Grandmaster Games Database
Viswanathan Anand vs Larry Remlinger1-0351987Philadelphia opC19French Winawer, Advance variationBrowse
Maurice Ashley vs Larry Remlinger½-½611994New York Marshall/EnhanceC01Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Joel Benjamin1-0271991New York opA40Bird's OpeningBrowse
Joel Benjamin vs Larry Remlinger1-0491996Hawaii opC05French Tarrasch, Closed variationBrowse
Pal Benko vs Larry Remlinger½-½201987New York opE08Reti OpeningBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Walter Browne0-1521977Golden Gate opB53Sicilian, Chekhover variationBrowse
Larry Christiansen vs Larry Remlinger1-0661977Golden Gate opE92Reti OpeningBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Nick E De Firmian0-1691987New York opE44Nimzo-Indian Fischer variation, 5.Ne2Browse
Nick E De Firmian vs Larry Remlinger1-0461994World opC19Grob's attackBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Arnold Denker½-½261995World opD36Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Roman Dzindzichashvili vs Larry Remlinger1-0431992Chicago opIE91English OpeningBrowse
Roman Dzindzichashvili vs Larry Remlinger1-0251993World opE61English OpeningBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs John Fedorowicz½-½231991New York opE70Benko's OpeningBrowse
John Fedorowicz vs Larry Remlinger1-0521991St Martin opE87King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.d5Browse
Alex Fishbein vs Larry Remlinger1-0561992Philadelphia opIC01French Exchange variationBrowse
Alex Fishbein vs Larry Remlinger1-0441996Chicago opC01French Exchange variationBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Dmitry Gurevich1-0321992Chicago opIE38Nimzo-Indian Classical, 4...c5Browse
Alexander Ivanov vs Larry Remlinger1-0301991New York opC07French Tarrasch, Open variationBrowse
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov vs Larry Remlinger1-0451991Reno opE62King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov vs Larry Remlinger1-0381992World opE68King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov vs Larry Remlinger1-0561992Philadelphia opIE60King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Larry Remlinger vs Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov½-½411995American opA44Modern defenceBrowse
Vladimir Kramnik vs Larry Remlinger1-0421992Troll MastersE86King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.Nge...Browse
Sergey Kudrin vs Larry Remlinger1-0621992Philadelphia opIC07French Tarrasch, Open variationBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Bent Larsen0-1431986Reykjavik opE29Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Zsuzsa Polgar vs Larry Remlinger1-0451985New York opE24Nimzo-Indian Saemisch variationBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Lev Psakhis½-½321992World opE32Nimzo-Indian Classical variationBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Michael Rohde0-1621987New York opE28Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 O-OBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Alexander Shabalov0-1451993Las Vegas opA67Benoni defenceBrowse
Larry Remlinger vs Alexander Shabalov½-½341993World opA87Dutch defenceBrowse

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