Grandmaster Games Database
Lev Psakhis vs Evgeny Bareev0-1401985URS-FLA57Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Maia Chiburdanidze vs Lev Psakhis½-½141985Banja LukaC54Giuoco PianoBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Efim Geller½-½291985URS-ch52C55Two knights defence (Modern Bishop's Op...Browse
Lev Psakhis vs Mikhail Gurevich½-½931985URS-ch52E29Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 c5Browse
Smbat Lputian vs Lev Psakhis½-½251985URS-FLC18Queen's pawnBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Smbat Lputian1-0571985URS-ch52D34Queen's gambit declinedBrowse
Smbat Lputian vs Lev Psakhis1-0481985SochiC16Queen's pawnBrowse
Predrag Nikolic vs Lev Psakhis½-½491985BorA90Queen's pawnBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Ivan Farago½-½621985Banja LukaC02French Advance, Paulsen attackBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Zlatko Klaric0-1481985Banja LukaA41Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Bojan Kurajica½-½151985Banja LukaE11Bogo-Indian defence, Gruenfeld variatio...Browse
Lev Psakhis vs Jiri Lechtynsky1-0341985Banja LukaD85Gruenfeld Modern Exchange variationBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Dragoljub Minic1-0421985Banja LukaE81Benoni defence, Hromodka systemBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs James Plaskett½-½181985Banja LukaE60Benoni defenceBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs Milenko Sibarevic1-0321985Banja LukaD36Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Nigel Short vs Lev Psakhis1-0351985Banja LukaC16French Winawer, Advance variationBrowse
Dragoljub Velimirovic vs Lev Psakhis½-½121985Banja LukaC92Ruy Lopez Closed (with ...d6)Browse
Branko Filipovic vs Lev Psakhis½-½341985Banja LukaA08Sicilian defenceBrowse
Stefan Djuric vs Lev Psakhis0-1581985Banja LukaA80DutchBrowse
Miladin Gavric vs Lev Psakhis½-½211985Banja LukaB85Grob's attackBrowse
Slavoljub Marjanovic vs Lev Psakhis½-½241985BorC16French Winawer, Advance variationBrowse
Lev Psakhis vs James Plaskett0-1271985BorE26Grob's attackBrowse
Milan Vukic vs Lev Psakhis0-1381985BorA30Reti OpeningBrowse
Vlastimil Jansa vs Lev Psakhis0-1491985BorC79Ruy Lopez Modern Steinitz defence, 5.O-...Browse
Sergey Dolmatov vs Lev Psakhis½-½231985URS-FLC09French Tarrasch, Open variation, Main l...Browse
Vereslav Eingorn vs Lev Psakhis½-½201985URS-FLE11Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Gennadi Zaichik vs Lev Psakhis½-½321985URS-FLA90Queen's pawnBrowse
Bukhuti Gurgenidze vs Lev Psakhis1-0881985URS-FLC19French Winawer, Advance, positional Mai...Browse
Konstantin Lerner vs Lev Psakhis½-½231985URS-FLA05Reti OpeningBrowse
Igor Novikov vs Lev Psakhis½-½241985URS-FLE15Queen's Indian Nimzovich variation (exa...Browse
    Nov 29 1958

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