NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberNick2175161746772511196320327 Mar '23 22:14Challenge Player
Standard memberДмитрий Верёвкин1240554290257727 Mar '23 22:10Challenge Player
SubscriberSculptorBloke140150532815192031827 Mar '23 21:35Challenge Player
Standard memberdkushnir15545772432993527 Mar '23 21:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMikey D14605003471371627 Mar '23 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberesly16488674023927327 Mar '23 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberRichard Wesley1340894047227 Mar '23 19:37Challenge Player
Standard membergordonoleg149711456564107927 Mar '23 19:35Challenge Player
Standard memberVanesZa1162187769211661927 Mar '23 19:30Challenge Player
Standard memberAXA16252441031261527 Mar '23 19:22Challenge Player
Standard membervaleriynaz13999324913974427 Mar '23 19:03Challenge Player
Standard memberdymayou11247212824102927 Mar '23 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSilverbantam107214175048644927 Mar '23 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberAndriy G14756823762664027 Mar '23 18:29Challenge Player
Subscribermarleysghost187331581608139215827 Mar '23 18:21Challenge Player
Subscriberpeter shtudiner166611335944479227 Mar '23 18:21Challenge Player
Standard memberanatolya333154816567938055827 Mar '23 18:21Challenge Player
Standard memberkvestor12134752322142927 Mar '23 17:24Challenge Player
Standard memberAnas dwair121310335234902027 Mar '23 15:11Challenge Player
Subscriberhenjutsu152840602308164610627 Mar '23 14:30Challenge Player
Subscriberspats151371043961270344027 Mar '23 14:10Challenge Player
Standard memberCheap Trick1184321516127 Mar '23 13:04Challenge Player
Standard memberVas5Attack20328142192027 Mar '23 05:57Challenge Player
Standard memberprocyk177781474774257380027 Mar '23 04:03Challenge Player
Standard memberwvk11962481151033027 Mar '23 02:14Challenge Player
Standard memberonlytt14573612111401026 Mar '23 20:40Challenge Player
SubscriberJayboman15791491121359842419126 Mar '23 16:56Challenge Player
Subscriberradioactive6914082312109011259726 Mar '23 13:25Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Conquistador16485963622201425 Mar '23 09:47Challenge Player
Standard memberkostalemate13181677389522 Mar '23 19:30Challenge Player
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