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Chess Player Directory for United States

Chess Player Directory for United States

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber macattack777online149825461260117211427 May '18 05:25Challenge Player
Subscriber schwagonline105113356386484927 May '18 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member mahretteonline1282354892422327 May '18 05:25Challenge Player
Subscriber wizardschessonline184053003122155662227 May '18 05:25Challenge Player
Subscriber QUAGMYR2261405356272227 May '18 05:23Challenge Player
Subscriber Divot Farmeronline1823145684843017827 May '18 05:23Challenge Player
Subscriber Iron Dukeonline163948502614177646027 May '18 05:22Challenge Player
Standard member Chesstizeronline13972491391001027 May '18 05:22Challenge Player
Subscriber cervantes999online12752627129612834827 May '18 05:21Challenge Player
Subscriber spinit6online121316708257915427 May '18 05:21Challenge Player
Standard member ej1137online14748644783721427 May '18 05:19Challenge Player
Standard member Joe Gonline115211324995943927 May '18 05:18Challenge Player
Standard member blargendargonline14461278240527 May '18 05:18Challenge Player
Subscriber RedHotMayoronline170528221357129417127 May '18 05:18Challenge Player
Standard member The Rickeronline1236180763011581927 May '18 05:17Challenge Player
Subscriber Ed Freyfogleonline12604597228922347427 May '18 05:17Challenge Player
Subscriber scwymstronline97799893983540759927 May '18 05:16Challenge Player
Standard member dieselorange113315896009632627 May '18 05:15Challenge Player
Subscriber takinitez00718122250129975120027 May '18 05:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Deathbox16911108619527 May '18 05:14Challenge Player
Subscriber RonaldGalen12883538174517029127 May '18 05:13Challenge Player
Standard member Lloyd Anderson1100442519027 May '18 05:13Challenge Player
Subscriber cLiMan152736182044119338127 May '18 05:13Challenge Player
Subscriber carystover1608213112807579427 May '18 05:13Challenge Player
Subscriber John yoder1442764128727 May '18 05:12Challenge Player
Standard member owen15353432001281527 May '18 05:12Challenge Player
Standard member lanks13483611891621027 May '18 05:11Challenge Player
Standard member eirhtug9794111062901527 May '18 05:11Challenge Player
Standard member rjmanzuk94472323131391518627 May '18 05:10Challenge Player
Standard member Wes Warep 101213112027 May '18 05:10Challenge Player

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