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Anyone is welcome to join. No 1-man challenges please. Members please note that timeouts will not be tolerated, and any member who loses a game that way will be kicked out. All members must use the My Vacation Settings option to set up absences.
317 Feb '16 48942350468068(319)433
115 Jan '11 273026211455317(390)116
Challenges welcome
1125 Jun '22 87141459481195175(406)874
For those who appreciate the great Mr. Robert Fischer
404 Jun '11 23641231858490(471)247
A Clan to all people around the World !!
121 Oct '10 6178337654012(481)53
RECRUITING !_For this Country, open to the World
810 Jun '22 53110258081049139(532)680
'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days...
530 Sep '13 83196617421145135(623)623
The Ravensloft Literary & Chess Society - Recruiting
530 May '16 321303147781358(632)316
We're just mad for chess :-)
112 Feb '15 191212330574772(770)154
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