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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Russell Mcsharryonline10471072976218 Sep '18 18:21Challenge Player
Standard member suitcaseonline144014710540218 Sep '18 18:21Challenge Player
Standard member alan21284online11423481621701618 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColinonline127512115745914618 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer14038474064311018 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member amtw99online1786191799166126518 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Subscriber bugboy115online166612616645326518 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Subscriber KevinHonline1584117057049410618 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Subscriber WillRRonline13851397757518 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member Superstuonline146217010655918 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member muppettonline146311806165055918 Sep '18 18:20Challenge Player
Standard member The Rocketeeronline13193862511112418 Sep '18 18:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Bobbytongeonline12561567478418 Sep '18 18:19Challenge Player
Standard member blenkipaonline1119350110238218 Sep '18 18:18Challenge Player
Standard member bolsoniaonline1199748315426718 Sep '18 18:17Challenge Player
Standard member dethjjonline156315511239418 Sep '18 18:17Challenge Player
Standard member lastcraftonline20241401279418 Sep '18 18:16Challenge Player
Standard member Owen Youngonlinep 1200101018 Sep '18 18:16Challenge Player
Standard member Tomm6345789online1178166350311045618 Sep '18 18:16Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online117114155817597518 Sep '18 18:15Challenge Player
Standard member ninedeadlyvenomsonlinep 125916610018 Sep '18 18:15Challenge Player
Standard member Nick Bestonlinep 1200430118 Sep '18 18:14Challenge Player
Subscriber scoop122online132626701294117919718 Sep '18 18:14Challenge Player
Subscriber TUBTUBonline149414607506387218 Sep '18 18:14Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline105114235558541418 Sep '18 18:14Challenge Player
Standard member Kevin Wilsononlinep 1200000018 Sep '18 18:13Challenge Player
Standard member afazonline1406883353218 Sep '18 18:13Challenge Player
Standard member silver foxonline1028431723318 Sep '18 18:12Challenge Player
Standard member sw67online1154440203234318 Sep '18 18:11Challenge Player
Standard member oldpedroonline144320115937518 Sep '18 18:11Challenge Player

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