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NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberKunsooonline172849392556192246127 Oct '21 06:49Challenge Player
Standard memberMr Inspectoronline119231723127 Oct '21 06:48Challenge Player
Subscriberhjcpaonline119879243422420130127 Oct '21 06:48Challenge Player
Standard memberWayne Dealonline14043861711882727 Oct '21 06:47Challenge Player
Standard memberlatitudezeroonline15524252131852727 Oct '21 06:47Challenge Player
SubscriberTaiwo Sule Inmanonline109716386469662627 Oct '21 06:46Challenge Player
Standard memberDannyOKonlinep817707027 Oct '21 06:46Challenge Player
Subscriberdart121online125413576526584727 Oct '21 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberAliplaychessonlinep146018125127 Oct '21 06:44Challenge Player
Standard memberAlan Weichbrodtonline127512063388363227 Oct '21 06:43Challenge Player
Standard memberAddisonLeeonline1043206411501527 Oct '21 06:41Challenge Player
Standard memberPawnzieonline12871808884827 Oct '21 06:40Challenge Player
SubscriberZonaGrad22213629253781228027 Oct '21 06:39Challenge Player
Subscribercardinalal1886180899165316427 Oct '21 06:38Challenge Player
Subscribermagicalmates17833921951435427 Oct '21 06:38Challenge Player
Standard membermelden10805252732361627 Oct '21 06:37Challenge Player
SubscriberAlltheKingsMen163915277756539927 Oct '21 06:36Challenge Player
Standard memberSistematico11831124960327 Oct '21 06:34Challenge Player
Standard memberLarry Wright12835632742553427 Oct '21 06:34Challenge Player
Standard memberhighdesertbum15229916552964027 Oct '21 06:33Challenge Player
Standard memberUncle Bohica143516210847727 Oct '21 06:32Challenge Player
Standard membergoam13077033253433527 Oct '21 06:31Challenge Player
Subscriberdgja04nb1427437221212427 Oct '21 06:30Challenge Player
Standard memberchessdemon8128941441682215630627 Oct '21 06:30Challenge Player
Standard memberorcas Jim13311436273827 Oct '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberErik Jensen1176260102153527 Oct '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberJerry Blanco14031036432727 Oct '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberMr Groove15052931741001927 Oct '21 06:27Challenge Player
Standard memberHEDROSS133912795916315727 Oct '21 06:26Challenge Player
Standard membermindwip11815052392511527 Oct '21 06:26Challenge Player
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