Grandmaster Games Database
Fridrik Olafsson vs David Bronstein½-½241954Amsterdam olmC07Queen's pawnBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Max Euwe½-½171954Amsterdam olmA17English Nimzo-English OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Miguel Najdorf0-1361954Amsterdam olmB92Sicilian Najdorf, Opovcensky variationBrowse
Jan Hein Donner vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0381954Amsterdam olmD30Catalan ClosedBrowse
Zdravko Milev vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1321954Amsterdam olmE28Nimzo-Indian Saemisch, O'Kelly variatio...Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Conel Hughes Alexander½-½211954Amsterdam olmA81Dutch defenceBrowse
Alfred Beni vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½241954Amsterdam olmB59SicilianBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Toivo Salo1-0761954Amsterdam olmE73King's Indian Averbakh systemBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Laszlo Szabo½-½721954Amsterdam olmB91Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Wolfgang Unzicker½-½341954Amsterdam olmE14Queen's Indian 4.e3Browse
Ludek Pachman vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½291954Amsterdam olmA16English OpeningBrowse
Vasja Pirc vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0631954Amsterdam olmA49Reti King's Indian attackBrowse
Yosef Porath vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1491954Amsterdam olmE22Nimzo-Indian Spielmann variationBrowse
Gideon Stahlberg vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½221954Amsterdam olmE69Reti OpeningBrowse
Bujan Hodja vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1361954Prague ztB24Sicilian ClosedBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Wolfgang Uhlmann½-½631954Prague ztE62Grob's attackBrowse
Heikki Koskinen vs Fridrik Olafsson0-1281954Prague ztC89Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attackBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Victor Ciocaltea1-0341954Prague ztE69King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Eigil Pedersen vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½251954Prague ztD56Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Gedeon Barcza1-0371954Prague ztE53Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 O-O, 5.Bd3 d5Browse
Gyula Kluger vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0921954Prague ztD00King's Indian London systemBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Sad Zaglul Basjuni1-0491954Prague ztB21Reti OpeningBrowse
Nikolay N Minev vs Fridrik Olafsson½-½211954Prague ztC66Ponziani OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Miroslav Filip1-0391954Prague ztC78Ruy Lopez ...b5 & ...d6Browse
Bogdan Sliwa vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0451954Prague ztE81King's Indian Saemisch, 5...O-OBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Gundmundur Palmason1-0341954Prague ztB93Sicilian ClosedBrowse
Erik Lundin vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0561954Prague ztE15Bird's OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Jaroslav Sajtar½-½731954Prague ztD78King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Ludek Pachman vs Fridrik Olafsson1-0361954Prague ztE87King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.d5Browse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Ilmari Solin1-0251954Prague ztB33Sicilian defenceBrowse
    Jan 26 1935

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