Smiffy's Pawn Stars vs Wycombe Wanderers

Smiffy's Pawn Stars vs Wycombe Wanderers

Clans Challenge Results
Smiffy's Pawn StarsMovesWycombe Wanderers
QUAGMYR2330161691Thorin Oakenshield
QUAGMYR2330521691Thorin Oakenshield
Accoster1317541340The Dark Knight 777
Accoster1317301340The Dark Knight 777
richard spedale739211104RMG101
richard spedale739261104RMG101
6Games Won2
8Gross Points0
8Net Points-8

'Smiffy's Pawn Stars' wins.

8 points awarded to winner.

8 of 8 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2017 challenge table.

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