Grandmaster Games Database
Roman Dzindzichashvili vs Eugenio Torre1-0321977GeneveE73King's Indian Averbakh systemBrowse
Roman Dzindzichashvili vs Eugenio Torre1-0211978ClarinA40Reti OpeningBrowse
Roman Dzindzichashvili vs Eugenio Torre½-½1191984Thessaloniki ol (Men)A11Reti King's Indian attack (Barcza syste...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Roman Dzindzichashvili½-½491989New York opB83SicilianBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Jaan Ehlvest1-0411987Zagreb InterzonalB50SicilianBrowse
Jaan Ehlvest vs Eugenio Torre½-½23200034th OlympiadD17Reti OpeningBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Eugenio Torre½-½381980Lone PineC85Ruy Lopez Exchange variation doubly def...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs John Fedorowicz1-0231991San FranciscoB30Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Nona Gaprindashvili vs Eugenio Torre0-1511994Kuala LumpurA21Alekhine's defenceBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Nona Gaprindashvili1-0531994Kuala LumpurB00Owen defenceBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Boris Gelfand½-½201994Moscow ol (Men)C67Ruy Lopez Berlin defence, Open variatio...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Boris Gelfand½-½781996Yerevan ol (Men)B50Durkin's attackBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Efim Geller½-½361981MoscowE14Queen's Indian 4.e3Browse
Kiril Georgiev vs Eugenio Torre1-0401987LeningradB07Pirc defenceBrowse
Kiril Georgiev vs Eugenio Torre½-½421988Saint John op-2A07Reti King's Indian attack, Yugoslav var...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Kiril Georgiev0-1512002OlympiadA45Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1521968ManilaC93Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1381973Leningrad InterzonalB07Inverted HungarianBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1461973ManilaC49Four knights double Ruy LopezBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1411974ManilaC95Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½481974Nice olm fin-AC95Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Eugenio Torre1-0681975ManilaE82King's Indian Saemisch, double Fianchet...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1561977Bad LauterbergC95Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Eugenio Torre½-½301984BugojnoD48Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Julio E Granda Zuniga½-½441987Zagreb InterzonalD91Gruenfeld 5.Bg5Browse
Julio E Granda Zuniga vs Eugenio Torre0-1581988Thessaloniki ol (Men)D45English Caro-Kann defensive systemBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Mikhail Gurevich½-½221987LeningradD58Reti OpeningBrowse
Mikhail Gurevich vs Eugenio Torre0-1391996Jakarta GunadarmaE33Nimzo-Indian Classical, Milner-Barry (Z...Browse
Eugenio Torre vs Vlastimil Hort1-0391974Nice olm fin-AB49Sicilian Taimanov (Bastrikov) variationBrowse
Eugenio Torre vs Vlastimil Hort0-1361976Manila InterzonalB67Sicilian defenceBrowse
    Nov 04 1951

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