Clan detailsChallenges 2006Games 2006Points 2006
NameMem'Last ChllngWLDWLDNetGross
Londoners or Punks (more than 2 members per challenge)
323 Jun '10 55753161867850(61)573
still trying to figure out what I am doing out there.
131 May '08 639416820(62)16
231 Oct '09 17311712616919(64)104
In memory of Marc Witkes, Running Clan founder
313 Jun '16 111849312417(64)80
RedHotPawn Community Chess Club... Open to all!
527 Jan '06 4134659213(64)46
Members of ISCABBS telnet://
229 Sep '13 15261518723013(66)156
Is there more to life than football, chocolate and drink? NO I DON'T THINK SO. Maybe women....
207 Oct '21 40612637047735(70)366
Clan for the toon army all newcastle fans are welcome
Standard memberRemoved
425 Nov '11 320437774(73)19
223 Mar '11 748937744799117(74)728
A clan for all members who are low-rated, and learning how to improve.
230 Mar '06 9367371221(75)37
A Clan for all those who are in the Scouting World or Intrested in it! Everyone WELCOME, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, etc, active or retired. Doesn't make a difference: Male, Female, Young, Old, New player or an Experienced Palyer!
124 Sep '09 1344191061784(80)86
RECRUITING !_For this Country, open to the World
817 May '22 51459814612(83)75
For fast players who love chess
206 Nov '06 11389521382(84)46
Do you enjoy playing chess? Tired of waiting for your opponents to move? Then join The Chess Clan!
416 Dec '07 2433622526326(88)204
A clan exclusively for teens. Everyone 19 and under welcome. If you want to experience the shame and humiliation that only comes from getting your ass whooped by a bunch of kids, send over a challenge.
108 Nov '09 72136011412(92)42
Our Blood is Green! Will only accept games with 7-day timeouts or more. Thanks
825 Mar '16 35522134043345(95)325
from,north to the south,,,,,,,,,
129 Mar '08 11266851476(95)63
Photography & Chess
111 Oct '10 44652540949677(99)407
129 Jun '07 124281020(100)4
Slow is cute.
127 May '22 291246514032711(116)144
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