Grandmaster Games Database
Michael Adams vs John Fedorowicz½-½231991Buenos Aires NajdorfB33Sicilian Pelikan (Lasker/Sveshnikov) va...Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Michael Adams½-½121991HoogovensE18Queen's Indian Old Main line, 7.Nc3Browse
Maurice Ashley vs John Fedorowicz0-1491991New York State-chB68Sicilian Richter-Rauzer, Rauzer attack,...Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Joel Benjamin½-½191991San FranciscoB04Alekhine's defence Modern, Fianchetto v...Browse
Walter Browne vs John Fedorowicz0-1531991San FranciscoE97King's Indian Orthodox, Aronin-Taimanov...Browse
Larry Christiansen vs John Fedorowicz½-½221991San FranciscoA65King's Indian Saemisch, 5...O-OBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Oscar Panno½-½231991Buenos Aires NajdorfB19Caro-Kann Classical variationBrowse
Sergey Dolmatov vs John Fedorowicz½-½341991Buenos Aires NajdorfB92Sicilian Najdorf, Opovcensky variationBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Roberto Cifuentes Parada1-0331991Buenos Aires NajdorfC41Philidor Improved Hanham variationBrowse
Gilberto Milos vs John Fedorowicz1-0401991Buenos Aires NajdorfE69English OpeningBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Pablo Ricardi1-0311991Buenos Aires NajdorfB01Scandinavian (centre counter) defenceBrowse
Gerardo Barbero vs John Fedorowicz½-½701991Buenos Aires NajdorfE92King's Indian East Indian defenceBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Carlos P Boissonet1-0251991Buenos Aires NajdorfD07Van't Kruijs OpeningBrowse
Claudia Noemi Amura vs John Fedorowicz0-1481991Buenos Aires NajdorfE94King's Indian 5.Be2Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Bent Larsen1-0601991Buenos Aires NajdorfB22Sicilian Hungarian variationBrowse
Julio E Granda Zuniga vs John Fedorowicz1-0661991Buenos Aires NajdorfE92King's Indian East Indian defenceBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Mikhail Tal½-½121991Buenos Aires NajdorfD35Reti OpeningBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Jesus Nogueiras½-½111991Buenos Aires NajdorfA30English Symmetrical variationBrowse
H. Multhopp vs John Fedorowicz0-1421991National opB07Grob's attackBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Alex Sherzer1-0501991National opE87King's Indian Saemisch, 5...O-OBrowse
Alexander Ivanov vs John Fedorowicz1-0281991National opB80Sicilian Najdorf, Zagreb (Fianchetto) v...Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Alex Yermolinsky½-½421991USA-ch mC10French TarraschBrowse
Alex Yermolinsky vs John Fedorowicz0-1411991USA-ch mE92Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Patrick Wolff1-0401991USA-ch mB63Grob's attackBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs John Fedorowicz1-0451991USA-ch mB67Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Patrick Wolff1-0511991USA-ch mB63Sicilian defenceBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs John Fedorowicz½-½641991USA-ch mB69Sicilian Richter-Rauzer, Rauzer attack,...Browse
John Fedorowicz vs Gata Kamsky0-1551991USA-ch mC83Ruy Lopez Open, 8...Be6Browse
Gata Kamsky vs John Fedorowicz1-0521991USA-ch mA48King's Indian Torre attackBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Zirka Frometa1-0571991Mexico CityD35QGD Exchange, positional lineBrowse
    Sep 27 1958

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