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NameMem'Last ChllngWLDWLDNetGross
The Buena Vista Chess Club - Join the Revolution! 5 Clan members or more with similar player ratings. All challenges without 5 team members or more and level rating challenges shall be declined.
821 Jan '22 2820111761561644182
For all Southern Patriots, and Southern sympathizers.
414 Apr '17 16101286761643101
510 Jan '22 12986961144282
For writers, readers, intellectuals, lovers of chess. Recruiting now...join us!!
505 Mar '20 151511991041738118
20 players who joined a clan when we had pale yellow stars next to our names and we've been playing chess together ever since.
1120 Nov '16 2420121641721837179
It's an International Clan.
1711 Jan '22 1916161281162437133
And He moved, and He saw it was Good... (A clan for Africans!)
629 Oct '21 2319101361522836164
Smart moves for your Home
119 Feb '21 161927899893595
201 Mar '16 1013291163438
For all those who love play chess.
1220 Jan '22 3241243093253430310
Anyone is welcome to join. No 1-man challenges please. Members please note that timeouts will not be tolerated, and any member who loses a game that way will be kicked out. All members must use the My Vacation Settings option to set up absences.
317 Feb '16 14867057172880
READ: The average challange CANNOT BE IN YOUR favor by more than 30 points if you want to challange us.
410 Feb '19 272313107953427121
Clan for Kiwis who like to play Chess for fun and maybe win a few games!!!!
621 Jan '22 1211117681112587
Raid, pillage, conquer, resign... or go directly to step 4
708 Jul '18 434454452549
hydrophobic ?
608 Feb '21 4961533443774924340
The Mighty Messenger!
112 Jun '20 2226161021023223117
For racing fans, beit F1 (or former F1 fans after the USGP), IRL, NASCAR, or WRC. All clan challengers must have a CLAN policy not to timeout on vacations. We don't abuse this, but we have lives and are in this for the game, not the rating points.
431 Jan '16 202131012020
Cheers! 🤝
526 Jan '22 3037172592722919267
Weser Football Power since 1899! The art of Football - since 1899!
206 Apr '17 747383061939
der Wolf
324 Dec '21 6610353381838
    Searching clans active in 2015.

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