Grandmaster Games Database
Jon Speelman vs Aleksa Strikovic½-½351996ESP-chTA45Queen's PawnBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Joerg Hickl1-0561998EUCup sfA54Queen's PawnBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Colin McNab½-½2720053rd Staunton MemorialA41Queen's PawnBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Masha Klinova1-041200716th Monarch AssuranceE61Queen's PawnBrowse
Alexey Suetin vs K. Baumann1-0531995Lenk opB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Mark Taimanov vs A Jonathan Mestel1-0601976ENG-URS mB08Queen's PawnBrowse
Mark Taimanov vs Nigel Davies½-½321997Owens CorningB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Mikhail Tal vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili½-½161986TbilisiB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili½-½131992Manila ol (Men)B06Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Yasser Seirawan1-0551981Las PalmasB08Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Yasser Seirawan½-½1031983NiksicB08Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Shimon Kagan1-0261979Rio de Janeiro InterzonalB06Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Markus Raeber1-0371988Zuerich simB09Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Julian Hodgson0-1391996Donner memB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Jan Timman vs Valery Beim½-½211998Chess Classics MastersA43Queen's PawnBrowse
Pavel Tregubov vs Mikhail Gurevich0-13720036th MastersB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Pavel Tregubov vs Mikhail Gurevich0-18020052nd RapidA88Queen's PawnBrowse
Vladimir Tukmakov vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili½-½341986URS-FLA41Queen's PawnBrowse
Vladimir Tukmakov vs Vladislav Tkachiev1-0431997Geneve opE94Queen's PawnBrowse
Rafael Vaganian vs Gennadi Zaichik1-0531982URS-FLA41Queen's PawnBrowse
Anatoly Vaisser vs Michael Adams½-½221997FRA-chT9697 groupe BB09Queen's PawnBrowse
Anatoly Vaisser vs Zurab Azmaiparashvili½-½511983URS-ch sfA41Queen's PawnBrowse
Anatoly Vaisser vs Dmitry Gurevich½-½141998New York opB09Queen's PawnBrowse
Anatoly Vaisser vs Vassily Ivanchuk0-1431995PCA/Intel-GPA42Queen's PawnBrowse
Chris Ward vs Viswanathan Anand0-1311990OakhamB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Chris Ward vs Jon Speelman½-½401993London LloydsB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Denis Yevseev vs Alexander Khalifman0-1342003TCh-RUSA65Queen's PawnBrowse

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