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Pablum for Canada
I'm sick of getting over-moderated. I've obviously extended myself too much in this place and I am being targeted which I suppose is not surprising. I don't want to give anyone a hard time or poison the place with [unwelcome] humour and opinions.

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Standard member Ragnorak181515 Dec '09 09 Jul '11 InfoView---
Subscriber lausey179017 Aug '10 18 Sep '18 Unavailable for gamesInfoView---
Standard member Nordlys168606 Jan '10 06 Jan '14 InfoView---
Standard member Palynka166404 Dec '09 25 Aug '11 InfoView---
Standard member Bosse de Nage153618 Oct '10 14 Nov '17 InfoView---
Standard member cadwah144720 Aug '10 25 Jun '18 InfoView---
Standard member Phlabibit142522 Aug '05 19 Mar '13 InfoView---
Standard member Trev33139108 Dec '09 14 Sep '18 Unavailable for gamesInfoView---
Standard member hopscotch130431 Dec '09 30 Dec '13 InfoView---
Standard member Hand of Hecate128029 Jun '08 02 Jun '13 InfoView---
Standard member Starrman103421 Jun '10 26 May '10 InfoView---
Subscriber duecer103028 Jan '10 25 Nov '10 InfoView---
Subscriber SJ24798008 Dec '09 09 Aug '18 InfoView---
Standard member Crowley97005 Dec '09 27 Jul '18 InfoView---
Standard member Sunburnt81203 Dec '09 05 Apr '15 InfoView---
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Authorised clan member Member can participate in clan challenges.
Unauthorised clan member Awaiting approval by clan leader. Member not elligble for any challenge made now, even if they are authorised later.
Available for leagues Member has chosen to play clan league games exclusively for this clan.
Inactive member Inactive member, unavailable for challenges.
Member leaving clan Member is leaving clan and playing out games before removal.
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