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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber scoop122online136723961141106918620 Oct '17 04:58Challenge Player
Subscriber Elphinstoneonline168128181511118512220 Oct '17 04:58Challenge Player
Subscriber KevinHonline1761111755046510220 Oct '17 04:57Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online104532281243187111420 Oct '17 04:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Tonksonline172435772338101422520 Oct '17 04:56Challenge Player
Standard member michael1473online12049134184623320 Oct '17 04:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Hyperion7online1684193611027488620 Oct '17 04:56Challenge Player
Standard member Ed Kainyekonline15434922352421520 Oct '17 04:50Challenge Player
Subscriber soulbyonline17777314522364320 Oct '17 04:50Challenge Player
Standard member devilkillinbiatchonline148413006915783120 Oct '17 04:50Challenge Player
Standard member dncp15787985551964720 Oct '17 04:46Challenge Player
Standard member mig19621269275149119720 Oct '17 04:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Acresda14376433123003120 Oct '17 04:39Challenge Player
Subscriber tomsan16923582051312220 Oct '17 04:37Challenge Player
Subscriber ruylopez5117255143151485120 Oct '17 04:37Challenge Player
Standard member Soliduss11167923893733020 Oct '17 04:33Challenge Player
Standard member Casey Wasserman16776202893003120 Oct '17 04:31Challenge Player
Subscriber munichmick161929171330127631120 Oct '17 04:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Fox1397704822020 Oct '17 04:14Challenge Player
Standard member The Master DJ1259371817220 Oct '17 04:08Challenge Player
Subscriber bignig110545162150223712920 Oct '17 04:07Challenge Player
Subscriber CPK120133021483171510420 Oct '17 04:04Challenge Player
Subscriber stevehewitt142510185224692720 Oct '17 03:56Challenge Player
Standard member IZMOTA18464832652001820 Oct '17 03:51Challenge Player
Standard member Foggy1000120111525485495520 Oct '17 03:48Challenge Player
Subscriber autolycus12592907130415129120 Oct '17 03:40Challenge Player
Standard member capt cust12572651301142120 Oct '17 03:39Challenge Player
Subscriber tjmarti15973692141411420 Oct '17 03:38Challenge Player
Standard member David Clark1228251312020 Oct '17 03:33Challenge Player
Standard member martin williams8312758113815952520 Oct '17 03:32Challenge Player

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