Grandmaster Games Database
Daniël Stellwagen vs Alexander Beliavsky½-½272004SLO vs NED JuniorsRuy Lopez Marshall counter-attackBrowse
Lazaro Bruzon vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0432004GMBB07Benko's OpeningBrowse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Magnus Carlsen1-0532004Essent CrownB31Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Magnus Carlsen vs Daniël Stellwagen0-1462004Essent CrownB19Bird's OpeningBrowse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Julio E Granda Zuniga½-½672004GMBB50Sicilian defenceBrowse
Michal Krasenkow vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0742004ACT OpenE90Reti OpeningBrowse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Hikaru Nakamura½-½442004GMBB30Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Krishnan Sasikiran vs Daniël Stellwagen½-½282004HZ OpenA48King's Indian Torre attackBrowse
Nigel Short vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0382004Essent CrownB47Bird's OpeningBrowse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Nigel Short½-½472004Essent CrownC95Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Ivan Sokolov vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0562004ch-NEDE70King's Indian 4.e4Browse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Ivan Sokolov0-1402004Essent CrownC96Ruy Lopez ClosedBrowse
Ivan Sokolov vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0402004Essent CrownE70Reti OpeningBrowse
Antoaneta Stefanova vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0362004GMBA45Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Jan Timman½-½642004TCh-NEDC88Ruy Lopez Closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4Browse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Sergei Tiviakov1-0332004GMBB53Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Daniël Stellwagen1-0502004ch-NEDB43Sicilian Kan, 5.Nc3Browse
Sergei Tiviakov vs Daniël Stellwagen½-½712004HZ OpenB22Sicilian defenceBrowse
Daniël Stellwagen vs Loek Van Wely0-1582004ch-NEDB31Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Zhu Chen vs Daniël Stellwagen0-1382004GMBE92King's Indian Petrosian system, Stein v...Browse
    Mar 01 1987

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