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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member jello65107313044698112423 Aug '17 04:10Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane15129284624343223 Aug '17 02:56Challenge Player
Standard member FireofGod134226701076137122323 Aug '17 02:45Challenge Player
Standard member Fabricated138112736465883923 Aug '17 02:27Challenge Player
Standard member Doctorc689615771464211022 Aug '17 23:55Challenge Player
Subscriber chrekh1420105055752440634722 Aug '17 23:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Forest119261383068270136922 Aug '17 22:55Challenge Player
Standard member Richwood1224301218022 Aug '17 22:43Challenge Player
Standard member Cristian Nitu143217114625022 Aug '17 22:37Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik129460542530340611822 Aug '17 22:06Challenge Player
Standard member jstipo208512164372022 Aug '17 21:24Challenge Player
Subscriber chr65016828384673224922 Aug '17 21:07Challenge Player
Standard member noe41774287196682322 Aug '17 20:55Challenge Player
Standard member rutan1011406200202422 Aug '17 20:45Challenge Player
Subscriber tramper174025881359100622322 Aug '17 20:45Challenge Player
Standard member Megakvant1496785324122 Aug '17 20:40Challenge Player
Standard member Torbjorn Molvig1617694815622 Aug '17 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member schalturtjik17247274332445022 Aug '17 20:10Challenge Player
Standard member Jonar15236273003131422 Aug '17 20:09Challenge Player
Standard member bjonil6088314428116022 Aug '17 19:33Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking12991085841922 Aug '17 19:30Challenge Player
Standard member Per Madsen1299636315314722 Aug '17 18:43Challenge Player
Standard member Hadzo Mujnovic17263572021193622 Aug '17 18:25Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby145911896694606022 Aug '17 18:24Challenge Player
Standard member tomros13982501271051822 Aug '17 18:23Challenge Player
Standard member sbostrom1234523020222 Aug '17 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member bluenight1665654222122 Aug '17 18:17Challenge Player
Standard member daka200015078515112984222 Aug '17 17:56Challenge Player
Standard member klatjoffs135910377621958022 Aug '17 17:45Challenge Player
Standard member Robban13476592713553322 Aug '17 16:45Challenge Player

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