Grandmaster Games Database
Sergei Tiviakov vs Michael Adams1-0381996HoogovensB17Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Zoltan Almasi vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½591996Buenos Aires NajdorfB36Sicilian Accelerated Fianchetto, Marocz...Browse
Zoltan Almasi vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½181996CacakB36Sicilian Accelerated Fianchetto, Marocz...Browse
Viswanathan Anand vs Sergei Tiviakov1-01071996HoogovensA17Reti OpeningBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Alexander Beliavsky½-½181996CacakC77Ruy Lopez Wormald (Alapin) attackBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Alexey Dreev½-½491996HoogovensC08Benko's OpeningBrowse
Boris Gelfand vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½161996HoogovensE38Nimzo-Indian Classical, 4...c5Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Kiril Georgiev½-½341996CacakB90Sicilian Najdorf, Byrne (English) attac...Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Julio E Granda Zuniga½-½141996Buenos Aires NajdorfB19Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Robert Huebner vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½261996HoogovensE18Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½131996HoogovensB22Sicilian defenceBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Peter Leko0-1711996CacakC77Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Peter Leko vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½261996HoogovensB76Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav attackBrowse
Vadim Milov vs Sergei Tiviakov0-1441996Buenos Aires NajdorfE49Nimzo-Indian 4.e3, Botvinnik systemBrowse
Sergei Rublevsky vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½371996RUS-chB51Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Ross...Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Alexander Shabalov1-0431996Donner mem opB17Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Alexei Shirov½-½631996HoogovensB66Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Ivan Sokolov0-1421996HoogovensC86Ruy Lopez Wormald (Alapin) attackBrowse
Jan Timman vs Sergei Tiviakov0-1401996HoogovensE12Queen's Indian Petrosian systemBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Hans Bouwmeester1-0261996Donner mem opC77Ruy Lopez Wormald (Alapin) attackBrowse
Leonid Slutzky vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½421996Donner mem opE46Nimzo-Indian Reshevsky variationBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Harmen Jonkman1-0391996Donner mem opC63Ruy Lopez Schliemann defence, Berger va...Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Joshua Waitzkin1-0301996Donner mem opB01Scandinavian (centre counter) defenceBrowse
Ralf Akesson vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½631996Donner mem opE12Reti OpeningBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Raset Ziatdinov1-0311996Donner mem opC77Ruy Lopez Wormald (Alapin) attackBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Jorge Magem Badals½-½341996Buenos Aires NajdorfB19Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Pablo Zarnicki1-0351996Buenos Aires NajdorfB70SicilianBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Pablo Ricardi½-½171996Buenos Aires NajdorfB01Scandinavian (centre counter) defenceBrowse
Sergio Slipak vs Sergei Tiviakov½-½621996Buenos Aires NajdorfE13Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Hugo Spangenberg½-½531996Buenos Aires NajdorfB43Sicilian Kan, 5.Nc3Browse
    Feb 14 1973

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