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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber invigorateonline123765482893342922618 Dec '17 07:07Challenge Player
Subscriber pineapple421255109134437568279418 Dec '17 07:07Challenge Player
Standard member Richard1online11413491192062418 Dec '17 07:06Challenge Player
Standard member Richo1965online11958934873822418 Dec '17 07:06Challenge Player
Subscriber danrose84online1250215996111584018 Dec '17 07:05Challenge Player
Standard member Gloggersonline119529361452136511918 Dec '17 07:04Challenge Player
Subscriber imetfischeronline142757092448279147018 Dec '17 07:04Challenge Player
Subscriber BoardReaderonline159510746433844718 Dec '17 07:03Challenge Player
Subscriber Ragwortonline On Vacation19573527229779044018 Dec '17 07:03Challenge Player
Standard member MiesesQueenonline1976281226411418 Dec '17 07:01Challenge Player
Subscriber bignigonline122645682180225513318 Dec '17 07:01Challenge Player
Standard member Jimbo6online11414912262491618 Dec '17 07:00Challenge Player
Standard member mcmurdoonline1261339168165618 Dec '17 06:59Challenge Player
Standard member Loud Howard1494583916318 Dec '17 06:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Elphinstone154329191575121712718 Dec '17 06:57Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColin13149144394443118 Dec '17 06:56Challenge Player
Standard member gpoul13312931611191318 Dec '17 06:55Challenge Player
Subscriber snajaj165025017769418 Dec '17 06:55Challenge Player
Standard member michael147311739504384773518 Dec '17 06:55Challenge Player
Standard member Bromdog132424531198110015518 Dec '17 06:54Challenge Player
Standard member LianMore11349364644551718 Dec '17 06:53Challenge Player
Standard member Eggcatcher141511635715207218 Dec '17 06:53Challenge Player
Standard member kapenta15348363284783018 Dec '17 06:53Challenge Player
Standard member holeysocks7@hotmail.com77136234018 Dec '17 06:50Challenge Player
Standard member Andy DJ147720713768218 Dec '17 06:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Kyoga Knight13845052542351618 Dec '17 06:47Challenge Player
Subscriber S0AP153650312096254738818 Dec '17 06:47Challenge Player
Standard member The Master DJ1321613028318 Dec '17 06:47Challenge Player
Standard member Powermonger12981446875118 Dec '17 06:46Challenge Player
Subscriber padger86877313496405018518 Dec '17 06:46Challenge Player

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