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NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberchessnut57online13634652222123127 Jul '21 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberjunebconline9742421133710216327 Jul '21 08:38Challenge Player
Standard membertywy20online140330227127 Jul '21 08:38Challenge Player
Subscriberblack yoda64online13812961341521027 Jul '21 08:37Challenge Player
Standard memberAllen Montgomeryonline1392384289761927 Jul '21 08:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAstrobioMikeonlinep1200330027 Jul '21 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriberdurham7869online1472148769365014427 Jul '21 08:34Challenge Player
SubscriberMICHAEL JOHNonline63651271028389120827 Jul '21 08:34Challenge Player
Subscriberczewiske146763132807333017627 Jul '21 08:34Challenge Player
Standard memberjsweazonline1308263130125827 Jul '21 08:32Challenge Player
Standard memberDavid R 2online93630567237127 Jul '21 08:31Challenge Player
Standard membergiantrobotonline196019817815527 Jul '21 08:30Challenge Player
Standard memberblackstaff13123022914085427 Jul '21 08:24Challenge Player
Standard memberGolfing8tr98925017232127 Jul '21 08:24Challenge Player
Standard memberJerome H Wheeler160327270027 Jul '21 08:24Challenge Player
Subscriberknightsgambit141014556797274927 Jul '21 08:23Challenge Player
Standard memberclgray2001134315456768313827 Jul '21 08:22Challenge Player
Standard memberLarry Franklin13227262983903827 Jul '21 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberBarefootChessPlayer1697138711072186227 Jul '21 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberGamingbeast1269291613027 Jul '21 08:19Challenge Player
Subscribertomak119268252935342146927 Jul '21 08:18Challenge Player
Standard memberSamloyal23121312565337041927 Jul '21 08:18Challenge Player
Standard memberSteven Atkins110414038102027 Jul '21 08:14Challenge Player
Subscriberfrpax60113310645544783227 Jul '21 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberTelescoping Triad11278242555135627 Jul '21 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberlatitudezero14943971931802427 Jul '21 08:11Challenge Player
Standard memberDepecheMode138648181128352916127 Jul '21 08:08Challenge Player
Standard memberdatalogik1442826017527 Jul '21 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberBaddogg4415977304322514727 Jul '21 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberColConan72081871227 Jul '21 08:04Challenge Player
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