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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member lewgrahamonline1398392315125 Jul '17 08:54Challenge Player
Standard member gouldjonline12682948140914489125 Jul '17 08:54Challenge Player
Standard member EdGriffinonline1208482721025 Jul '17 08:54Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline89211494337051125 Jul '17 08:53Challenge Player
Standard member NOTLAWonline14726083012713625 Jul '17 08:53Challenge Player
Subscriber jeremy reidonline15861972112468116725 Jul '17 08:52Challenge Player
Standard member dunadan1391439223210625 Jul '17 08:51Challenge Player
Standard member tangerinechromeonline1231944548125 Jul '17 08:51Challenge Player
Standard member El Barononline158411896864436025 Jul '17 08:51Challenge Player
Standard member ginganingaonline1385238120112625 Jul '17 08:50Challenge Player
Standard member michael1473online12128333674363025 Jul '17 08:49Challenge Player
Standard member frazzz135012825417053625 Jul '17 08:49Challenge Player
Standard member Carter USMonline136412144896665925 Jul '17 08:49Challenge Player
Standard member LEARNER45online166247424125 Jul '17 08:49Challenge Player
Standard member Alfie Headonlinep 1200000025 Jul '17 08:48Challenge Player
Standard member bolsoniaonline1222694293394725 Jul '17 08:48Challenge Player
Standard member The Rocketeeronline1322296194822025 Jul '17 08:46Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421341106794365553378125 Jul '17 08:45Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracks1395279154122325 Jul '17 08:43Challenge Player
Standard member Sam Austin1641816017425 Jul '17 08:43Challenge Player
Standard member brush146018511166825 Jul '17 08:42Challenge Player
Subscriber edenfield9912605202652361925 Jul '17 08:42Challenge Player
Subscriber silentknights2233572470633925 Jul '17 08:41Challenge Player
Standard member laliv15513891751793525 Jul '17 08:41Challenge Player
Standard member Unicorn92090233410536225125 Jul '17 08:40Challenge Player
Subscriber beardmusic11626972693992925 Jul '17 08:40Challenge Player
Subscriber adixon10001241763143225 Jul '17 08:39Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Fox128622148025 Jul '17 08:38Challenge Player
Subscriber KingsWaterman14821168529225 Jul '17 08:37Challenge Player
Standard member steveod161320210887725 Jul '17 08:36Challenge Player

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