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Chess Player Directory for United States

Chess Player Directory for United States

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber ParShooteronline150233551778141116621 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Standard member Lucky Baldwinonline13655203331543321 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber tjp1684online1362154977164713121 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber blitheronline17001130167863061145421 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Standard member hbaum06online113015456748413021 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Sci Fi Westonline140844362015194947221 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber sunrakeronline130910135374195721 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber swandogonline15082296119197213321 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Bassman57online136767113038324243121 Sep '18 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Krbilyeuonline1132942468221 Sep '18 03:49Challenge Player
Subscriber cervantes999online11882776136713545521 Sep '18 03:49Challenge Player
Standard member gatorsteveonline104413264638441921 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member nook of the nwonline12004902092701121 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member chemthomasonline15584802402103021 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member Edward Palamaronline12843511861501521 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member Squidwardonline12427543803334121 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member lunchtimeonline14838664743593321 Sep '18 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member TDDonline12904672562011021 Sep '18 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member kor83318online9354962052731821 Sep '18 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member WyomingKidonline183516214313621 Sep '18 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member jpitsmeonline13497485781393121 Sep '18 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member a chess playeronline13315243042031721 Sep '18 03:47Challenge Player
Subscriber MAN O WAR1827867453891991129421 Sep '18 03:46Challenge Player
Standard member Larry Gantonline1384378160213521 Sep '18 03:46Challenge Player
Subscriber sailjohn1online10368453514841021 Sep '18 03:46Challenge Player
Standard member FrolickingFerretonline1248244689714549521 Sep '18 03:46Challenge Player
Subscriber achilles9533online114459662310349316321 Sep '18 03:45Challenge Player
Standard member jimm619online128755202914226833821 Sep '18 03:45Challenge Player
Standard member jimlanyononline1401833150221 Sep '18 03:45Challenge Player
Subscriber vpadilla7online15293281153516569021 Sep '18 03:45Challenge Player

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