294200100861403 Dec '22 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas B12206012563321303 Dec '22 20:48Challenge Player
Subscriberjoen1423204105821703 Dec '22 20:31Challenge Player
Standard memberMr Wolves1735370304491703 Dec '22 20:27Challenge Player
Standard memberNiborator1160331122003 Dec '22 20:18Challenge Player
Standard memberGoult1696370259931803 Dec '22 20:09Challenge Player
Standard memberrobrak10651446675303 Dec '22 20:07Challenge Player
Standard memberdaka2000154413347854826703 Dec '22 19:58Challenge Player
Standard memberRobban152010734805415203 Dec '22 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGoranmjolby162915589085787203 Dec '22 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMarcusation105541097308503 Dec '22 18:49Challenge Player
SubscriberHasurami13216323092903303 Dec '22 18:49Challenge Player
Standard memberBodie Broadus16159524414694203 Dec '22 18:19Challenge Player
Standard memberlillmange1103690280405503 Dec '22 18:18Challenge Player
Standard memberluddeq2256260169286303 Dec '22 18:15Challenge Player
Standard memberPermov108615806329113703 Dec '22 17:01Challenge Player
Standard memberRaffe146837333103 Dec '22 16:57Challenge Player
Standard memberAgar1777162431081103 Dec '22 16:36Challenge Player
Standard memberschalturtjik174111326653947303 Dec '22 16:07Challenge Player
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