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Clan League

Clan League

Red Hot Pawn Chess Leagues : 1 Day Timeout, 14 Day Timebank : Season 13

Season 13 is Finished

Division 1

1Denmark11108781119253GamesView Team
2Join so I can make tourneys1108722214230GamesView Team
3Smiffy's Pawn Stars17108682119223GamesView Team
4DUNE3108652716211GamesView Team
5The Mustangs5108603711191GamesView Team
6Macedonian Lions710840608128GamesView Team
7OTB Chess Players310835676111GamesView Team
8Brasil1410834704106GamesView Team
9FAITH HOPE LOVE131081785657GamesView Team
10Peace On Earth31081786556GamesView Team

Division 2

1The Aristocrats710878219243GamesView Team
2Amsterdam Clan810872288224GamesView Team
3The Bad Bishops20108563913181GamesView Team
4Chessaroos16108554211176GamesView Team
5The Knights Who Say Ni !3108444816148GamesView Team
6Complete Assembly Required2108445311143GamesView Team
7The Pawn Stars410845585140GamesView Team
8Zena6108395811128GamesView Team
9Team Canada1210835658113GamesView Team
10English clan101082581277GamesView Team

Division 3

1Chessby711089675293GamesView Team
2King gets kicked!4108871110271GamesView Team
3artistry10108692910217GamesView Team
4M.U.T.I.1410849518155GamesView Team
5Pale Yellow Star Clan!1310843596135GamesView Team
6Return of the Bellypants!210843596135GamesView Team
7The Internationals1110842633129GamesView Team
8Nicholas510838619123GamesView Team
9ChessM210838673117GamesView Team
10The Dark Tower31085103015GamesView Team

Division 4

1Ireland86033234103GamesView Team
2Chess whisperers14603123699GamesView Team
3The Italian Job8602929289GamesView Team
4The mischief makers3602728586GamesView Team
5The Chesshooligans4602831185GamesView Team
6Rogue Knights6602236268GamesView Team
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Relegation spot
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