Grandmaster Games Database
Christian Joecks vs Pavel Blatny½-½491998BL2-N9798C10French TarraschBrowse
Kiril Georgiev vs Smbat Lputian1-0601998Sarajevo BosniaC03French TarraschBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Predrag Nikolic1-0461998Amber-rapid 7thC07French TarraschBrowse
Ratmir Kholmov vs Alexander Morozevich0-1491998RUS-CupC03French TarraschBrowse
Ratmir Kholmov vs Petr Kiriakov1-0281998RUS-CupC07French TarraschBrowse
Sergey Kudrin vs Jesus Nogueiras½-½151998North Bay opC10French TarraschBrowse
Sergey Kudrin vs Goran Milicevic1-0411998North Bay opC10French TarraschBrowse
Sergey Kudrin vs Daniel E Shapiro1-0301998National Congress 29thC10French TarraschBrowse
Luke McShane vs Jon Speelman0-1401998BCF-chT 97/98 (4NCL)C10French TarraschBrowse
Semen Dvoirys vs Alexander Morozevich½-½281998RUS-Cup finalC03French TarraschBrowse
Alexander Motylev vs Alexei Iljushin0-1471998RUS-ch U20C07French TarraschBrowse
David Navara vs Yuri Drozdovsky½-½211998Wch U14C03French TarraschBrowse
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu vs Constantin Ionescu½-½181998Ciocaltea memC10French TarraschBrowse
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu vs Dorin Rogozenko½-½271998Ciocaltea memC11French TarraschBrowse
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu vs Ovidiu Foisor½-½91998ROM-chTC10French TarraschBrowse
Ruslan Ponomariov vs Eduardas Rozentalis1-0281998Festival comtois 3rdC10French TarraschBrowse
Ye Jiangchuan vs Yasser Seirawan0-1501998Elista ol (Men)C03French TarraschBrowse
Ilya Smirin vs Nigel Short½-½211998Elista ol (Men)C07French TarraschBrowse
Michele Godena vs Yury Shulman½-½121998Elista ol (Men)C05French TarraschBrowse
Per Ofstad vs Yury Shulman½-½501998Rilton Cup 9899C03French TarraschBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Guil Russek1-0311998Ubeda opC08French TarraschBrowse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Alexander Rustemov1-0361998RUS-ch51C10French TarraschBrowse
Kevin Spraggett vs Francisco Vallejo Pons0-1481998Dos Hermanas opC03French TarraschBrowse

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