Grandmaster Games Database
Hikaru Nakamura vs Aleksej Aleksandrov1-01022004FIDE WCh KOA18English OpeningBrowse
Aleksej Aleksandrov vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½292004FIDE WCh KOD45QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Alexander Lastin1-0522004FIDE WCh KOD48English Caro-Kann defensive systemBrowse
Alexander Lastin vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½462004FIDE WCh KOD15QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Daniel Fridman vs Hikaru Nakamura0-138200432nd World OpenD76King's Indian East Indian defenceBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Alexander Shabalov½-½54200432nd World OpenD48QGD Slav 4.e3Browse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Jiri Stocek½-½100200432nd World OpenA31English OpeningBrowse
J. Kleiman vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1442004112th NY MastersE63Grob's attackBrowse
Kamil Miton vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½582004112th NY MastersE70Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Gennadij Sagalchik vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½262004US OpenC12Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Nelson Castaneda1-0352004US OpenA18English Mikenas-Carls, Flohr variationBrowse
Andranik Matikozian vs Hikaru Nakamura1-0342004US OpenB30Sicilian Closed, 2...Nc6Browse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Andrew Karklins1-0582004State-chA92Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs I Nikolayev½-½322004State-chD35Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Ro Hess1-0222004State-chB06Modern defenceBrowse
Asa Hoffmann vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1582004117th NY MastersB30Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Leonid Yudasin vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½412004117th NY MastersB30Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Jay R Bonin vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1452004118th NY MastersA27English Three knights systemBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs A Lenderman1-0502004118th NY MastersD11Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Richard G Pert1-0442004Monarch AssuranceB72Sicilian Closed, 2...Nc6Browse
Roland Berzinsh vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1292004Monarch AssuranceB33Sicilian defenceBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs E Ghaem Maghami½-½142004Monarch AssuranceB56Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Peter Wells vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½192004Monarch AssuranceA45Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Ramachandran Ramesh1-0292004Monarch AssuranceB56Sicilian defenceBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1482004Monarch AssuranceA09Reti Advance variationBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Murray Chandler½-½702004Monarch AssuranceB12Caro-Kann Advance variationBrowse
Vassilios Kotronias vs Hikaru Nakamura1-0472004Monarch AssuranceC89Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attackBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Jonathan Rowson0-1422004Monarch AssuranceB90Sicilian Najdorf, Byrne (English) attac...Browse
Michael Rohde vs Hikaru Nakamura0-1372004121st NY MastersA09Reti Advance variationBrowse
Hikaru Nakamura vs Aleksander Wojtkiewicz1-0442004121st NY MastersB27Sicilian Hungarian variationBrowse
    Dec 09 1987

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