Grandmaster Games Database
Boris Gulko vs Lev Alburt½-½541988USA-chA30Reti OpeningBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Joel Benjamin1-0361988Lugano opE12Queen's Indian 4.Nc3Browse
Joel Benjamin vs Boris Gulko½-½871988Saint John op-1C19French Winawer, Advance, positional Mai...Browse
Boris Gulko vs Joel Benjamin½-½181988USA-chE11Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Walter Browne½-½211988New York opD02Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Maia Chiburdanidze½-½301988BielE35Reti OpeningBrowse
Nick E De Firmian vs Boris Gulko½-½171988World opC78Dunst (Sleipner, Heinrichsen) OpeningBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Nick E De Firmian½-½171988USA-chE43Nimzo-Indian Fischer variationBrowse
Boris Gulko vs John Fedorowicz1-0431988USA-chE15Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Boris Gelfand1-0671988OHRA-BE05QGD Charousek (Petrosian) variationBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Vlastimil Hort½-½121988BielA40Queen's pawn Franco-Indian (Keres) defe...Browse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Boris Gulko1-0311988New York opE11Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
Alexander Ivanov vs Boris Gulko0-1321988World opA55Reti OpeningBrowse
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov vs Boris Gulko0-1651988New York opE60King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov vs Boris Gulko0-1291988Thessaloniki ol (Men)A21Reti OpeningBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Anatoly Karpov0-1581988Thessaloniki ol (Men)E06Catalan Closed, 5.Nf3Browse
Boris Gulko vs Viktor Kortschnoj½-½441988Hastings8899A20Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Boris Gulko½-½491988Hastings8899A30Reti OpeningBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Boris Gulko1-0561988Lugano opA33English Symmetrical variationBrowse
Sergey Kudrin vs Boris Gulko1-0671988USA-chC09French Tarrasch, Open variation, Main l...Browse
Boris Gulko vs Bent Larsen1-0361988Hastings8899E11King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Bent Larsen vs Boris Gulko0-1631988Hastings8899A20Benko's OpeningBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Ljubomir Ljubojevic½-½211988Thessaloniki ol (Men)D36Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Ljubomir Ljubojevic1-0321988Vina del MarE11Bogo-Indian defenceBrowse
Ljubomir Ljubojevic vs Boris Gulko½-½151988Vina del MarA50Reti OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs Boris Gulko0-1511988OHRA-BA38Reti OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs Boris Gulko½-½171988USA-chD82Gruenfeld 4.Bf4Browse
Boris Gulko vs Oscar Panno1-0571988Vina del MarC19Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Oscar Panno vs Boris Gulko1-0411988Vina del MarB06Reti OpeningBrowse
Boris Gulko vs Samuel Reshevsky½-½191988World opE11Bogo-Indian defence, Gruenfeld variatio...Browse
    Feb 09 1947

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