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Chess Player Directory for Trinidad and Tobago

Chess Player Directory for Trinidad and Tobago

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member bayrou120014115138633517 Jun '18 22:05Challenge Player
Standard member Rolland1317175367110443817 Jun '18 22:03Challenge Player
Standard member Pawn D Russ117214695259014317 Jun '18 20:06Challenge Player
Standard member pirate169712608233855217 Jun '18 20:04Challenge Player
Standard member shawn mills14123571621781717 Jun '18 03:35Challenge Player
Standard member chepad14795372762263517 Jun '18 01:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Rajk999137253122575260213517 Jun '18 00:43Challenge Player
Standard member Allardiniop 943606027 Jan '17 20:15Challenge Player
Standard member Haffiz Mohammedp 1200321019 Sep '16 12:27Challenge Player
Standard member J Dubép 1200220014 Jul '14 04:01Challenge Player
Standard member Rajivr1559571938024 Feb '14 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member Pressure14629844644417923 Oct '13 20:12Challenge Player
Standard member MAJ the Mightyp 1200101022 Jul '13 21:40Challenge Player
Standard member joechoong167430252304 Jan '13 03:58Challenge Player
Standard member amqali1219271511127 Sep '12 17:13Challenge Player
Standard member Kchessmanp 1241908102 Jul '12 17:24Challenge Player
Standard member Nubian Armyp 12451064016 Sep '11 09:13Challenge Player
Standard member JonnyBlaze52761294612930219 Apr '11 00:21Challenge Player
Standard member anuman34946215695711514802 Mar '11 17:46Challenge Player
Standard member what person1033411228123 Feb '11 03:41Challenge Player
Standard member fclaveriep 1200101009 Oct '10 01:29Challenge Player
Standard member 1badhas1207412417010 Sep '10 02:27Challenge Player
Standard member sneak15301096637616 Apr '10 17:34Challenge Player
Standard member Doffy1596896224324 Nov '09 00:47Challenge Player
Standard member alphagatorp 875945030 Aug '09 17:44Challenge Player
Standard member Shernicep 1200202030 Jun '09 21:43Challenge Player
Standard member Crackerer1699734528029 Jun '09 18:03Challenge Player
Standard member brandonchubbsp 1200202029 Jun '09 01:56Challenge Player
Standard member Mugasap 1200110005 May '09 02:49Challenge Player
Standard member weBLYNKp 929514029 Dec '08 11:22Challenge Player

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