Wycombe Wanderers vs Crystal Palace FC All stars

Wycombe Wanderers vs Crystal Palace FC All stars

Clans Challenge Results
Wycombe WanderersMovesCrystal Palace FC All stars
Thorin Oakenshield1667161721KevinH
Thorin Oakenshield1667181721KevinH
radioactive691740351458Grandmaster bater
radioactive691740281458Grandmaster bater
gevans1304421263Larry Kasparov
gevans1304381263Larry Kasparov
Beavertown1091391194Den haag Eagle
Beavertown1091431194Den haag Eagle
7Games Won5
12Gross Points0
12Net Points-12

'Wycombe Wanderers' wins.

12 points awarded to winner.

12 of 12 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2020 challenge table.

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